Woman over 50 with crop top

Breakthrough to Ban the Frump: What to Wear with Capri Pants

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Woman over 50 with crop top

Breakthrough to Ban the Frump: What to Wear with Capri Pants

As part of our series with what to wear with capri pants, I figured I would get bold and try something I don’t normally wear. The idea to ban the frump while still embracing capris has been covered with Lesley wearing a wow piece and Charlotte sporting bright colors.

Quote of the day: “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.” Eleanor Roosevelt

I chose this quote because wearing a shirt that exposes my midriff is certainly not something I would have done years ago. NOT that you need a short top to banish the frump, but I like the idea to style something bold as part of what to wear with capri pants. It’s basically what all three of us did in this series only in different ways.
It’s that recipe of yin and yang or dichotomy in an outfit.

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Different Types of Capri Pants

Capri pants and midriff top

Capri Pants: Mom made them~~ Top: Love Tree~~ Shoes: Michael~~ Bracelet & Earrings: both made by Judy ~~ Purse: Amazon~~Hat: Vince Camuto

While we are talking about capri pants, let’s acknowledge the fact, that many pants can be grouped into this category. There are many words to describe the pants that aren’t full length like ankle pants, cropped pants and capri pants. No matter what you call them, the fact is that they are shorter than full length.
Does that make them hard to style? Maybe. Maybe not.

And since the style can be controversial about if they look good on us, then maybe the idea of going bolder with the other elements in your outfit will knock the look out of the park?

As for my pair of capris pants, they were made by my mother. She had this material in her basement thinking she would use it as a lining for something else. It’s a polished cotton and VERY lightweight. When I asked her to make me capri pants from it, she decided that it was such a good idea, she made some for herself.

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Style: What to wear with capri pants

Bold Top

Everyone’s definition of bold top should be different and I realize many of you would never consider showing your midriff (heck, for that matter, I never thought I would either. But as I like to say, I ask others to try things outside their comfort zone, so I figure I should too).
Now in my defense, when I bought this top, I paired it with high waisted pants (you can see the look here) which showed very minimal tummy. Notice though that it is a lower “v” in front so for today’s outfit, I used some fashion tape so there wasn’t quite as much skin showing. One thing I do love about this top is how the back is longer, so it’s not super duper revealing.

Now let’s talk other options of bold that would be a great option of what to wear with capri pants. I wouldn’t recommend the basic floral t-shirt. But how about something more trendy like the puff sleeves, ruffle tops or something with just a little more pizzazz??

Insider tip: Remember, just because the description says crop top doesn’t make it bad. If you’re short or short waisted, it could be the perfect length for you.

If you aren’t sure what is trendy, then my suggestion is to check out the fast fashion stores for inspiration. You may be surprised that you have something already in your closet. And if not, check the thrift stores for the items.
And don’t think that just because your capris are “casual” that you couldn’t wear a dressier top. That adds another layer of dichotomy that is so modern.

More Intentional Details

Another factor that can make an outfit seem less stylish could be the lack of intention. Sure, we all want easy, but adding in some interesting accessories makes the look more personal and unique.

Both my shoulder skimming earrings and wrap bracelet were made for me by a wonderful friend, Judy, who I’ve met through the blog and online only.
I also wore my belt bag since we were shopping at the outdoor market. By matching the color to my pants, I think it’s not as obvious if you’re not a huge fan of this style of purse.

In hindsight, I do wish that I’d wrapped a scarf around the headband of my hat to cover the leopard. If you aren’t sure what I mean, you can see Lesley and Charlotte’s examples of this from our past blogs!

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Modern Shoes

The three of us showcased different varieties of shoes to wear with cropped flares, cropped pants and ankle pants earlier this year. Since the idea of which shoe choice with short pants was a reader’s suggestion, it shows that our options of footwear can be important. Remember that especially with the shorter pants, you definitely see the shoes so make them count!

For this look, I added in a pair that I bought preloved from a friend. She couldn’t figure out how to style them, so I took them off her hands!! My thinking is they add a little boho twist to the overall outfit which makes them fun!
BTW, I am wearing my Soul Insoles with these (if you look closely you can see the clear arch support) since we were walking around a craft fair for the day. And I don’t get a commission off these insoles besides my affiliate partnership with Amazon. I just think they have been a wonderful addition for my flats!!

What to wear with capri pants in the summer
What to wear with capri pants

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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