Can an Online Virtual Stylist be Effective for Older Women?

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Grey classic cardigan

Can an Online Virtual Stylist be Effective for Older Women?

I do think an online virtual stylist can be effective for women of all ages. Granted there are tips and tricks to make this venture more successful. I’ll review many of those ideas later this week.

Quote of the day: “I wish that we worried more about asking the right questions instead of being so hung up on finding answers.” Madeleine L’Engle

Lesley is here with her Fashom box review and thoughts. This is a sponsored post yet I’m including all of the truth from not only Lesley’s point of view but also Rob’s and mine.

My Fashom box was very successful. And I’d like to point out that it’s truly a no risk venture since EVERYONE’s first box doesn’t have a styling fee.

Make sure to check out Charlotte’s box. Along with the post where I explain some important tips to make any clothing box more successful.

How Do They Know What to Send

Fashom has an interesting process where you actually get to speak with your stylist so they can include more of your personality into the system.

It may come as no surprise to you that Lesley’s adjectives to describe herself were conservative and classic along with loving the Chico’s brand. In fact, you might remember that Lesley said she was a boring straight arrow back in her younger days when we styled boho pieces.

Knowing that, you can see why most of these pieces were sent in Lesley’s Fashom box. The other nice feature is you are able to have a say in the pieces sent to you. You choose 5 items out of 7 before the box is shipped. Or heck, you can request everything to be different.

The Good & Bad About the Blue Top

Blue outfit with an online virtual stylist

When we first saw this top in the email, I thought it was a chambray shirt. But it’s not. It’s more of a linen blend. And even though there were some fun details on the sleeves and back, it just didn’t turn Lesley’s crank.

Verdict: Lesley returned this top. Not because anything was wrong with it.

The Good & Bad About the Burgundy Top & Leggings

Outfits for fall in Arizona

Does the Material Make a Difference to You?

This is one of those tops that will work with so many outfits. The color is lovely on Lesley and she was over the moon in how soft is was. It reminds me of my burgundy sweater from my Fashom box.

Lesley wasn’t sure about the shape for her. She worried that it made her look pregnant and was too short. Both Rob and I thought it was a nice swing shape.

After we took these photos, I had her try it on over a white blouse. It had that same effect as my blue striped top that was in my Fashom box. And made her realize that it was more versatile than originally thought.

Verdict: Lesley did purchase this top and I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of it.

Are you a Pocket Lover?

I hear so many women rave about an item that has pockets. And you don’t find many leggings that have this feature. These leggings were almost a jean material and actually fit very well as you can see in the photos below.

They were the right length and everything. The only problem was the rise was too low. Not that it was super low. But enough that when Lesley would stand up after sitting, she’d need to hike up the leggings. And that can be annoying. And isn’t something that can be altered.

Verdict: Lesley did not keep the leggings. One because of the rise issue, but also she said she doesn’t wear leggings much (which I had to laugh about because she grabbed grey leggings to wear with the other pieces below).

The Good & Bad About the Striped Top and Cardigan

I just love how Lesley added a print, floral scarf to the striped top and cardigan as her accessory. Lesley has MANY scarves in her collection and this is such a great way to elevate a look with some print mixing. Heck, we tried this trick on the blog in the past but not with the prints so close together. I’m going to steal this idea.

Outfit put together with help from an online virtual stylist

Doesn’t Everyone Need a Classic Grey Cardigan

This is the classic style cardigan that we all grew up loving and wearing. In fact, Nancy, Charlotte and I wore them on the blog last fall. While most of us wear them unbuttoned, this cardigan seemed too small to wear it closed. At least by itself.

Lesley commented that it was very soft.

Verdict: Lesley sent back the cardigan. While it looked great with the top and especially this scarf, she said she just doesn’t wear cardigans much. That and the fact is was too small to wear buttoned.

Adding Interest to a Striped Top

Lesley has a couple of striped tops already in her closet. Which made her like this one since she’s comfortable styling them. Yet as much as she liked the added interest with the embroidery on the side and sleeve, she was worried that would make it harder to style.

Of course, I had to add in my two cents by asking her how she’d wear it most of the time. If she was layering a jacket over it, then you wouldn’t see the embroidery anyways.

Since she normally wears scarves as her “accessory piece” she thought a scarf and the embroidery would compete. I had to disagree.

Verdict: After much deliberating, Lesley decided to keep this top as part of our collaboration agreement. I have a feeling she will wear it more than she thinks.

How Would Lesley Rate this Online Virtual Stylist Shopping Experience

Lesley reported to me that she was impressed with the quality of the pieces along with the sizing. Yet she doubts she will use the service again. Only because she is a very tactile person as well as an impulse shopper. She loves to “go” shopping and to touch and see the items. Having someone select the pieces for her seemed strange. Although I do think that 2 out of 5 pieces for a first time experience is pretty successful.

However, she liked the service enough that she plans to recommend it to some friends and even her daughter who is not a shopper per se. Therefore even if this isn’t something for you, maybe it would be great for a friend. Because you can also give the gift of style this year with a Fashom gift card!

Both Rob and I talked about Lesley’s items after taking the photos. We both thought that everything was a good match for her. But I do understand where she is coming from because I’ve seen her shop. She and my mother are queens of shopping and getting great deals.

The nice feature of the Fashom box is you can request your pieces to be under $50. And all of these items were.

Working with an online virtual stylist

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

The Facts

This is a sponsored post by Fashom. Which means Fashom sent us the boxes to review, and I was paid to write these posts. I always appreciate it when small companies support my blog, and they appreciate your support. It’s truly a win/win for everyone.

I was not paid to write a positive review; this is Lesley’s true and honest opinion of the service. In fact, I contracted that we could each keep one item out of our box, yet we all bought extra. Stick around later in the week for the tips to make it successful for you also.

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