Can Facebook Groups Really Inspire Us? Happy Forever Fierce Day!

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Fiercecon started by Facebook groups

Can Facebook Groups Really Inspire Us? Happy Forever Fierce Day!

How do you feel about Facebook groups? I know many of my friends still don’t embrace social media much, and I get it. There’s a ton of hoopla about the bad aspects of it all. Then again, the past media of newspapers and magazines were not always better if you know their backstories.

Quote of the day: “The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.” Confucius

I’ve written about the advantage of social media before. We’ve all heard the bad points; however, it’s like anything. I believe it’s how you use it and who you interact with on the platforms. I like to compare it to the bars of the 80’s. Sure, there were tons of “weird” people at the bars, but we’ve also heard the marriages where the couples met at the bar.

One of my thoughts is if we only hang around the same people our entire life, do we ever grow? Then again, is it important to grow? I am one of those people that think we should all continue to evolve. I love who I am, but I also don’t want to be that old lady who yells “Hey kids, get off my lawn.”

That’s where Facebook groups, social media and being open to new ideas really tickle my fancy. If you read my highlight post of each month, then you know that my favorite part is meeting “new” friends. Most of these friends are a connection because of some social media, including this blog.

Insider tip: If you are interested to meet new friends or even finding cool places, that’s what hashtags are for. For me, I have looked at #AZliving or #Arizonalife.

Love is in the air

We All Have a Story

I swear that every woman I meet has such an interesting story. That is the advantage of getting older. The hills and valleys make us who we are. And those experiences creates “us”.

I’ll give you a little of my story. I’m an only child. Which means I had very little conflict and resolution growing up with kids my own age. Therefore I tended to be a people pleaser.
My first husband was abusive. You don’t know hard hard that is for me to say. Why? Because I always considered myself too smart and strong for something like that to happen. Let’s just say it taught me empathy. Luckily, I did not succumb to some of my escape plans at that time of my life. I shared some of that story in an Instagram post.

Enter my husband, Rob who is truly my soul mate. Would I appreciate him as much if I hadn’t been married before? Doubtful. While our life isn’t perfect, it’s certainly perfect for us.
Yet my career was stressful, and I felt like the world was on my shoulders. I’ve always been a serious person, and while that has good aspects, I don’t think I really knew how to be young and free.

Retiring helped with that, yet even thinking about clothes and styling, I was still in the throes of the “rules”. You know those rules? The ones that say if you are short, you shouldn’t wear this. Or a respectable person shouldn’t wear that. It truly wasn’t until I started exploring the internet that I started thinking differently.

When many women meet and get inspired

Fast Forward to Finding Facebook Groups

I think the very first Facebook group I joined was Going Grey Gracefully. Not because I have much grey but because I was still on the fence if I would dye or not. Seeing these women embrace the natural grey was certainly something to aspire too. Although I’m not dissing dying our hair either. We all have our own journey.

Somehow I also found Catherine and her group which was called the Fierce 50 at the time (it’s now been changed to the Forever Fierce Revolution). Now, don’t laugh, but my first impression of Catherine was not the best one. This woman was a beach babe, and probably had no brains in her head. (See? I can be catty at times). But the more I read her message about midlife and learned her back story, the more I realized we had a ton in common.

Insider Fact: It’s human nature to judge someone when you first “see” them. Fine. But take the time to learn more before you brush someone off or “categorize” them.

I hope you’ll check out Catherine’s recent post about the two of us. Her photographer really knows how to make us look good. And Catherine? She has a way with words. You’ll also love to see the behind the scenes when we were filming a Boomerang!!

Catherine and I had so much in common that I even became one of the administrators of our Forever Fierce group. It’s not a group for everyone. We always say “No mean girls allowed”. It’s a group that spreads kindness and help. Even when there are differences of opinion.

FierceCon a group about kindness

What is Forever Fierce Day?

Our Forever Fierce group has many events and projects. Why? Because we want to celebrate and connect with one another. Many of you might remember some of my posts about FierceCon. Describing FierceCon is like describing my favorite dessert. Hard to put my finger on the specifics but it makes me feel warm and happy inside.

We have posted campaigns as part of this special day meant to include non bloggers and even younger women. If you ask to be part of our Facebook group and then visit the page, you might see fashion posts, women who have put their shields down and what they’ve learned, and especially this month you’ll see posts about heart health.

So this day, Forever Fierce Day, February 19, is the 50th day of the year. It’s meant to symbolize that being 50 (or any age that you consider midlife) is empowering. We are a group that have created a safe space through a heart-centered community to all women at midlife and beyond. Too touchy and feely for you? I get it, because I wasn’t sure about it either. Until I became part of the admin group and witnessed how connecting with like minded women, really does feed our soul.

Meeting women from Facebook groups

Friends are The Chocolate Chips in the Cookies of Life

No, I didn’t come up with that saying. One of my high school friends, gave me a pillow once with this quote, and it’s SO true.

For example, in the photo above with Catherine and I, is Rena. Before I had ever met Rena, she offered to pick Rob and I up at the airport when we were planning the first Forever Fierce get together in LA. I was blown away with that kindness. And being introduced to that level of generosity only makes me want to be the same way.

As for Catherine. she is a gem. She has big and amazing ideas of how to change society’s view on aging. Her writing is everything I want to say but don’t know how to express it. While she came up with the idea to start the Forever Fierce group, she will always tell you it take a village to keep it going.

I credit Catherine with so much of my evolved thinking. Am I fierce? I would never have been able to say yes before meeting her. To me, the word FIERCE is awfully bold and out there. Then again, I’ve read many articles where women complain of being invisible once they get older. Let me just say that I choose Fierce instead of invisible! Did you know one of the definitions of fierce is “showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity?” That’s our group in a nutshell.

How Facebook groups can be inspiring

Are Facebook Groups For You?

Of course the question if Facebook groups are right for you, certainly depends on what you want. You can join a group and do nothing with it. It’s no different than some of the clothes we purchase that hang in our closet and never get worn.

Or you can check in on the group occasionally and see how it can help you. Does it give you ideas, inspiration or anything positive? Because if it doesn’t, I would leave the group. If there are Facebook groups that really float your boat, you might want to get more involved. Ask how you can help or contribute. Why? Because you have a story too, and your story could be inspiring to others.

Insider tip: Remember a Facebook group is only made up of humans. To create relationships, it’s nice to comment or reach out to the people in the group from time to time.

Great messages on the back of these blazers. “Love is the answer” and “Gratitude”. Check out my Instagram post today to see what else we did while wearing them!

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo and Mike Castagna

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