How to style white sneakers for women over 50

Boatload of Ways For How to Style White Sneakers

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One of the modern footwear trends of 2023 is white sneakers. And since I have been wearing mine a boatload of ways, I figured it was time to showcase how to style white sneakers.
I’ll also give you an inside scoop at the bottom of this article about my new favorite brand of sneakers that you can get in other colors besides white.

Quote of the day: “It’s hard to grow beyond something if you won’t let go of it.” James Clear

Why White Sneakers?

I remember when white footwear was taking hold a few years back, and many of my peers said that they couldn’t wear them because it reminded them of nursing shoes.
Heck, I even remember wearing white keds back in high school and thinking they were the cat’s meow. It’s proof that styles come around again and it’s not a bad thing.

So the moral of the story is working to be open to the changes that style brings, even when it’s something you wore before, maybe in a different way, and maybe not.

Admittedly I don’t believe we HAVE to follow each and every trend. But the truth of the matter is, we are judged by our outward appearance because we are visual animals.
So dressing both intentionally and in a modern style is a tool for us to look good both for ourselves and as a show of respect to others.

And the best thing about this footwear choice is that they truly go with everything. With that, let me introduce you to 9 ways how to style white sneakers.

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Cropped jeans and how to style white sneakers

1-How to Style White Sneakers with Cropped Jeans

Obviously, you can style white sneakers with jeans of any style or color, but I have to admit, I love them with cropped ones. It’s a great way to show off the entire shoe and expose a little skin too.

Insider tip: If it’s warm enough to show skin, the ankle is prime real estate because it is not in anyone’s line of sight (besides your pet). Even if you have veins, scars, or thicker ankles, they aren’t as obvious to anyone except you because people aren’t close and personal with your ankles. So stop obsessing over any “flaws”.

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Slim trousers as part of how to style white sneakers

2-Straight Leg Trousers and White Sneakers

Trouser pants are one of those work clothing items that many of us give away when we retire. If you are smart enough to keep a couple in your closet, then it’s fun to pull them out and style them casually with a graphic tee, sassy blazer, and pair of white sneakers.

Nothing says modern and fresh like the dichotomy in your look.

Insider tip: Dichotomy is the pairing of two different styles. It’s all about pairing pieces that seem like opposites. I consider it the easiest way to fight frump.

Work trousers and white sneakers

3-Bootcut Trousers with White Sneakers

Even your bootcut trousers will pair wonderfully with white sneakers. You are taking an office-appropriate clothing item and casualizing it with more casual footwear as well as the top half of your outfit.
I wore these bright pink trousers with a chambray shirt, scarf, and my trusty white sneakers.

4-Shorts and White Sneakers

Shorts are the perfect options for styling white sneakers if you still embrace shorts. I was excited to try out the Bermuda shorts trend when I saw them last year. While some older women still won’t wear shorts, I think of them as a nice alternative in the summer heat.

Recently I was talking about tunics and the proportion of a tunic shirt with Bermuda shorts can be the ideal proportion that stylists talk about.
However, I wanted to break that rule with a flowy top and see how it looked. I call it a thumbs up.

Tennis skirt and white sneakers

5-White Sneakers and Short Skirts

A short skirt is about the same length as my Bermuda shorts but the difference with this tiered skirt is it has more volume.
Admittedly, the proportions aren’t what is considered flattering, but I love the colorful look and I think it looks good.

Pairing white sneakers with a short skirt vs wearing sandals can be a way to be a tad more covered.

How to style white sneakers with short dresses

6-Short Dress and White Sneakers

The same concept as a short skirt is shown here with a short dress. I found this whimsical print while thrifting, and the loose and flowy silhouette is perfect for our hot summer days.

One could consider this dress frumpy since it’s almost shaped like a mumu, but adding trendy white sneakers give it a modern vibe.

Insider tip: Another styling trick is to add a hat to a look that you worry might be frumpy. A fedora or beret instantly ups the stylish factor.

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Making a skirt more casual with white sneakers

7-Midi Skirt with White Sneakers

The struggle with longer skirts is feeling matronly if you are used to shorter skirts. Personally, this is how I felt until I started wearing midi skirts on a regular basis.

Finding the right shoes can be a huge help, and incorporating white sneakers is how young girls are styling these skirts.

I made this fancy, embroidered skirt more casual by wearing it with a solid t-shirt and my white sneakers.

Slip dress and white sneakers
Slip dress on sale here

8-How to Style White Sneakers with a Midi Dress

The same concept applies to a midi dress. When I first styled this midi, slip dress on my site a bunch of different ways, I forgot to wear flats with it to prove how versatile it could be.
So I quickly remedied that oversight by donning my white sneakers and even wearing a strappy bralette under it.

There’s just no reason you can’t wear your white sneakers with any length of dress or skirt out there. Forget those rules that were drilled into your head about looking taller or leaner. That is not how you look stylish and it certainly doesn’t make you a better person. Have fun with your style.

9-Maxi and White Sneakers

The longest skirts and dresses are another way to style your white sneakers. It’s the absolute same concept of making these maxis casual and modern.
You’ve seen this flowy maxi over 8 years ago when we styled maxi dresses 3 different ways.

My Favorite White Sneakers

I’ve had a couple of pairs of white sneakers in the past. And once I noticed this trend getting bigger and bigger (as I predicted in my Spring Trends article), I started looking for them while thrifting.
If you follow my thrifting hauls on Facebook (make sure to follow me on that platform), then you saw that I found a pair of Adidas white sneakers at Goodwill about a month ago.

I have worn these Adidas sneakers with many, many outfits, but they really aren’t what I would consider comfortable.
Now I realize that comfort is very subjective. Truthfully, my gold standard is Walking Cradles (which has now migrated to RosHommerson’s site).

What I look for is a bit of arch support and I appreciate an insole that isn’t too hard. It’s one reason I love my new Cariuma sneakers. The insole is comfortable for my feet because it is made from cork, bio memory foam & organic Mamona oil and isn’t just flat.

Another reason that Cariuma has become a favorite sneaker of mine is the sustainability factor. For every pair you purchase, they plant 2 trees in the Brazilian rainforest. And the rubber sole is derived from the sap of a tree via ethical tapping. Even the tags and laces are recycled.
I thought that was all very impressive when I first read about it.

But when the rubber meets the road (literally, haha) the true test is how they feel on your feet. Luckily they ship internationally to 49 countries so you can try them out yourself.
And if you aren’t happy they have free returns. In fact, one of my friends said, they have a super easy return or exchange policy.

Here are just a few fabulous options they have. Trust me, there are a ton of amazing colors, prints, and even different styles. BTW. they are available for men too.

There are other wonderful brands if you love the idea of how to style white sneakers. Zappos has a boatload of them, and I’ll share a couple more in the widget below.

Insider tip: Sneakers are one thing I will spend more on if I can get comfort with style. But also remember, most sites have sales if you are willing to be patient.

How to style white sneakers for a modern look

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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