Brooks’ Tunics

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Sheer Material for Brook's Tunics

Brooks’ Tunics

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I’d like to introduce you to a local, Denver designer, Brooks Luby! Brooks has a long history with designing and retail in our town, and she’s starting a store that you can see now and buy now. And there’s a video of us wearing the longer versions of these tunics at the end of this post!! Enjoy!

In Brooks words:

“I’ve been able to dress all generations in Brooks LTD ensembles—Brides, Mother of the Bride, Red Carpet Ready Gowns and Gala Gowns—in formal event wear and in practical lifestyle collections.

I like what I design. Even though, I am not a Bride or a Grandmother, I do like to dress up and wear my designs.

I love fabrics, that is the driving force for my designs. I am lucky that I am able to execute my vision from start to finish having full control of each aspect.”

Brook's Tunics with all Different Colors

“In the beginning back in 1972 I was enthusiastic about creating beautiful luxurious women’s clothing.

After many evolutions of that vision, I still am nourishing my passion for sophisticated style.

I’ve owned four brick and mortar locations in well traveled retail environments. I have currently branched out on my own in a private by appointment only studio (my atelier).”

The Tunics:

These tunics are from The Town & Country Collection. Why, you ask? Because they can be dressed up for a night on the town, or dressed down with boots and jeans. You can wear them in the country (or mountains) or in the town (or city).

This original tunic design is something that Brooks herself wears quite a bit. Which made her think that other women would appreciate them. They are limited edition tunics in a lightweight mesh fabric that drapes and feels like chiffon. One size fits most, and they are washable and pack without wrinkling.

There are more variations than just the ones we are wearing so make sure to click over to Brooks’ Shop. Once on the Facebook page, click on the “see all” under the shop portion! If you are local, then you can also come right over to her studio in downtown Denver, to her open house on Saturday, November 4 from 11 AM to 4 PM.

3 Generations for Brook's Tunics

Jodie’s (50+) Short Tunic: There are 4 different materials available for the tunics. Also, short and long lengths are available for these pieces.

This first short version is the paisley one that is a dark purple hue.

Brook's Tunics for Women over 50

You can see how it’s a sheer material, and that I have a short sleeve, black t-shirt under it.

Brook's Tunics Designed for Midlife women

Jodie’s (50+) Long Tunic: The long tunic I’m wearing, is in the blue print.

Brook's Tunics made for Women

This one is the same pattern as the shorter tunic with the cowl neck and ruffled edges.

Longer Brook's Tunics for 50+ Women

Nancy’s (60+) Short Tunic: You can see that Nancy is wearing the shorter version tunic in the blue print.

Brook's Tunics for 60+ Women

Nancy is wearing a black tank top under her tunic so you can see how the entire piece is sheer. Therefore, you could even wear a long sleeve shirt under it or even a turtleneck in the colder months.

Brook's Tunics made for real women

Nancy’s (60+) Long Tunic: Nancy chose to wear the paisley print for the longer tunic version.

Brook's Tunics for Women over 60

The neckline of this item is a cowl in the front, but it’s flat in from the back. The hemline is  longer in back also.

Brook's Tunics Worn for Everyday

Charlotte’s (70+) Short Tunic: My mom’s short tunic is a square print in a grey and black.

She is wearing a blue tank top under it, but you can see how just changing the shirt under the tunic, could change the overall look.

Brook's Tunics for Women over 70

All of these shorter tunics have a cowl neck in the front. It drapes nicely and doesn’t feel constricting.

Brook's Tunics and Casual Day

Charlotte’s (70+) Long Tunic: This longer tunic has an exposed zipper in the front.

You can see in the video below that you can leave it open, or zip it all the way up. This time my mom wore a red tank top under the tunic to go with her red leggings.

Longer Brook's Tunics for Women 70+

This print is the squiggles print, that Brooks herself is wearing in the top photos only in the shorter version.

Brook's Tunics with Bright Colors


I also wanted to show you around Brooks’ Studio because it’s such an interesting place.

Brook's Tunics at her Studio

This building used to be an upholstery manufacturing building back in the day. Brooks always says it’s so appropriate for her business!

Brook's Tunics in the dressing room


Brook's Tunics

Brooks has been know to get much of her fabric and material in New York and Paris when she travels abroad. It’s always such a joy to look around her place and see all of the textures and designs!

Brook's Tunics and the materials

Brook's Tunics at her studio

Thanks to my fabulous husband, Rob, for being such a great photographer. What would we do without him?

Brook's Tunics behind the scenes

See Now Buy Now

If you are interested in these versatile tunics, visit Brooks page on her site! This is a limited edition collection available with these prints at this time. But hopefully, we will show her that it’s a perfect design, and there could be more to come in the future.

Brook's Tunics in the Longer Version



Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know! If you have any questions about these tunics for Brooks, then feel free to message her on her Facebook page!

This is considered a sponsored post. We did not keep the merchandise, but I was paid for my time in taking the photos and creating the blog post.

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