Bright Lipstick for the Summer

Bright Lipstick for 3 generations

Bright Lipstick for the Summer

Quote of the day: “Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance and facing your fears.” Gillian Anderson

Most of us wear makeup many days, and I’m sure we’ve all been surprised at how some products work differently now that we have gotten better/older!!

So let me introduce you to Look Fabulous Forever. They design and embrace makeup for us older women!! Their philosophy is simply that age is no barrier to looking fabulous. The makeup is considered ‘pro-age’ which means that it is specifically formulated to suit more mature faces, eyes and lips!

And personally, I think that bright lipstick is the biggest finish for any face. Trust me, you’ve seen many a photo of me with no makeup except lipstick and my sunglasses!! Because most of the time, when you are wearing a bright lipstick, that’s what stands out!

Look Fabulous Forever has also put together a gallery of unaltered faces for women over 50! If you fall into this category, Diana would love it if you want to add your face to the gallery too!! Just click over to the site and follow her instructions!!

Look Fabulous Forever was kind enough to send us all a bright lipstick to show to you! I styled each of us in a contrasting colored shirt to that of the lipstick. And then I had us each wear a colored shirt that was a close match to same lipstick color.

Charlotte (70+ model): Wearing Soft Plum Look Fabulous Forever lipstick.

First I started by having my mom wear her soft plum lipstick with a neutral outfit and a red necklace! She only put on one layer of the lipstick for this photo, so that’s why it doesn’t look as dark as the below photo!

I love a bright lipstick when you are wearing neutrals, because then your lips really stand out!

Bright Lipstick

Now here’s that same soft plum lipstick with a shirt that matches it!! I think that grabbing a lipstick that matches your outfit is another way to look put together.

bright lipstick

Nancy (60+ model): Wearing Foxy Lady Look Fabulous Forever Lipstick

For Nancy’s contrasting outfit for her bright lipstick, I had her wear a blue shirt! I realize that most of us don’t wear blue lipstick, so I thought this red shade of lipstick looked wonderful with her pastel blue!

Women over 60 & Bright Lipstick

This is the same Foxy Lady lipstick for Nancy below, but she paired it with an orange shirt to match better!

Look Fabulous Forever with bright lipsticks for summer

Jodie (50+ Model): Wearing Fuchsia Look Fabulous Forever Lipstick

Then, to round out the examples of contrasting items with our lipstick colors, I chose a pastel shirt to go with the fuchsia lip color I received.

Bright Lipstick for Women 50+

And here is that same fuchsia lipstick worn with a bright pink shirt! Of course, the color can look different depending on the lighting, how thick it’s applied and what colors you are wearing with it!!

I should also tell you I tried the lip primer too! You might laugh because I applied it totally wrong at first. And couldn’t figure out why it didn’t work for me! But luckily I finally watched Tricia’s video below and figured out the correct method!! It really made it so the lipstick didn’t bleed into the wrinkles at the end of the day!! What a great product!!

Match your bright lipstick with your outfit

I wanted to include this video of a small trick I learned from my niece, Charlene, about applying lipstick, gloss or pencil to create a defined bow for your lips!



More about Look Fabulous Forever

Have you ever picked out a bright lipstick or any makeup for that matter that just doesn’t look right on you? Well, Look Fabulous Forever does have a page to help you choose the right colors for your makeup! I used this to choose the lipsticks for the 3 of us, and I think they all worked perfectly. I decided that Nancy had a warm skin tone. Since my mom and I have very similar complexions, I chose lipsticks that would work with the cool skin tones for both of us.

They do have a 30 Day Return Policy if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Personally, I’ve bought lipstick that I didn’t love at first, but I know, instead of returning it, I’ve combined it with other colors for a better mix!

I’m also including Tricia’s video to show some great tips about using the primer, and putting on lipstick!! As much as I wear makeup and think I’m a “pro”, I was surprised at how much I learned!

The Facts

Even if you wouldn’t consider purchasing items online, it can be helpful to look through my links to see what is available! It certainly doesn’t hurt my feelings, if you click on them but don’t like them. Just so you know, one of the ways I make money from this blog is through these linked items.

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  • Lovely and summery!

  • Deb’s World

    This was great Jodie! I love bright lipsticks and the video tip was something I’d not heard of before so thanks for sharing. I’ll be sure to give it a go next time.

    • Thanks Deb!! I have to laugh because I gave that primer back to my mom to try again (since we were using it wrong at first and I miss it terribly!! Now I’m going to have to buy my own!!
      What I want to know is where all of these wrinkles around my lips came from?? Ha ha!!

  • Linda Hobden

    The bright lipsticks look lovely on you 3 ladies 😊 I must admit, I go for a coral pink colour if I go bright or a dusky pink/beige colour on other days – I tend to go for dark smoky eye /pale lip look! Having said that, I do own bright red lipstick/lip gloss …. just haven’t been brave enough to wear it yet!! 😜

    • You should try it Linda!! I really did feel the same way for the longest time, but it’s amazing how much the color really helps me look alive!! Especially when I get lazy and don’t put on the rest of my make up!!!

  • I love all the color choices. They are quite flattering!

  • My feelings about lipstick are even stronger than my feelings about having anything too close around my neck! But all three of you look fantastic.

    • You crack me up Jennifer!!
      I do remember feeling that way when I was a kid, but I think my love of fashion quickly changed that!!

  • Mary Kalpos

    Great post Jodie. As I get older I find myself not wanting to put lipstick on. But your shades all look so pretty. I will have to reconsider.

    • I just read how the older we get, the more that we should wear lipstick. It brightens up our face like no other!!!

  • I had to read this quickly and don’t have time to watch the videos because I’m waiting for my son to come out of work, but I can’t wait to go back and watch them! I started wearing brighter lipsticks almost on a regular basis after I heard stylist Andy Paige say how older women mistakenly wear neutrals and darker colors as we age, which I was starting to do, and that they actually age us. But brighter colors lighten our faces and skin, and make us appear younger. I couldn’t believe the difference when I switched. But, I admit to wearing very cheaply brands. This line really intrigues me. Can’t wait to look into it! Great post!

    • It is amazing how brighter colors can make us look more alive. I wonder why we don’t always realize that until we hear someone else say it??

  • I really like your tips. Love a bit of a colour to brighten the day. Thank you for linking up with #FabFridayPost xx

  • I love bright colors for Summer too. I also love your glasses.

  • I love adding pops of color to my summer outfit with makeup too! The colors look amazing on your lips 🙂

    Jessica |

    • Thanks Jessica!! It really add nice color to our faces, I think!

  • sue

    I’m loving your blog lately Jodie and have shared this post on my St60 & Beyond FB page. I really need some new makeup including lipstick so you have inspired me. Thanks for linking up at #overthemoon and look forward to your next post.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words, Sue!!
      I do think that the brighter lipsticks make us look fabulous!! And to think I would never wear them when I was younger—-at least I’m making up for lost time now!!

  • Mother Daughter

    I love Nancy’s lip color, I wear a red lipstick most times. I am going to check this brand out, I have worn Lancome for years but my lips are getting so dry. And yes even on a no make up day if I run out for something I do put my lipstick on.

    • I know what you mean about my lips drying out…and I thought it was just because I live in Denver??
      But I’m the same way….if I’m leaving the house, the lipstick gets swiped on!!

  • Fabulous post and fabulous brand! These colors really look amazing on each of you! Sharing this post.

    • Thanks so much Melissa!! Lipstick makes me look alive—which is a good thing!

  • My mom was just telling me she’d heard older women should only wear a lipstick the same color as their gums. how ridiculous is that? bright colors can look amazing on everyone, and I’m with you, even on a no-makeup day, a swipe of a bright lipstick can do wonders!
    Chic on the Cheap

    • I think your mom and my mom should get together, Lydia!!! My mom will say the same interesting facts, and I always wonder where she comes up with them??!!
      We just need to get them reading more blogs…ha ha!!

  • Sarah Stockley

    I usually go for a natural colour when I wearlipstick – but the times I have gone for a red I always get compliments. Maybe I need to start being more bold? Great colour choices. Sarah #fabFridayPost

    • I truly was the same way, Sarah!! But it’s amazing how the brighter colors add so much to our face!! I’m trying it all this summer, and seeing if there’s really a difference!! You should too!!!

  • Looks like your tip and this post was a huge success. Pinned!!

    I bought a few new lipsticks in the fall after I realized my 90 year old mother’s lip color collection was more impressive and varied than mine. But when I got home and tried my new colors, they were more shear than I hoped. They looked vibrant on the color swatch but were really translucent. I find that lip color can do more for my face than anything else, too, so I need to find some bright colors that stay that way. Heading over to check out Look Fabulous Forever right now.

    • That’s a little funny that your mom had more lipsticks that you did, Leslie!!
      I do think the bright colors are the way to go—we are too fun & vibrant to hide our lips away, right?

  • Anna Marcus

    It is amazing how this small beauty item can transform your face in a flash

    • It’s true—I think it’s way more effective than even mascara!!
      Thanks Anna!!

  • Lipstick is the best, cheapest accessory in the world! You all look lively and so pretty with bright lips. I’m wearing an orange-y red today from Wet and Wild! xox


    • You are exactly right Patti!! It’s like paining a room—an easy, inexpensive huge change!!

  • Amazing isn’t it? What lipstick can do. It makes all the difference with me. To the point where my friends and colleagues ask me to put lipstick on when I forgot to do that haha.
    Your X tip was very handy and so was the video with the primer application.
    I must say you all three look superb.

    • You hit the nail on the head, Greetje!! It really does make a difference. Which is why it surprises me when women say they don’t wear it….

  • Rosy Ferry

    I’m so into vibrant lipsticks, I think they just really finish off a look so well, I love Nancy’s red lip look, red is one of my favourite colours for lips and also, can I just say I love your glasses! They’re gorgeous!

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

    • That’s exactly true Rosy!! They do finish off a look!!!

  • Popofstyle

    I love bright lipstick year round! I’m really loving the fuchsia!

  • Bright lipstick really can make a big difference! I used to wear very soft, pink shades for years, but I have recently noticed (as I’m getting closer to 50…) that that just doesn’t work as well for me anymore. I look much more “alive” in a brighter color!

    The three of you look fabulous in your lipstick colors!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    • That’s exactly how I feel too, Andrea!!! I wonder if it’s the difference of our complexion, or our perspective??

  • I’d like the fuchsia that you’re wearing Jodie. I find that bright lipstick stops me being invisible! But I hardly ever used to wear it, so it’s a bit of a shift for me.

    • That’s exactly me too, Gail!!
      I wonder if it’s because we are older that we feel more comfortable in it?? I know as a youngin’, I’d only wear gloss & light colors!!

  • I really love that dress and those video share! They are so pretty!

  • This is a fantastic post Jodie! I like all the lip colours and how much information there is. I also liked the video. I’m just about to start working with the Fabulous Forever brand myself and I think it all looks very good.

    • Thanks Laurie….I really am surprised at how wonderful the primer worked too!! It’s nice not to have the lipstick bleed into my wrinkles!!

  • I stopped back by to say thanks for joining the Ladies Who Link Up party, Jodie!

  • Rebecca Saffer

    I am a lipstick nut! Love finding new and beautiful shades. I think they do so much to enhance the face. I have dark hair and eyes and a light skin and when my lipstick looks faded, people always ask if I am ok. I think blondes have an easier time without lipstick. I have followed the Look Fabulous Forever website. I think the website owner does such a wonderful job of promoting a pro aging, look good at any age platform and give her much credit. Maybe now I will order some of her products which I have heard are great. The only thing stopping me is the fact that I live in the US and her products are shipped from the UK. You picked the perfect shades for the three of you!

    • This is why we are friends, Rebecca!! I can’t even count how many lipsticks I have….eeekkk!! But I tend to go with the pinks and lighter colors in the summer!! Then the darker reds in the winter. I should maybe change that up??
      I’ve watched many of Look Fabulous Forever videos a couple of years before—they really do a nice job for us older women, don’t they??
      I’m really glad I chose these colors, because I always thought I had a warm complexion—but looking at the colors that look best on me, I guess I’m cool girl—shocking!! Maybe now I’ll pick better makeup??

  • dan

    Right a few days ago I took out my brighter lipstick! The one which I wear when I think I have dull face… It always changes my mood!
    I think that a bright colour is very nice on a lady .
    I like how your mom matched the lipstick to the shirt and Nancy also shows a great nailstyle !
    Lovely fuchsia colour for you…

    • I really think you are right about this Dan!! It always amazes me how color can affect our moods—whether it’s on our clothing or lips!!
      Thanks !!

  • I had to come back to tell you that I tried your tip and it’s amazing!!! Really! I never had such good lips!! Thank you😘😘😘😘

    • I’m glad you think so too!! It was such an “aha” moment for me that I was hoping other women thought so too!!!!!

      • I had the ,,aha,, moment for sure! I never had such a beautiful,,v,, as now!

  • Bright lipsticks are all so fun for summer! Love these on all of you!


  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    Just watched your video with your tip and I’m going to try it this weekend. I don’t wear lipstick everyday, but I do wear it for date nights and my blog photos. Otherwise I’m more of a gloss girl. So, I can use all the advice you can give! ha!


    • I didn’t used to wear much lipstick because it would just come off on the inside of my mask–what a waste!! But now that I’m out and about more, I think the lipstick is the biggest makeup changer. With my glasses, you don’t really notice my eye makeup!!!
      But considering what a big mouth I have, you can’t help but notice the lipstick…ha ha!!

  • With the new Lipsense craze, I started looking at other lipstick options and discovered Kat Van D “Everlasting Liquid Lipstick”. I like it so much better than traditional lipstick because I don’t have to re-apply it all day and it doesn’t come off as easily as traditional lipstick. I love all these bright colors on you ladies!

    • I’ve never tried that Everlasting one….you must love it, Amy??? I do use a couple of long lasting lipsticks occasionally. I know that when I try to use them daily, they dry out my lips too much. Does the Kat one do that?? Of course, part of my problem could be the sun damage I have on my lips….you know—growing up in the 80’s…ha ha

      • I don’t feel they dry out my lips, but it does feel differently on the lips if you’re use to a traditional moist lipstick. It does take some getting use to.


    I love lipstick and used to wear it all the time, but for some reason seldom do now. However, thanks for this post, it has inspired me to start wearing it more often again!!

    • Hi Tania!!! I’ve really gotten lazy about wearing all the makeup that I used to when I was younger. But I feel like the lipstick makes the hugest difference, if I’m only going to put on one thing!! (Of course, maybe that’s because I have such a big mouth..ha ha)

  • Why did I never think of that! I am going to try your tip later!

    • That’s what I said when my niece showed the trick to me!!

  • Lipstick is so fun! I feel like my make up looks incomplete without it. Also, loved your tip in the video!


    • That’s exactly how I feel Liz!! I used to be fine without much color on my lips, but for some reason, now I think faces look so incomplete without it!!

  • Judy Gramith

    Fun! Lipstick does perk up a face for sure!!
    I’ve started just lining my lips with a bit darker shade than my natural shade and then dlng a lip moisture stick like Burt’s Bees or Chapstick in a bit livhter shade in the center. My lips tend to get dry too easily for many long wearing lipsticks.

    • That’s how I feel about the long wearing lipsticks, Jude!! I wondered if it was just me, because I have sun damage on my lips. I can wear them occasionally, just not every day!!
      I love the idea of lining your lips with a darker pencil. I pretty much use the same pencil all the time, but I’m going to try that!!

  • Love the brightness that this lipstick brings to each of you. It also looks faintly glossy and so very pretty ! Fabulous shades for summer , too !
    Xx, Elle

    • Thanks Elle!! I always seem to like the glossier looks, so it’s funny that you said that. i didn’t add gloss over these when we took the photos, but I have done that a couple times at home!!

  • Anne

    I like all the colours even though I only wear lipstick for special occasions. I think that if I matched lipstick with my clothes I may wear it more. I’m off to look at the unaltered faces page now.

    • I think matching the lipstick to what I’m wearing is my first reaction!! It just seems to be so coordinating!! But then it also means I need a lot of different colors, ha ha!!

  • Loving this beauty post! Bright lipstick is my go-to since i don’t wear much makeup. I love how it brightens up my whole face & makes me look more ‘done’

    • That’s exactly what I think Michelle. And I bet people don’t even notice about the rest of our makeup that much!!!
      Thanks and have a great weekend (and happy birthday!!)

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    I love that you showed your tips for applying. I’m a lipstick loonie! Being a redhead, I have to be careful, and I’m cool complected, so no oranges or too much brown for me! I love the stain pens, but they seem to not be available any more. I love other stains, because regular lipstick just disappear. I will check out your links! Yes, I admit to wearing a stain to the gym. Whaddyagonnado??

    • Actually that really surprises me Terri, since you’re such a California casual girl!! Heck, I don’t even put on lipstick to go work out (usually)!!
      I love the stains too (many of the drugstore brands seem to work fine), but if I used them daily, they dry out my lips too much!!

  • Pauline Starsmore

    Just love all of your lipsticks everyone looks so pretty, but lipstick never seems to stay on me very well, I haven’t tried Look Fabulous for Ever lipstick so must try it, I have tried some of their other products,which are very good, especially their face Prime.

    • That’s great to know that you’ve tried their other products Pauline!!
      I admit that this lipstick doesn’t stay on like the stains, but I truly appreciate the primer so I don’t see the bleeding into my wrinkles!! To me, that’s so important!!

  • I love all the shades but big fan of Foxy Lady. Like that shade so much 🙂

  • Love all these shades ladies! One can never underestimate the power of a good lipstick!

  • I don’t usually wear lipstick…but it looks great!

    • Thanks Elizabeth. I didn’t wear it much while I was working because I was always behind a mask!! But now I’m so surprised at how much it adds to the face!!

  • Jocelyn (@ReadingRes)

    I don’t wear lipstick, but you’ve inspired me to do so tomorrow for a change! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

    • It really adds so much, Jocelyn!! Especially if I haven’t taken the time to put on any other makeup—the lipstick takes center stage!!

  • I am all about the bright colors for lipsticks! These are all fabulous shades on you ladies! And I really love the fuchsia color you chose, Jodie. I’ve never used a lip primer either! Sounds like a good idea!

    • You probably don’t need the liner yet, Lindsey. I know I didn’t start noticing the bleeding from my lips into my wrinkles until just a couple of years ago. Oy!!

  • I love bright lipsticks too. These colours all look amazing on you ladies.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Gemma x

  • I always want to wear bright lipsticks, but I don’t feel comfortable in them. I always stick to plums and nudes. All of you ladies look beautiful!

    xx, Elise

    • I used to feel the exact same way, Elise!! Maybe it’ll change as you get older?? I know I really like the bright ones now, and I’m not sure exactly why??

  • You did a great job of picking out the colors for all of you! How did the formula compare to the brands you usually wear?

    • That’s a great question, Darlene! I ended up using a brush to apply it like Tricia said in the video. I’ve never really done that before, but I liked it.
      It didn’t stay on all day, but the primer seemed to work even when I reapplied!! (Except last night in one spot–I must have missed that spot when putting on the primer??)

  • This is a timely article! I don’t wear much make-up b/c I haven’t taken the time to research it. I love Charlotte’s color and so appreciate that make-up for a 70 year old is different than for a 20 year old! Thanks!

    • It does take some research Julia, because it’s true that our skin changes. That’s why I really like Look Fabulous Forever…they have some videos that I watched even years ago (before they contacted me)!!
      I used to never leave the house without makeup, but I have to admit I’ve gotten lazier lately. But I never go without lipstick—it really seems to finish the outfit!!

  • Gorgeous portraits of the three of you! Lipstick does add a glamorous touch! I apply mine in literally two seconds. I usually use plum shades but have been wearing red and pinks to match what I’m wearing, like you said. I make sure my lipsticks (and any beauty products) are not tested on animals. I’ve seen too much cruelty inflicted on these poor creatures, so it’s very important to me.


    • That’s a great aspect too Carmen. I haven’t researched that point yet!!

  • Laura

    I love wearing bright lipstick year round! In summer I gravitate towards pinks and in winter, burgundy and reds. These colors look fabulous on all of you!

    • Thanks Laura!! I think I usually try to match what I’m wearing when I pick out my lipstick color—but maybe I need to nix that idea??

  • Amy D. Christensen

    I always wear something on my lips. I am a big Mary Kay fan. They have a line of lipsticks that are very moisturizing and go on almost like a lip gloss. Thanks for the exposure to another good lip line. I love the bright colors on your gals. They look lovely. Have a great weekend, ladies. – Amy

    • I can’t imagine not wearing lipstick now either, Amy!! I’m sure it’s because it’s a habit. Although when I was working, the lipstick always ended up in side the mask, so I didn’t usually wear anything really bright!!

  • Cathy Lawdanski

    I feel naked without lipstick. I love the bright colors you chose. And I love your video! I am really impressed with the line of products – think I will order the lip primer!

    • I feel the same way now too, Cathy!! Although I didn’t used to wear such bright colors—but I do think they make a huge difference.
      This primer works great. I used to use this wax pencil…but it didn’t seem to help much!! Last night when I was taking off my makeup, there was one area around my lips that the lipstick had bled—I wonder if I missed that area with the primer?? Because everywhere else was perfect….

  • This a great post! I never wore lipstick until just a few years ago. And even now I like a color most of the time that is close to my natural lip color. My lips are not naturally defined so I have trouble keeping lipstick from spreading to my face! Lip liner helps some. You all are wearing lovely colors! Peace!

    • Especially when I was working, I wouldn’t wear very bright colors. The lipstick would end up inside my mask so what was the point!! But since retiring, I’ve gotten more brave about wearing bright colors, and I love how they make your lips really stand out!
      After watching Tricia’s video…I have to admit that it’s been staying where I put it better….who knew??

  • Karen

    Very interesting and I’m going back to check out the page that helps to choose a shade. Like you, when I buy a “miss”, I combine it with something else rather than toss it. I wear lipstick every day, usually something in the color range that your mom has on (love plum shades). Last week I bought a brighter one, more of a cherry color and it is taking some getting used to, but I’ve worn it. It’s fascinating how the same lipstick can look so different just by changing a top! Those faces in the gallery – how fun to look through that! I picked Clara out right away! It’s so encouraging to see the many faces of women who decided it’s important to continue to take care of ourselves and look our best! I’ve really enjoyed your thrift shopping on Instagram! You have found some great pieces!

    • I’ve only started wearing brighter colors in the last year or two, Karen. And I really like them!! I know my glasses tend to take center stage on my face, but now I think I can have the lipstick take over sometimes!! It’s been super fun to experiment!!
      The thrifting was so fun!! In fact, I’ll be one of the hosts for next months #thriftedchicstylechallenge—you should join in, Karen!! You don’t have to post every day, just once if you want!! But you can win a prize too!!

  • Mireille

    Pretty! About the only time I wear makeup is on dates and special occasions and I don’t remember the last time I wore lipstick. I think I still have a tube of it somewhere, lol!

    • This made me laugh Mireille!! I have so many lipsticks in my drawer, I can certainly send some to you!!
      You should put some on one day and see if the boys even notice!!! 🙂