Let’s Broach the Fallacy of Arizona Winter-How to Decide Which Clothes You Need

Let’s Broach the Fallacy of Arizona Winter-How to Decide Which Clothes You Need

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Let’s Broach the Fallacy of Arizona Winter-How to Decide Which Clothes You Need

We laugh at the fallacy of what an Arizona winter looks like and many of you did too in my hat post where I showcased my beanies!! Many of you were shocked that I would need such a cold weather hat. I have to admit that it’s been surprising for us too.
PLUS, it brings up a point if you ever move to a different area, how do you decide what clothes you need?

Quote of the day: “Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity.” Albert Einstein

I think we all know that temperatures are relative too!! Let me just say that since moving to Arizona, we have learned that quite well.
The fact is, what is a comfortable temperature in your house?? For some it’s 70 degrees, and for others it’s 75 degrees. Therefore, anything under that temperature is going to feel “cold”. Obviously much below your “comfort temperature” is much colder. But it does get to a point where cold is cold.

Wearing winter clothes for Arizona weather

Facts About Arizona Weather

The fact is Arizona is a desert. What that means is there is regularly a 30 degree difference from the morning temperatures to the afternoon temperatures. In the summer when it gets to 115 degrees, that means the mornings it has cooled off to 85 degrees. Sure, that’s much cooler, but it’s still darn hot for the morning.

However, let’s talk about the “winter” Arizona weather. For the time that we have lived here, our temperatures have ranged in the afternoons at 50-60 degrees. While that’s much warmer than most Colorado days, that also means that in the mornings it is easily 30 degrees or below.

PLUS, it’s still below my comfort level of my house temperature. Besides there are different areas in Arizona to consider. For example, when the family traveled up to Sedona for Christmas, it was basically the same temperatures as Denver. COLD!! That’s why in our photo above, you see hats, gloves and coats!
Why is Sedona colder?? Because it’s at a higher elevation. In fact, did you know there is skiing in Flagstaff, Arizona? And there are many “mountainous” areas that we fled to this summer to find cooler weather.

The fact of the matter is, if you look at where Phoenix, Arizona is on the map latitudinally, then you’ll realize it’s quite a bit north of many other places we think of as H.O.T. See below. Phoenix is north of much of Texas and all of Florida.

Our Personal Experience

If you know me, then you know I am “always” cold. Because of this you may not believe me. Therefore I asked both Charlotte and Lesley their opinions about this fallacy of Arizona weather (in fact, it was Lesley who came up with that title).

Both women have a heated mattress pad that they use to warm up their beds at night (I used to have one of these wonderful inventions before I married Rob). Even when your house temperatures is set to 70 degrees, you can feel the coldness through the windows and such.

As for clothing, the winter is the time to get out and explore since it’s not so hot. Yet even at 50 or 60 degrees, bare skin can be chilly. Therefore, coats, hats, boots and scarves are essential. Even my husband will concur with that.

Personally, my mom gave away many coats and boots when we moved. The problem was we came out here to look at places to live in July when it was over 100 degrees. So when we went home to pack, that heat was what we remembered and couldn’t imagine it otherwise.
Lesley, luckily had been out here many times in the winter, and has a friend here, so she knew better.
As for myself, I did purge some of my winter things, but luckily I kept most of my handknit sweaters. (Both of the sweaters that I’m showing were handknit by me).

Handknit sweater

Which Clothes to Keep

If you ever move to a different region, it’s hard to know which clothing you’ll need and not need. But keep these tips in mind.

1-Just because you live in a place, doesn’t mean you won’t travel to other areas. It’s good to have a variety of clothing for travelling.
2-Ask people who live there what they wear during the year. YET, remember your definition of cold and hot is relative.
3– I heard many people say, keep most of your clothes and wait to decided what to purge after living there at least a year.
4-Don’t stress. I think the best thing to remember is clothes are only “things”. If you need to buy another coat, it’s not the end of the world.

Fallacy of Arizona Weather

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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