Relatable Ways to Style Burgundy and Pink Together

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Updated 9-28-22

Styling burgundy and pink together should be an easy option since they are both different shades of red. Join the three of us as we show some relatable ways to put this color combination together.

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Quote of the day: “The essence of genius is to know what to overlook.” William James

The “it” color for the season depends on who you’re listening to and what you’re reading. But there is a lot of burgundy being shown lately and I think it’s a great color, especially for the colder months.

Styling burgundy and pink
1- Burgundy and pink with grey
2-With black and white
3-White with the two colors
4-More inspiration

One of my favorite ways to put colors together is with contrasting colors. Yet you can choose different shades of the same color to do this. Just like with burgundy and pink. They work well together

The burgundy pieces I picked for the three of us are a cardigan, a blouse, and a vest. And then I tried to vary the shades of pink to give you even more inspiration. My pink is a light pink, Nancy’s is a brighter pink and moms is a very soft pink.

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Styling Burgundy and Pink With Grey

Burgundy for the 50's. 60's & 70's.
Sweater: Simply Vera~~Skirt: J. Crew-thrifted ~~Top: Mac & Jac ~~Shoes: Newport News

The easiest way to coordinate two colors together is to throw in a neutral. And light grey can be a great neutral for the fall season.

For my accessories, I tried something different and used a pin at the top of my cardigan to close the sweater!

Burgundy for the 50's. 60's & 70's.

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Black & White

Burgundy for the 50's. 60's & 70's.
Blouse: Limited~~Pants: Liz Claiborne ~~Cardigan: Hampshire Studio ~~Shoes: American Eagle

Two colors look equally as good when you use a neutral item that is printed like Nancy’s black and white pants.

She accessorized with a gold necklace and earrings.

Burgundy for the 50's. 60's & 70's.

Styling Burgundy and Pink With White

Burgundy for the 50's. 60's & 70's.
Vest: Del Bene ~~Skirt: Mom made it ~~Top: Jones New York ~~Shoes: Paradox

White is a bright neutral that can lighten up any color combination. I had my mom layer a white, long-sleeve t-shirt under her vest, and she was good to go.

For Charlotte’s accessories, I had her wear this scarf in order to add some print to the entire look. The bracelet is garnets since they are her birthstone and she has a bunch in her jewelry drawer.

Burgundy for the 50's. 60's & 70's.

More Inspiration with Burgundy

We have styled these exact same burgundy pieces with white and light blue to showcase how the color can be worn in so many ways.

But make sure to check out other options we have worn with burgundy.
1-With a sheer burgundy material
2-For autumn
3- Lime green is a color you wouldn’t have thought of but turned out fabulous.

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