Black Pants for Dressy Occasions

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Black Pants for 3 Generations

Black Pants for Dressy Occasions

Quote of the day: “One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes.” Eleanor Roosevelt

I chose this quote for our post today, because this is how I feel about our clothing choices too. What you wear on the outside should be how you are on the inside. Not that you want to judge a book by it’s cover only. But it’s human nature to use our visual images to tell the story. So my question to you is, what story do your clothes tell others?

I bring up this thought because one of my readers, Gail, asked, “for those of us who prefer not to wear dresses, why not show a how to dress up pants post?” What a fabulous idea, Gail. So here the 3 of us are starting off this theme by wearing black pants for a dressy occasion.

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: So I realize I must be in the minority because I don’t have a plethora of black pants in my closet.

Even when I was working, black wasn’t my friend as clothing items. Why, you ask? Because the powder from my gloves would always end up on everything I wore. Then I would end up looking like a baker with flour over everything, LOL.

So when we styled black for the summer months this year, I found  my black pants to be too big and baggy. I probably wouldn’t have purchased another pair except I knew this category was upcoming, and I wanted to look nice. Besides, maybe I will wear them for some fun events?

Women 50+ and black pants

I just recently found these black pants and the blouse while some friends and I were thrift shopping.

The closeup photo below is to feature the small earrings, but I also wanted to showcase the gold sheen to this blouse. That’s what made me think it would be perfect for making my black pants appropriate for a dressy occasion. However, you don’t really notice that sheen in these photos.

Black Pants and the accessories

Originally, I was going to wear the blouse & pants alone.

But I seemed to be having trouble deciding whether I should tuck in the blouse or not. So I settled on adding another top over it, and making it look like some of the layered shirts I’ve been seeing at the stores like this one or this one.

By doing this, I also think is shows off the necklace so much better. All of these jewelry pieces were from one of my Rocksbox sets. I had an interesting conversation with a friend recently about Rocksbox. You can see the gist of it on this Instagram post.

Black pants & all that goes with them

Since it was cool this morning, I also grabbed my well loved jacket that I changed into a tunic a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve always been a sucker for a fun, statement coat, because here in Denver, you certainly get lots of wear from them. If you are a fan also, then you might enjoy this sweater coat, an animal print one or maybe this deer print coat?

Pants: J. Crew-thrifted (here)~~Jacket: Komarov (similar here)~~Green top: Coverii (similar here)~~Top: Brannan Studio-thrifted (similar here)~~Shoes: Unisa (similar here)~~Necklace: Slate from Rocksbox  use code JTouchofstylexoxo for a free month (here)~~Earrings: Sophie Harper from Rocksbox  use code JTouchofstylexoxo for a free month (here)~~Bracelet: Perry Street from Rocksbox  use code JTouchofstylexoxo for a free month(here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: Nancy chose an all black outfit, that I bet many of you would gravitate to for a fancier event.

Her black pants are a pair that she has been wearing non-stop since she purchased them from Chicos at our girlfriend event. These are from the Traveler’s Collection, and are so perfect for her lifestyle. They travel like a dream, and can be dressed up so easily.

Women over 60 and black pants

Since we were trying to make our outfits ready for a dress up occasion, Nancy grabbed her rhinestone accessories to add more sparkle and shine.

I know that there used to be a rule that you didn’t wear rhinestones before 6 pm. Luckily that is one of those rules that doesn’t apply anymore. Seriously, you should try wearing your bling in the day. It’s quite fun. If you need some more, then this choker is a great price along with this necklace that also incorporates pearls.

Black outfits with black pants

This particular tunic is also a great travel piece.

With the sparkles in it and open shoulders, it can work so great for an evening out, yet really can be worn with jeans too. I do realize that there are many women who do not like the exposed shoulders, so let me find a couple that do not have this feature.

You could incorporate the sleeve detail into your black tunic with this top, or embroidery instead.

black pants for dressy occasions

The shoes add more sparkle since they are not only metallic but have glitter on them. If you think that you need a pair like them, then here’s a lower heel version , a red version or a sneaker version.

And we even added a small fun purse to make it look fancier. There are so many interesting clutches available now, that it could make it fun to change into it when you go out on the town. For instance, don’t you need chili peppers on your purse? Or how about plaid or even fur? Seriously how could you not love the tassels on this one? But if you like your clutches more subdued than this embellished one might be right up your alley?

black pants for every woman

Pants: Chicos (similar here)~~Top: Nally & Millie (similar here)~~Shoes: Chinese Laundry (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Ring: (similar here)~~Purse: (similar here in black)

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: For my mom’s black pants dressed up for an evening out, she grabbed her red, silk blouse to pair with them.

My mom’s black pants are a pair that she had thrifted also, many years ago. She considers them dressier because they have a side zipper and are a heavier material.

black pants with red

Red paired with black always seems very stylish and dressy. But if you don’t have a red blouse then there are many different varieties that are interesting at the stores. Like the sleeve detail that keeps popping up everywhere you look. Or the ruffles tend to look fancier also.

black pants outfit for 70+ women

To tuck or not to tuck is a question that comes up quite a bit with my mom.

She is in the habit to tuck in most of her blouses, and her proportion seems to work well with it. However, I know many women never tuck in their tops. Even if you don’t tuck in this shirt, it might be more fun with the belt, don’t you think?

Belts are probably just as popular as tucking in your shirts, but they really can be perfect for many of us in certain situations. Even if you don’t think you have a waist. Because truly, putting a belt around your body, makes it look like you have a waist. Especially the obi belts. My mom made all 3 of us obi belts last year and we experimented with them in different ways.

Black pants for older women

Let’s also talk about this “tie” that my mom is wearing. It’s basically a long pearl necklace, and it’s one of those sentimental items that we talked about last week. This piece used to be Charlotte’s stepmom’s tie and when her step mom passed away, my mom requested to have it. It’s from the 1950’s and my mom loves it to death.

Of course I couldn’t find anything like it for you to buy, but we all love our pearl necklaces. So I came up with a couple that were different from the norm like this one or this one.

Women wearing black pants

Pants: Talbots-thrifted (similar here)~~Top: Laura & Jayne (similar here)~~Shoes: Dana Buchman (similar here)~~Belt: (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Ring: (similar here)

All three of us paired up our black pants differently to head out for a night on the town. And if you incorporate shine, shimmer or pearls with your pants, I think they dress up fabulously. I’d love to know if you wear pants for the fancy events, and if so, how do you make it work?

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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