Breaking Down the Anatomy of a Perfect Airplane Outfit

Breaking Down the Anatomy of a Perfect Airplane Outfit

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Airplane outfit with a scarf

When I recently traveled and realized that this was the perfect airplane outfit, I figured I should share what made it so good.

Quote of the day: “I really think a champion is defined not by their wins but by how they can recover when they fall.” Serena Williams

And haven’t we all failed when packing for a trip or trying to figure out what to wear as our airplane outfit? Granted each of us truly wants and needs different things.
So I wanted to share why this airplane outfit worked so well for me, and the details you should consider. Of course, this concept can change depending on the season and where you are flying to and from. But the factors should still be the same.

What Constitutes the Perfect Airplane Outfit?

At the airport

Dress: BCBGeneration at Steinmart ~~Top: ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles~~ Scarf: ~~ Earrings: Pam Neri~~ Purse: Aldo~~ Luggage: American Tourist

Perfect is definitely a subjective description but for most of us it involves comfort. Now for me, I like to include style with that comfort factor.
Comfort means that the clothing moves, isn’t tight and doesn’t bind. For some of us that could also include some air circulation depending on how hot or cold a person runs.

That’s why I think layers are key. What you may not realize about my dress is that it’s sleeveless. I added a black t-shirt under it and packed another black t-shirt to wear on the trip back.
If it were winter, I could wear a long sleeve t-shirt or even a turtleneck under it.

Now let’s discuss this dress. It’s a long, print, lightweight sweater dress. This worked wonderfully for me for these reasons:
1-A print hides any possible stains or wrinkles
2-Longer means it covers me when I need it, yet when I’m sitting I can hike it up if I get warm.
3-A knit dress or this sweater dress stretches so it feels comfortable.
4-Lightweight so I can layer over it/under it but not be too hot.

Perfect airplane outfit when traveling

Packing Tip

One thing that I put into effect when I’m packing is to basically wear the same thing to the airport coming and going. The advantages of that are:
1- I’ve basically gotten two outfits out of the way when packing
2-If the outfit going worked fine going through security, then it should be fine coming back.
3-I know what to keep out when packing to come home.

While I’ve used this trick for years, I haven’t always worn a dress. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed having a dress on instead of pants, jeans or leggings.
Why? Because when I went to the bathroom, it was easier to hike up instead of pulling down. PLUS I didn’t worry about the bottoms pooling on the bathroom floor.

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Layering pieces for travel

The Other Factors for the Airplane Outfit

Since I am usually cold, I always take a jacket or some kind of cardigan for the plane. This goes along with the thought that you should wear some of your heaviest pieces instead of packing them.
Not only do I carry a jacket, but I ALWAYS take a scarf (or two). Yes, this is also to keep warm, however, my scarf can serve another purpose. If I need a pillow behind my neck or back, the scarf is there for that.

Even as an accessory junkie, I do limit them and think about which ones I’m wearing when traveling. You can see I forgo a necklace for this airplane outfit.
Instead I picked statement earrings that are lightweight since flying can be an all day event. (These earrings are made by Pam Neri, and all of her pieces tend to be lightweight).
I did add a wrap bracelet, but made sure it wasn’t metal that would set off the alarms in security.

Comfy shoes as part of the perfect airplane outfit

Shoes and a Tote

Of course comfortable shoes are a must for any travel outfit. Yet I also think about ones that are easy to get on and off in case I have to remove them at security.
This silver sequin pair is the Orleans from Walking Cradles. Since discovering this brand, I always have at least 1 or 2 pairs of their shoes with me since most travel means exploring and lots of walking.
If it were winter, I would most likely wear a pair of boots. One because they are warmer, and two because they take up more space in the luggage.

What you don’t see are my no show Sheec socks. Before I found this brand, I wouldn’t mess with socks because they would inevitably end up annoying me. However, my Sheec socks stay put and helps my feet from sweating. Then if I do have to remove my shoes going through security, I’m not barefoot on the airport floor.
If it were winter, you could consider wearing tights. The problem with tights is you lose the convenience of just pulling up the dress to go to the bathroom. But how about thigh high socks instead? Something to consider.

And last but not least is my purse. I prefer a tote kind of purse when traveling meaning it’s bigger and easy to get into. I picked a metallic one for this trip to go with all of my outfits while we would be away.

Jacket as part of an airplane outfit

How About the Luggage?

Rob and I have traveled quite a bit over the 17 years we’ve been married. What that means is we have gone through a lot of luggage. Sure, we might have been better off “investing” in better pieces at the beginning, however, then you don’t get the new improvements in the luggage.
What improvements? The newer wheels that spin in any direction are worth their weight in gold. Plus the newer suitcases are lighter in weight which means you can stuff more clothing in them, LOL!

Insider tip: It’s WORTH it to buy new luggage. We tend to get the best deals during black Friday from either Macy’s or Kohls. I don’t think we’ve ever spent more than $100 on it.

I’ve had both the hard shell and soft side suitcases and I wouldn’t say I like one more than the other. BUT I will tell you that the packing cubes REALLY work. I know, I know, I didn’t believe it at first either. However, Nancy bought them for me for Christmas one year, and I’ve been a convert since.

The other luggage detail that I’ve been loving is my toiletry bag. It was less than $10 on Amazon and it’s SO much better than the more expensive variety I had for years from the Container Store.
It’s so good, that Rob bought one for himself too.

Anatomy of the perfect airplane outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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