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Bold & Colorful Style: Older Women’s Clothing Brands

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Bright colors for older women

Bold & Colorful Style: Older Women’s Clothing Brands

Can older women’s clothing brands be bold and colorful? Charlotte is here to prove that just because the label says one thing, doesn’t mean you can’t make it stylish.

Quote of the day: “People who excel tend to obsess over the details. People who struggle also tend to obsess over the details. The difference is what details they focus on. Minutiae vs polish. Most things don’t matter-but when it does, you want to get the details right.” James Clear

When I asked my mom about older women’s clothing brands, her first response was Alfred Dunner. She laughed that she has many items with that label on them, and she will tell you that she IS old. As I always say, there is nothing wrong with being old. But that doesn’t mean we have to look invisible or boring.
Just because you are a grandma doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous. If you struggle with this at all, then you’ll appreciate my post on Easy Ways to Update your Look.

This week is the opposite of when we shopped at the young girl’s store. This time I wanted to style something from older women’s clothing brands yet make the outfits be blogworthy.
The only reason I chose Talbots as our older women’s clothing brand is because it’s somewhere that I expect the younger girls wouldn’t shop. Just like many of us wouldn’t have thought to buy things for ourselves at Old Navy.

I think the secret to not looking frumpy with anything involves fit and fun. To me, the fun factor is when we mix brands, classifications (dressy vs casual) and make it unique.

Stylish older women's clothing brands

Pants: Talbots-thrifted ~~ Top: Mom made it~~ Shoes: AKK c/o ~~ Necklace: Maison de Camille c/o~~Earrings: Ultra~~ Purse: local boutique in Denver

Charlotte and Older Womens Clothing Brands

My mom doesn’t have many items from Talbots, but she did pick up this pair of ankle pants when she and I were thrift store shopping. I twisted her arm to buy them because she prefers longer pants instead.
However, I wanted her to have them for our ankle pants series we put together 5 years ago. And considering cropped pants are continuing to be on-trend, this was a good purchase.

Insider tip: Shorter pants are a great way to show off a pair of fabulous shoes. For example, in the fall and winter, pairing them with ankle boots enables everyone to actually see your ankle boots instead of having them hidden under the pant leg material.

Pucci print top

Bold Matching

For those of you who LOVE to match, then this is your kind of outfit. My mom pulled out this fabulous print blouse that she hand-sewed many years ago. In fact, the original models all wore it for a blog series. Charlotte chose it since the blouse has the same color in it as the pants’ color.
In fact, my mom had extra material leftover and made a scarf from it. You can see how she tied it around a hat here.

A bold print is a wonderful way to give an outfit focus. The other details that I love are:
1-It’s silky and not a knit
2-The fun scarf detail in the front. You can tie it many ways which is helpful if you prefer not to wear a necklace with it
3-It has a curved hemline which is nice if you prefer to leave your shirts untucked. Then it’s not such a harsh horizontal line across your body.

Insider tip: DEFINITELY mix your cotton items with silkier items. At first, you may think they shouldn’t go together, but it’s that modern yin/yang mix that really makes an outfit more fun.


Even though we focused on minimalistic ideas by not wearing jewelry last week, it’s not the norm for us. So welcome back to a couple of jewelry additions.
Wearing what we have is the best way to be sustainable, and I bet you have a pearl necklace in your jewelry box. I say pull it out and wear it. Even with a t-shirt. There is no law that says pearl necklaces are only for weddings.

Charlotte also grabbed her orange cross-body purse since it matched the print of the top and she wanted to be hands-free for our day at the Butterfly Wonderland.

Insider tip: If you struggle with the fact that a cross-body purse tends to cuts you into two halves, then I would suggest wearing it with a print like this. Then it’s not as noticeable and the strap blends in.

Woman over 80 with Talbots pants
Adding color with shoes and accessories

What’s On Your Feet?

As always, I do think that shoes can make or break an outfit. Yet when we struggle with foot issues at this stage of the game, we give up on the cute factor.
I hope by now you realize that there are brands/styles that fall into the cute and comfortable footwear.

In fact, I feel like sneakers can now go with so many outfits, so make sure to get yourself a pair of colorful and interesting ones.
Charlotte received this pair of AKK sneakers last winter. Before we started exploring as we do now, my mom didn’t have but one pair of sneakers. Now she wears them quite a bit.

Bold top with classic pants
3 decades of style

Options from Older Women’s Clothing Brands

I love how the three of us all picked different pieces from Talbots and then added in quite unique ideas.
For Lesley, she chose a Talbots blazer that she’s had for ages. She paired it with Chico’s items which means she’s wearing an entire outfit from older women’s clothing brands. Yet she mixed something casual with something businessy, which is a modern idea.
My outfit included a Talbots blouse which I showcased in a whimsical combination.
And Charlotte went bold and colorful with her Talbots pants.

Older women's clothing brands

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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