Bright Lipstick for the Summer

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Bright Lipstick for 3 generations

Bright Lipstick for the Summer

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Most of us wear makeup many days, and I’m sure we’ve all been surprised at how some products work differently now that we have gotten better/older!!

So let me introduce you to Look Fabulous Forever. They design and embrace makeup for us older women!! Their philosophy is simply that age is no barrier to looking fabulous. The makeup is considered ‘pro-age’ which means that it is specifically formulated to suit more mature faces, eyes and lips!

And personally, I think that bright lipstick is the biggest finish for any face. Trust me, you’ve seen many a photo of me with no makeup except lipstick and my sunglasses!! Because most of the time, when you are wearing a bright lipstick, that’s what stands out!

Look Fabulous Forever has also put together a gallery of unaltered faces for women over 50! If you fall into this category, Diana would love it if you want to add your face to the gallery too!! Just click over to the site and follow her instructions!!

Look Fabulous Forever was kind enough to send us all a bright lipstick to show to you! I styled each of us in a contrasting colored shirt to that of the lipstick. And then I had us each wear a colored shirt that was a close match to same lipstick color.

Charlotte (70+ model): Wearing Soft Plum Look Fabulous Forever lipstick.

First I started by having my mom wear her soft plum lipstick with a neutral outfit and a red necklace! She only put on one layer of the lipstick for this photo, so that’s why it doesn’t look as dark as the below photo!

I love a bright lipstick when you are wearing neutrals, because then your lips really stand out!

Bright Lipstick

Now here’s that same soft plum lipstick with a shirt that matches it!! I think that grabbing a lipstick that matches your outfit is another way to look put together.

bright lipstick

Nancy (60+ model): Wearing Foxy Lady Look Fabulous Forever Lipstick

For Nancy’s contrasting outfit for her bright lipstick, I had her wear a blue shirt! I realize that most of us don’t wear blue lipstick, so I thought this red shade of lipstick looked wonderful with her pastel blue!

Women over 60 & Bright Lipstick

This is the same Foxy Lady lipstick for Nancy below, but she paired it with an orange shirt to match better!

Look Fabulous Forever with bright lipsticks for summer

Jodie (50+ Model): Wearing Fuchsia Look Fabulous Forever Lipstick

Then, to round out the examples of contrasting items with our lipstick colors, I chose a pastel shirt to go with the fuchsia lip color I received.

Bright Lipstick for Women 50+

And here is that same fuchsia lipstick worn with a bright pink shirt! Of course, the color can look different depending on the lighting, how thick it’s applied and what colors you are wearing with it!!

I should also tell you I tried the lip primer too! You might laugh because I applied it totally wrong at first. And couldn’t figure out why it didn’t work for me! But luckily I finally watched Tricia’s video below and figured out the correct method!! It really made it so the lipstick didn’t bleed into the wrinkles at the end of the day!! What a great product!!

Match your bright lipstick with your outfit

I wanted to include this video of a small trick I learned from my niece, Charlene, about applying lipstick, gloss or pencil to create a defined bow for your lips!



More about Look Fabulous Forever

Have you ever picked out a bright lipstick or any makeup for that matter that just doesn’t look right on you? Well, Look Fabulous Forever does have a page to help you choose the right colors for your makeup! I used this to choose the lipsticks for the 3 of us, and I think they all worked perfectly. I decided that Nancy had a warm skin tone. Since my mom and I have very similar complexions, I chose lipsticks that would work with the cool skin tones for both of us.

They do have a 30 Day Return Policy if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Personally, I’ve bought lipstick that I didn’t love at first, but I know, instead of returning it, I’ve combined it with other colors for a better mix!

I’m also including Tricia’s video to show some great tips about using the primer, and putting on lipstick!! As much as I wear makeup and think I’m a “pro”, I was surprised at how much I learned!

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