Older women and black leather skirt outfit

Black Leather Skirt Outfit: It’s Not Just For Young Chicks

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Charlotte is showcasing a black leather skirt outfit. If you think that a leather skirt is only for the younger chicks, then hopefully this will give you cause to pause. Because Charlotte is an 83-year-old stylish woman.

Quote of the day: “Dare to be naive.” Buckminster Fuller (In his opinion, it was auspicious to approach any situation from a deferential, inquisitive place. Conceding that there is much to learn is the best blueprint for discovering something new.)

This quote is truly eye-opening as Buckminster did not like “know it alls.” In my personal life, I was one of those know-it-alls when it came to how to dress. Until I decided to be more open about style and to remember that personal style is just that. It is personal. Therefore, there should not be a right or wrong.

My mother not only is wearing a black leather skirt outfit, but she actually made the skirt. Not only that, but she made one for myself and one for Nancy, my stepmom. I’ll share all the ways we’ve worn them below.
Also make sure you see other ways to wear leather pieces for example a black leather jacket, and faux leather pants.

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What Makes a Black Leather Skirt Outfit Edgy?

I’m not sure why a black leather skirt would be intimidating except that leather is oftentimes thought of as edgy. And most of us tend to think edgy is not part of our “style”. Yet that’s where the quote above comes in. Why not be open to different possibilities with what we wear?

In all reality, how do you define edgy style? I found one definition that says “having edgy style means thinking ahead of the curve and wearing styles that are unique BUT wearable. Those with an edge don’t follow trends; they sometimes even set them. Most importantly, they wear what they love with confidence.”

Even if you don’t think of yourself as someone who starts a trend, adding something that is considered edgy, is a wonderful way to add that yin and yang to an outfit. Especially if you tend to have a classic or conservative style.
It’s also a nice way to make something a little less “girly.”

And just like my faux leather leggings, not all faux leather skirts are created equal. Some are shinier than others and they come in a multitude of different lengths so you can wear what you like.

It’s a material we see come around every fall and winter since it’s warmer. So I’d love to know what your favorite leather pieces are.

Feminine ruffle top with edge skirt

Skirt: Mom made it~~Cardigan: Cousin Johnny ~~ Top: Talbots-thrifted~~ Boots: Bandolino~~ Tights: these have metallic stripes in them ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Amanda Smith-thrifted

Charlotte’s Black Leather Skirt Outfit

Charlotte is a master seamstress and decided to make her own faux leather skirt when she started seeing them at the stores. She found the material at JoAnne Fabrics and after I saw hers, I asked if she would make them for my stepmom and myself too. That’s why all three of us had them to wear in the past. Yet if you look closely, you’ll see that Nancy and my faux leather is a little shinier than Charlotte’s.

When I asked my mom why she decided to make such a skirt (because my mom has more of a conservative style in my opinion), she just said that she wanted to stay stylish. I admire that Charlotte, even as she’s gotten older, is willing to take these kinds of style risks.
Even though the people in her singles group did not wear stylish clothing, she always took pride in her appearance.

The advantage of making her own skirt meant that Charlotte could make it be the length that she prefers.

Insider tip: Of course, if you happen to buy one and find it’s a tad shorter than you feel comfortable wearing, I have blogged about ways to wear it modestly. BTW, I updated the post about wearing a short skirt modestly with some newer photos. Tell me what you think. I especially love how the short skirt over a dress turned out.

Beaded cardigan with black leather skirt outfit

Dichotomy with Ruffles and Beading

The items that my mom wore with her black leather skirt outfit bring a wonderful dichotomy to the edgier aspect of the leather. The ruffles of the blouse and the beading on the cardigan have a feminine vibe to them. This counteracts the hardness of the leather and makes the look very modern.

I had to laugh when my mom told me that one reason she bought the cardigan was that the label had an Old English Sheepdog on it. That was the kind of dog she and my dad had when I was just a baby.

This kind of sweater is one that we tend to “save” and wear only for fancy or special occasions. Hopefully, we are starting to realize that it’s silly to save our clothing since each and every day is special. If nothing else, the last year taught us that.

My mom wore a ruffle neckline top with this beaded sweater. You might think that the ruffles and beading would compete with each other, however, I think they paired beautifully together.

Insider tip: The best way to find out how two items go together is to
1-try them on and then.
2-take a selfie of them.
Extra credit: It’s even better if you ask a friend for a second opinion.

Pink and Black Together

Another fabulous way to soften the look of a black leather skirt outfit is to combine it with pastels. I love how the pink and black contrast wonderfully. Then the addition of the light grey cardigan is an extra bonus because it combines the lightness of the pink blouse yet adds another neutral to the mix.

My mom continued the pink in the outfit by incorporating pink earrings, a pink bracelet, and a pink purse. The purse is a patent leather purse that she found at an estate sale recently.

Longer black leather skirt outfit
Black tights and booties

What Shoes Should You Wear with a Black Leather Skirt Outfit?

You can see in our roundup of other leather skirt outfits listed at the end of this post, that we have tried many different types of shoes. However, the overwhelming majority of times the black boots (both ankle boots and tall boots) are the popular choice. This only makes sense since a leather skirt is more popular in the colder months and thus we need to keep warm.

Charlotte also prefers to have her legs covered, and therefore wore a pair of tights with her skirt and booties. What is hard to notice in these photos is that the tights have metallic stripes in them.

Insider tip: Tights with glitter or designs shouldn’t be intimidating. Remember, you know the detail is there because you see them up close. But can it really be noticed by everyone else?
To check if the detail is obvious, see the Insider Tip above under the Dichotomy with Ruffles and Beading section.

Black and grey with pink

Taking Care of Your Faux Leather

Whether you like faux leather because it is vegan or because it can be less expensive, it’s good to know how to care for it.

What’s important to remember is that most faux leather is made from plastic or vinyl. I have thrown my faux leather leggings in the washer and dryer with no issues. It’s always best to use the cold wash cycle and if you have a delicate bag then it can go in that.
Do not dry clean the faux leather.

Yet, if you want your item to last longer, it’s better to use a damp cloth on the piece. Especially for a black leather skirt where it’s not getting stinky next to your armpits.

Do you need to iron it?? Be very careful. You can but make sure to cover the faux leather with a towel and then iron with a steam-free setting. Don’t leave the iron in the same place for long.
FYI, I did steam my leather pants from the inside very carefully once. Just remember, it’s not a natural material.

All Kinds of Options of Styling a Black Leather Skirt

All of the below posts that I’ve linked show the original models each wearing our black leather skirt outfit. I would call the skirt a classic now since we have been wearing the item for so long.

We have added feminine details, dressy details, and wild details to show how versatile a skirt like this can really be. In all intents and purposes, it’s no different than a wool black skirt.

Black leather skirt outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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