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Woman over 80 having fun with style

Bohemian Style for Older Ladies with a Mix of Styles

Putting together bohemian style for older ladies does not mean you have to look like a hippy. In fact, I thought it’d be fun to see if we could wear something boho, yet add another style to the boho piece.

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I’ve heard some women say that they wore the bohemian style the first time around and they don’t plan on repeating it. I can totally understand because I kinda feel that way about mom jeans.

Yet there are certainly some fun boho details that could work. Especially if you use the dichotomy idea. Don’t wear the hippy look from head to toe, but add in other styles with one boho piece. That’s the idea for this week.

Lesley considers herself conservative, and added in those elements. While both Sarah and I wore some modern trends with our boho. We wore these outfits as we explored the Dwarf Car Museum. You ought to check it out.

Bohemian style for older ladies

Skirt: thrifted ~~ Top: Preview ~~ Shoes: Nine West ~~ Necklace: ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Trendz Boutique

Charlotte and Bohemian Style for Older Ladies

Silk turtleneck on woman over 80

My mom is always saying that styles circle around over and over. So when you have lived as long as she has AND don’t throw things away, you are liable to have styles from every era.

Of course, everyone’s definition of bohemian is different. My mom has a couple of what I’d consider boho pieces like the top she wore for apple picking.

But this skirt is a recent thrifted find that she bought for a mere $1.50 here in Arizona. It’s the embroidery along the hemline that my mom considers that bohemian style.


My mom is all about fun accessories. For example this magazine cover purse. She purchased it at our favorite Denver boutique, Trendz n Trinkets a couple of years ago. With the chain strap it becomes very versatile. She’s been known to tuck in the strap to make it a clutch. Along with wrapping the chain around the inside once to make it shorter.

As for these earrings. Charlotte wore them recently with her animal print too. These are certainly unique and perfect if someone doesn’t have their ears pieced. I could only find earring cuffs for something similar which I talked about for women with arthritis.

What Other Styles go with Boho

Bohemian style for older ladies with an edgy purse

I know when I first brought up this idea of wearing boho, my mom and Lesley both looked up boho on Pinterest. And what you normally see is almost a costume look. Or hippy chic as my husband calls it.

That’s why I wanted to add in a mix of styles along with the bohemian style for older ladies. My mom considers her silk turtleneck as classic. She bought it over 30 years ago to go with blazers.

And then the purse she thinks couldn’t be more edgy!!

Shoes and Shoe Clips

Embroidery for bohemian style for older ladies

Both these shoes and the jewelry on them are also from about 30 years ago. One might wonder how you can keep your shoes for 30 years. Well they don’t wear out as much when you have tons of options in your closet. Seriously. My mom will tell you that she has pumps in every color. And she’s not lying.

The shoe clips are something she bought back in the day when they were in style. She still has many pairs of them. I was asking if she could wear them other ways. Like a scarf clip. My mom didn’t think so because they would puncture a hole in the scarf. But it’s an interesting concept.

Mom’s History with Bohemian Style

Skirt and turtleneck

So I asked my mom if she wore much of the boho style back in the day when it was first popular. Since she was teaching then, she doesn’t remember having a ton of it.

But you know what she does remember?? The shoes and how ugly they were at the time. They all had clunky heels and were definitely NOT what my mom liked. She ended up really needing a new pair so she bought one grey pair to get her through until better styles came out.

What cracks me up is how even long ago, Charlotte was shoe obsessed. Now you know where I get it. It makes me realize how nice it is to live in today’s age too. Because you can buy almost any style out there, whether it’s the “in” style or not. Thanks to Amazon and the internet.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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