Black Jumpsuits for Women over 50 as Compared Through Amazon vs Other Stores

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Black Jumpsuits for Women over 50 as Compared Through Amazon vs Other Stores

We have discussed jumpsuits for women over 50 in the past on the blog. Yet this was before Lesley joined the fun and she chose a jumpsuit as her pick for this project.

What project, you ask? It’s an Amazon vs. Other Online Stores project to compare and contrast the buying process. Therefore I asked the three of us to order some clothing from the site. Yet to make this more than just a “here’s what we ordered” kind of post, I added in some other qualifications.

I had us compare the same kind of piece by ordering 2 like items through Amazon. I wanted one of the pieces to be higher priced and one to be lower priced. AND THEN, I wanted us to each order the same kind of piece from another online site.

What would this tell us? Well it might give you some insight into the true quality of Amazon and their deals especially compared with other sites. And this is coming from older women who may have more experience with clothing items.

There were other experiments also. Charlotte wanted to find a solid blue dress. I searched for a pleated skirt. And after the entire process I put together some tips about buying clothes on Amazon.

Other Jumpsuits that Didn’t Make the Cut

Now Lesley went above and beyond and actually ordered 5 different jumpsuits. 3 jumpsuits were from Amazon and 2 were from Macy’s. Obviously Lesley didn’t just choose black but was also looking at blue ones.

The three above are the ones she sent back. Why? The first two which were from Amazon (#1-$30 and #2-$20) both had cheezy fabric. And both didn’t fit great. #3 which was from Macy’s and $45 was nice but would have been hard to get in and out of. It’s good to keep that consideration in mind just like my tips about jumpsuits.

Another Version That Lesley Kept

Sleeveless black jumpsuits for women over 50

Like I said, Lesley went above and beyond. Or you could call her one of those overachievers!! She also decided to keep the jumpsuit she’s showing above and is going to shorten it to a cropped leg version. We decided the sleeveless aspect is very versatile for Arizona since she can layer over it, under it and many times it doesn’t need a layer.

This black jumpsuit was from Macy’s for $44 when she purchased it. One reason it fit so well is that it is a petite and Lesley is short waisted.

Lesley’s Jumpsuits for Women over 50

Stylish in jumpsuits for women over 50

Jumpsuit: KOHKOH from Amazon~~ Shoes: ~~ Belt: ~~ Necklace: thrifted ~~ Bracelet: ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Marshalls

So one of the winning black jumpsuit is from Amazon is this one. It is the brand KohKoh. It is available in 11 other colors besides black and runs $50. I would consider that higher prices for Amazon since there are many for half that cost when you search. There is even one very similar to it that is a one shoulder version for $5 less in 9 colors.

One reason Lesley loved and kept this jumpsuit was the fit and style. It wasn’t described as a petite; however, the waist is perfect for her even though she’s short waisted. She loved the drapey sleeves and the fabric felt very good.

She is happily surprised at how versatile it’s going to be in her closet. Today it was styled to have brunch with friends. But it could easily be dressed up for a gala party or even a casual day shopping.

The accessories make the difference

The Accessories Give the Black Jumpsuit All the Sass

I love how Lesley finds such great accessories in so many different places. That’s why she and my mom get along so well. They are peas in a pod when it comes to that.

For example, the cuff bracelet you see pictured with the purse was a napkin ring that was made into a cuff. It was found in an antique store and even is engraved with the name MEREL. It’s such a one of a kind piece.

Even the necklace is quite different. It is a thrifted piece that can be tied to a belt or purse with the leather cords.

The belt is another preloved piece and Lesley has kept it for so many years because of all of the colors in it. I think it’s a perfect addition to a black jumpsuit like this. Sure, this jumpsuit came with a removable self tie belt, but this one adds more personality.

For those of you who never wear belts anymore (Nancy, I’m talking to you), let me remind you that Lesley is short waisted and curvy. Just like how I showed some great belted options with the wide leg pants recently.

Disadvantages of this Black Jumpsuit

Black jumpsuit for women over 50

While Lesley kept this jumpsuit and really loves it, it’s like anything. There are pros and cons about it. She likes that it has sleeves and they are interesting. It makes the jumpsuit stand out on it’s own.

However, the same detail also makes them hard to style at least with a jacket or tight cardigan over top of it. We decided that maybe a vest or kimono might work best if you wanted to layer over it.

Do you Have to Match Your Shoes?

Yellow sandals as a punch of color

Of course you don’t have to match your shoes to what you are wearing. While most of you aren’t wearing sandals this time of year, I think yellow shoes can add a punch of color even in the winter months. Which is why I’m on the lookout for a yellow pair of boots.

You can see what I mean in our past posts about yellow sandals. They look great as a contrast item. Or even as a pop of color. I realize that most of us “save” yellow for the spring and summer; however, I’d like to think it’s fun to wear all year long.

Lesley ended up choosing these for this outfit to pick up the color in the necklace. And it doesn’t hurt that the wedge style is easy to walk around in for all day.

Jumpsuit style

Why Lesley Chose Jumpsuits for Women over 50

You may be wondering why Lesley chose to purchase a jumpsuit for this project. She told me that she had a jumpsuit back years ago when they were stylish. Even though she’s seen them everywhere now, she hadn’t tried them again. Mainly this hesitation was due to the changes in her body over the years and the whole “bathroom” issue.

While the bathroom issue is a huge factor, I think if you evaluate the pieces you try on, you can find some that are easy. Like the two jumpsuits Lesley bought don’t have a zipper in the back that make you be a contortionist when getting dressed. And my SECRET TIP for in the bathroom, is to roll it down your body so it doesn’t pool on the floor.

Amazon vs Other Online Store

The conclusion for Lesley with our project is that the higher ticket priced jumpsuits were made better, and had a higher quality fit and fabric. By higher priced, that was still only $50, where I’m sure you can spend even more on jumpsuits for women over 50.

It’s almost impossible to tell how the material will feel even if you do know what it’s made of. Just because it says cotton, doesn’t mean it feels soft. So while that’s a disadvantage of online shopping in general, knowing you can return the item makes the risk worth it.

Lesley certainly had no trouble finding jumpsuits for herself in this project. One jumpsuit is from Amazon and one is from Macy’s. And it certainly didn’t take as long as if she had gone from store to store looking.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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