Block Heeled Sandals

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block heeled sandals for women over 50 years old

Block Heeled Sandals 

I’m always on the look out for any new trend that us older generations can wear with pleasure!

And this spring & summer it’s the block heels!! As a self proclaimed shoe girl—I’ve always felt that a great pair of shoes can make or break an outfit! And while block heels could possibly look “old-ladyish”, I’m here to show you great ones! These sandals are ones that will make you look modern yet are comfortable enough to wear all day. On top of that the price is that they won’t break the bank. My lovelies are from Old Navy (here) —you must know that I succumbed to buying these on one of their get 50% off anything campaign emails. My rationalization is it’s all to try things out for my blog readers, right?

Let’s examine the pros & cons of this kind of shoe:

Pros: 1-There is some arch support.

         2– You get a little heel height, but walking is manageable since the heel is wide.

         3– You get to air out the tootsies for the warmer months.

Cons: 1– There is the chance this style could look grannyish. To counteract that, concentrate on looking at any with lace & tie details, any kind of fringe or a fun, vibrant color—that will make them more current!

If you have a pair in your closet already that need a little pizzazz…check out Suzanne’s post here on how to paint your shoes (even if they’re leather—that’s halfway down in her post)! Or Janeane’s idea to add fringe to an existing pair of shoes here.

Now if you’re one of those that hesitates to order shoes online—let me put your mind at ease. The best thing to do is make sure you can return them to the store, or that they have a free returns policy. I recently bought a pair of shoes from Asos and try as I might to make them feel comfortable, they just didn’t cut it. So back in the mail they went, and ta-da, my money was refunded—easy, peasy. Also, It’s always a good thing to read reviews about what your are buying, if there are any. I always try to consider other’s opinions as much as possible.

If you don’t like any of my suggestions below—check out this pair from the Rack or this pair.  I always have luck with their shoes and they’re easy to return if they don’t fit!

I tried to showcase heel height sandals that were under 3 inches to make them good for those of you who snub really high heels. But I snuck a couple of higher ones in there too just in case you like the height!

The Facts

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