Wearing our Bomber Jackets Casually

Bomber Jacket for Women ages 50, 60 & 70

Wearing our Bomber Jackets Casually

Quote of the day: “Nobody looks stupid when they are having fun.” Amy Poehler

Wearing your bomber jacket for running around and doing errands is the standard for most of us. This could be your perfect topper for a jeans and t-shirt!

I will now give my two cents on this jacket style. When shopping for a bomber jacket, I suggest trying on a smaller than normal size (of course, you still want it to fit), because since it’s baggy by design, you don’t want it overpowering your body. The advantage of some of the newer jackets is they have stretch in them, thus aren’t as droopy! We wore the same jackets styled for a more professional appointment here.

Bomber Jacket for Women ages 50, 60 & 70 Bomber Jackets for Women ages 50, 60 & 70

50’s Bomber Jacket: I’ve worn these pants with my black sandals and liked the look much better. I feel like I’m getting too much of a matchy matchy vibe with these blue sandals.

Bomber Jacket: Tobi (similar here in white)~~Pants: Banana Republic (similar here)~~Top: Jillanova (similar here)~~Shoes: Aerosoles (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)

Bomber Jackets for Women ages 50, 60 & 70 Bomber Jackets for Women ages 50, 60 & 70

60’s Bomber Jacket: Nancy’s jacket is reversible to all black (you’ll see it that way in the next post). However I feel like it’s slightly too big for her, and because it’s reversible, I can’t alter it to make it smaller.

Bomber Jacket: (similar here)~~Pants: Dockers (similar here)~~Top: Chicos (similar here)~~Shoes: Merona (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)

Bomber Jackets for Women ages 50, 60 & 70 Bomber Jackets for Women ages 50, 60 & 70

70’s Bomber Jacket: I think a lightweight jacket is a perfect transition needed for the cooler mornings. Then you can take it off for the warmer afternoons–thus the sandals.

Bomber Jacket: Silk Club (similar here)~~Jeans: DG2 (similar here)~~Top: Norton McNaughton (similar here)~~Sandals: Aerosoles (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)

Thanks reading along while we have fun dressing up!! 

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Are you a reversible fan?  Here’s some vest/jackets that might be up your alley:

  • Kathleen McDermott

    I hit Love on these 3. While the jackets on Nancy and Charlotte are full, that’s how bombers are cut and I think they look adorable. Their outfits under the jacket are nicely slim, so I think the bombers work. Love that Nancy’s is reversible! Yours is easy because the fabric is more soft and drapey. Just bought one in a woven fabric with a denim look which I know I’ll enjoy using in all the ways you’ve shown, including the dresses.

    • Jodie Filogomo

      I think that’s why I didn’t love the bombers at first so much Kathleen. Because they are so boxy! But then again…with the skinny jeans, I think it can work great!
      Besides–they have the most fabulous prints and embroidery on them right now! Where did you get your new one??

      • Kathleen McDermott

        TJMaxx (ArtisanNY – $16 on clearance!)

        • Jodie Filogomo

          I used to visit TJMaxx all the time when it was in the same strip mall as my gym. Luckily (depending on your perspective–ha ha), the store moved to another area!

  • happinessatmidlife

    Love all 3 styles. My favorite is yours Jodie – I just adore the colors and the lace pattern.

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you Thursday.


    • Thanks for the kind words Alice!! See you Thursday for sure!

  • Look at the difference in the way the COLORS look better on Nancy. Because she has silver hair, the blues look great on her. The next jacket has brown, yellow in an animal print. It doesn’t look that great with silver hair. Women with silver hair should avoid brown, beige, orange and yellow. An animal print in black, grey, and white would be smashing with silver hair.

    • You’re right, it is amazing how certain colors can make you look great!! My mom doesn’t subscribe to the theory of only wearing certain colors…but I think in today’s post (saturday), it’s a little better with the burgundy under the jacket. What do you think?

  • I just love the variety of styles you always offer in your posts! Thank you for giving us alternatives!
    Kimberly XO

  • Hi Jodie! I live in the desert southwest and very seldom wear coats or even jackets. But I still appreciate your advice–they all look nice IMHO. But I LOVE your quote of the day: “Nobody looks stupid when they are having fun.” ~Kathy

    • Ahhh…so you miss the snow, sleet & freezing temperatures, eh? Doesn’t it cool down at nights though?

  • I love those vests, actually… especially the brown casual with that great design.

  • Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner…and it’s YOUR outfit! Love!

  • Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style.

  • These are way cute, Jodie. I’m kind of a vest gal, or lean toward the longer jacket look. These are all cute paired with the other outfits!

    • Ahhh….I love a vest too! Great idea for a blog series…thanks!!! (Any in particular you like best?—I know Nancy has a puffy one, but mom & I don’t. Hmmm….something to work on)

      • I have a longer puffy-ish one I bought at Cabelas in Idaho. And I’m not ashamed LOL. Sounds like a great idea for Fall/Winter!

  • I like these versions better for some reason. The color combo you chose for yourself is wonderful and I agree black sandals would ground the look. Love the cream and purple shades in Nancy’s outfit. Mom’s look could work as a nod to my Steelers team,lol.

    • Very funny about the Steelers, Tracey—made me laugh!