Breakthrough Finds for a Comfortable Strapless Bra–10 Different Options Reviewed

Breakthrough Finds for a Comfortable Strapless Bra–10 Different Options Reviewed

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Breakthrough Finds for a Comfortable Strapless Bra–10 Different Options Reviewed

So no modeling of the comfortable strapless bra for me today. That’s definitely not in my job description, LOL! But I want to take you along my journey on the quest to find the unicorn called “a comfortable strapless bra”. Why not just review them and be done? Because what I’ve learned over these years of blogging, is how we are SO different. Therefore, I think that giving you some of the reasoning and details make it possible for you to find what can work for you.
I don’t pretend to think that my favorites will always be your favorites. This is NOT sponsored in any way. I bought and paid for all of these myself (and returned many of them.)

Quote of the day: “New goals don’t deliver new results. New lifestyles do. And a lifestyle is a process, not an outcome. For this reason, your energy should go into building better habits, not chasing better results.” James Clear

The reason I had to share this quote with this subject, is because it ties in with the idea of trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Maybe you’ve tried a strapless bra (or two), but were they really different? That’s where my research started.


The idea for this post all started when I wrote about my research with comfortable bras. I’d been a huge proponent for finding the “right” bras for awhile, yet the fact remained that at the end of the day, I was ready to tear it off (who else can relate?) The time I was researching and trying out those “regular bra” options, was summer so I was also in the baring my shoulders mood!!!
I’ve never been a huge fan of off the shoulder type tops/dresses ONLY because I never loved the strapless bra options. AND I NEED SUPPORT!! (Can I get an Amen?) So what changed?? I hated the idea that I was limited in my clothing choices by my bra options!! So I bought and tried 10 different “comfortable” strapless bra types.

But again, I would like to point out that our definitions of support, comfort and our body shapes are all going to be different. Which is why I will talk about the details and my thought process. Don’t worry, I’ll also tell you my favorite. (Go straight to the conclusion if you just want what works). Just remember, you may have to try a couple to find your favorite also.
Of course it’s smart to read the reviews on any bra online, but remember how we are all so different!!

For this research, I also asked my friends for their input. I’ll be sharing that in the midst too!

Insider tip: Don’t be afraid to try these. My secret? Buy a bunch and try them out RIGHT away. Keep the tags in their original bag (online or in store). Then return what doesn’t work. You are only out a little time and energy but the result can be worth it. And don’t just try it on in the store and decide. I think you need to wear it for hours before you know. Which means know the return policy before you purchase!! BTW, did you know you can order something online and return it to the brick and mortar store? That’s what I did for my Macy’s and Neiman Marcus purchases.


Let’s start with the traditional strapless bras that I’m sure we’ve all tried. I experimented with 4 different versions of this.

Traditional strapless bra

1. The strapless bra in your normal size. The one I have is similar to this one from Nordstrom. It has convertible straps so you can get your money’s worth and wear it with all kinds of outfits.
It’s great they are so versatile, but I never have luck with these staying up. Halfway through the day, they could almost be called a belt.

2. If you do have one of these traditional, convertible strap bras, another option is the clear bra straps. I have used these throughout my life and appreciate how they work especially with spaghetti strap items. I don’t love them as much with a strapless top or dress, but at least they help the bra stay up!

3. One of my friends who is a stylist suggested finding a strapless bra in a different size than your “normal.” She said to size up in the band and down in the cups. When I asked her how and why this worked, she didn’t know, but said it worked for her.
So I did exactly that. Unfortunately it didn’t stay up any better than my normal size for me. But could be an option for you.

4. Another of my friends suggested the Red Carpet Strapless Bra. At first I couldn’t understand why this one would be any different than the ones I’d tried in the past. But I learned there is clear, grippy plastic in the top and bottom of the bra cups and the band once I bought it.
Did it stay up? ABSOLUTELY. This one stayed in place wonderfully. However, I didn’t consider it comfortable. It stays up, but it’s also tight around the rib cage. And that is my issue with my “normal” bras in the past and why I want to take them off at the end of the day.
So while I returned it, it would be the traditional bra of choice for many and comes in a wide range of sizes.

Non Traditional Strapless Bras

Using my noggin and realizing what I liked in my comfortable bra research, I decided to look for a comfortable strapless bra that wasn’t so traditional. Here’s what I found.

Bandeau strapless bra

5. Sorry, the image is so small. This bandeau bra from Bare Necessities was going to be my savoir. No “normal” band to be too tight, and there was underwire to keep the girl supported. Well, it stayed put for about 5 minutes on my body. Heck, I even experimented with it upside down (by wearing it so the underwire was on top) since I know a thing or two about gravity, haha!! But that wasn’t helpful either.
Now this might work better if you get a smaller size??? I couldn’t try that option because I got the smallest band. But I may try to alter it and see since I didn’t take my own advice and return it.

Ruby Ribbon options

6. Since I like my Ruby Ribbon bra so much, I decided to try one of their convertible ones (search for convertible)! The Ruby Ribbon bras have MANY different strengths of support, and the absolute BEST way to find your best fit is to have a conversation with a Ruby Ribbon stylist. I know that’s annoying, but there’s so many options to take into account. And Carol will tell you if they don’t have what you need. Carol sent me the image above, and if you are interested, just email her at If you just order what you think you want, you might be disappointed.
Yes, this strapless option works for me. However, it gives me more of a uniboob than I like. Unlike my favorite demiette bras from them that make each boob look individual. (However, I only tried the demiette convertible option and it looks like the convertible slip has more distinction between the girls.)

Petal versions for strapless

7. Fashion Form Adhesive. I had these in my youth and wore them often. So I bought more to use for this research so my opinion would be fresh. These work and stay in place wonderfully. However, I have the hardest time getting them to be smooth and wrinkle free. Because they are more of a “paper” like material, they tend to have creases.

Therefore I would say these could work under a print piece or thicker material piece. But not so much under a body hugging item.
Beware, I don’t think you can return these though. Once you use one, you throw it out. So I’ll use what I have but not purchase anymore.

Fashion forms for comfortable strapless bra

8. Fashion Forms Lift It Up Backless. When searching Macy’s site, I found these fashion forms made of silicone. So along with the other types of fashion forms below, I added these to my cart! And these are truly my favorite. By following the instructions (I wash the area and dry before applying) I have found these to stay in place and be the most comfortable strapless bra I own. They are reusable although I’m sure not forever. So far, I have worn mine a dozen times all with success!!
For me they are the most comfortable because there is no constricting around the ribcage. And they stay in place. I will admit that the package says to wear for 4-6 hours, but I wear them all day. My skin is a little red when I remove them, but not irritated or itchy.
The biggest drawback is the size limitations. Although I do think they run a tad big. I usually am a D cup and I bet I could wear a C.

9. Walmart version: BEWARE. Not all of these are created equally. I found these exact same fashion forms as in #8 in the store at Walmart for cheaper no less (that’s why I don’t have a link for you). Different box but otherwise the same. And they didn’t stay up for even 5 minutes. SO I checked everything about the box. Same company, same everything EXCEPT they were from 2018. Therefore, I expect the silicone adhesiveness to break down over time. I’m still wearing my pair from Macy’s that I bought in 2020 this 2021 spring with success, but it could be an important detail to check.
And remember, if it doesn’t work, return it!!

Fashion forms in one piece

10. Fashion Forms Go Bare Backless along with the option for larger cups here. I also love this for my definition of a comfortable strapless bra. (My version is more like the larger cups one than the photo). While it’s a tad more tricky to put it on than the individual ones, I’ve learned that I can easily pull one side off and readjust.
I will say I do “feel” this more around my ribcage than the individual forms, but it’s not too tight.

11. Now there is an extra one that I purchased not linked here but this is the photo (on the left) of it. I don’t see it available anymore, but I did return it. There were half straps of clear silicone that went up over your shoulders. So while it was backless, it wasn’t strapless. I returned it because it pulled too much on my shoulders to feel comfortable.


Maybe you’ve never worn off the sleeve or spaghetti straps because you were like me….a comfortable strapless bra was in the unicorn family. But now with some newer features, you might actually be surprised. At least I was!!

For the traditional bras, I will stick with the invisible bra straps. (#2)
Or if you want one that stays in place and you don’t care that it’s tight, I’d recommend the Red Carpet Strapless bra. (#4)

As for the non traditional options for a comfortable strapless bra, I’m giving a shout out to the Fashion Forms Lift It Up Backless and Fashion Forms Go Bare Backless which I wear on repeat. (#8 & #10) BEWARE of the Walmart versions (#9).

And if you have a question or another option, please feel free to email me at

10 comfortable strapless bra review

Thank you

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