The Boys Looking Stylish in Phoenix in their New Shirts

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The Boys Looking Stylish in Phoenix in their New Shirts

Since earlier in the week there was a post was about girlfriends and shopping (at the #LoveChicos Event, here), I figured it’d only be equally fair to compose a post about shopping for the boys!

Let me give you a little background on these wonderful men above! First, there is my husband, Rob, who many of you have met before in a couple of our men’s fashion posts, here, here & here. And then say “hello” to Jean. Jean & his wife, JoAnne, actually live across the street from us in Denver. However, they are also snowbirds, and spend the winter in Phoenix where it doesn’t snow or get too cold (at least most of the time). And as the wonderful human beings that they are, they invited us to visit them in their casita (that’s what they call it)!!

On this trip in Arizona, we happened to go shopping (surprising, I know). Of course, let me be clear that it was JoAnne, Rob & I that went shopping. Jean went golfing–ha ha!! But JoAnne and I decided we would do a little shirt shopping for Jean. And since I am a fashion blogger, we told him that he had to wear what I picked out for him. Needless to say, I think he was a little nervous about what I’d bring home for him! Wouldn’t you be?

And you wouldn’t believe the stipulations that came with this adventure. I was told by JoAnne, when we got to Stein Mart, that Jean doesn’t like stripes, or many other details or colors for that matter!!

Jean’s Shirt: But Jean does like blue!!

Men's Print Shirts.

So the three of us picked out about 4 shirts for Jean. One was specifically bought for casual events. But from the other shirts, he got to pick which one that he wanted to wear that evening out to dinner! And this is the shirt he chose! What do you think? Isn’t it spectacular? I know you can’t really tell from these photos, but it really brings out the blue in his eyes!!

I didn’t get the name brand on this shirt, but I found a couple of options on my shopping site that are similar. One is this shirt that is denim, there’s this one or even this one that isn’t quite as bright!

I really think that a fun, colorful shirt can make any guy look like a million bucks! Can I hear an amen?!!

Rob’s Shirt: Now since, I showcased Jean, I couldn’t leave out my husband, could I?

Men's Print Shirts.

And somehow, someway, my sweetie got a new shirt also!! Rob is pretty much the exact opposite of Jean when it comes to shopping. He is game for trying anything now that I’ve infiltrated his life! And he even enjoys going with me to the stores and will carry the packages! I call that the best husband ever!!

His shirt is a crazy print with a contrasting material on the cuffs! Since he brought it home with him, I was able to check it and see that the brand is Tallia! I’m not sure about the brands that they sell at Stein Mart. Are they off brands or extras? We don’t usually shop at Stein Mart in Denver, but they do have a great selection of both men’s and women’s clothes!

Anyways, back to Rob’s outfit. The print on his shirt is quite abstract, but I found one here, that has flamingos! What do you mean that your man would never wear that? Okay, okay, so how about this one instead–it’s camo so it should be considerable more masculine, right? And one more for your viewing pleasure, here!

Now you may think it’s superficial and silly to care about what you wear. But when it comes right down to it, who doesn’t enjoy a little attention about one’s outfits? I mean, just look at the smiles on these two boys!! Having their women gush over them about how nice they looked, made them feel great (even if they won’t admit it!).

Men's Print Shirts.

Now I couldn’t leave out us ladies on this post! I mean we all know the truth that behind every great man there is a great woman! So here is JoAnne and myself right before the guys took us to dinner! You can see that I wore the skirt which caused me all kinds of problems in the velvet post here! I definitely think this outfit turned out much better with this skirt than the other one.

And even though I realize that the subject of this post was all about the guy’s new shirts, how can we finish this post and not say anything about the jewelry us ladies are wearing? This heart shaped necklace of JoAnne’s is by a designer who, of course, her name I cannot remember! I didn’t realize that turquoise came in such a vibrant green, but I found one sorta like it here or more green here. My necklace was bought on this same shopping excursion as the boys and really reminds me of the one I was lusting over at Chicos, here or even this one!

Thanks for joining the 4 of us on our little Phoenix shopping excursion!! Do you ever shop when you go on vacation?

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