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Can You Look Chic Yet Be Covered? Modest Summer Wear

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There are many reasons to think about modest summer wear. It seems the opposite of what we style normally in this day and age, however, it can be smart for many reasons.

Quote of the day: “It is sometimes expedient to forget what you know.” Publilius Syrus

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This week all 4 of us will join along for modest summer wear and I will share the REAL reason why we dressed this way in Lesley’s post. But for now, let us explore how this concept can be the smartest way to choose a summer outfit.

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Reasons for Modest Summer Wear

Even though society permits us to be uncovered now, it can be functionally smart to be covered. And yes, you can still look chic when you aren’t showing a lot of skin.

But let’s talk about the reality and reasons you might want to consider modest summer wear
1-It’s scientifically proven that you are cooler if the sun is NOT hitting your skin.
Don’t believe me? Then take a look at any outdoor workers especially here in Arizona. They wear hats that cover the back of their necks, long sleeves, and long pants.
2-You, don’t have to worry about applying as much sunscreen.
Sure, we are all in the habit of slathering on the sunscreen, but ever miss a spot or have it rub off over the course of the day? By wearing our modest summer wear, you don’t have as many exposed body parts to cover.

Insider tip: Looking for more natural sunscreens? I have a list from high-end to bargain ones.

3-If you are traveling to countries where you need to cover up. Even though you are used to exposing body parts, this may not be tolerated in places like Lebanon, Egypt, India, and United Arab Emirates. This would include visiting religious places of worship.
4-If you are unhappy with your body. While I like to promote “body love”, I realize that not everyone is on the same part of their journey that I am. Therefore, having modest summer wear can be easier to handle.

White maxi skirt and chambray shirt

Skirt: St. John Bay-thrifted at Goodwill~~ Top: Target-thrifted at Goodwill~~ Shoes: Grazie~~ Purse: Aldo-thrifted at Goodwill

Cathie’s Modest Summer Wear

Cathie chose a white, cotton maxi skirt to cover her legs and her long-sleeve chambray shirt. The combinations came together wonderfully with some styling details and accessories.

You may feel frumpy when you are fully covered in the warmer weather, but in reality, it’s not much different than covering up in the winter to stay warm. Adding in fun elements can make you go from frumpy to chic!!

Let’s explore some of the details that pull this modest outfit together.

Black purse with white and blue

Modern and Statement Extras

Any kind of extras can go a long way to creating a more chic look. It’s following the concept that you are creating focal points for the eyes and giving the outfit personality.

One fabulous element of this look is the black fringe purse. The fringe element gives a boho and young vibe. Who knew a purse could be so powerful as part of a look??
But especially when you choose a purse that is a totally different color, or it has pizzazz, you are saying that you are sassy too!!

Insider tip: If the fringe seems too long, it’s easy to cut it to the length you prefer. And it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just look at how some of the ones for sale have differing lengths.

Cathie’s other elements are her belt and her wonderful jewelry.

Who Can Wear a Belt?

I believe anyone can wear a belt no matter what their body shape or size. As a promoter of “loving our bodies as is”, a belt can finish off a look and tie the top and bottom pieces together.
It can also break up two pieces that don’t match perfectly or are too overwhelming together.

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In Cathie’s example, her incredibly blingy belt is a fabulous addition to her modest summer wear. What I love is how it ties together the silver earrings and bling from her sandals. You would never look at that belt and think frumpy!!

Jewelry for Summer

Cathie wore a mixture of silver, black and turquoise jewelry that coordinates wonderfully with her clothing choices.

The turquoise necklace is a subtle addition since it blends in with the chambray shirt. Which is a nice touch since the silver earrings act as the statement around her face.

Then she added both silver and black bracelets along with a silver watch. The silver bracelet and watch coordinate with the silver earrings and belt. Then the black bracelet gives a nod to the black purse.

Covering up with modest summer wear

Chambray Shirt

A chambray shirt is one of those pieces that I consider essential just like a white shirt. Chambray is a lighter version of a denim shirt, and because denim is worn with absolutely anything that means you can wear a chambray shirt with anything.

Insider tip: If you have a pair of pants or skirt that you struggle with what to wear with it, consider pulling out a chambray shirt. It’s especially helpful if you are trying to make the outfit seem more casual.

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There are many shapes and styles of chambray shirts now, so I believe there is one for everyone. Don’t forget you can roll up the sleeves to make it the right arm length.
And there are a light wash, medium wash and darker wash ones just like we have for our jeans.

White Maxi Skirt

The other foundational item of this modest summer look is Cathie’s white maxi skirt. Maxi skirts are the perfect way to cover your legs, yet stay cool in the summer. And the fact that this maxi is white, gives off a wonderful summer vibe.

Insider tip: For functional purposes, the best length for a maxi is one that is one that sits at the top of your ankles OR above. It’s pretty to have them long enough to cover your feet, but that can make it hard to climb stairs or it can get caught up when you are getting up.

Sandals for summer

Sandals for Summer

Even if you are covering up your legs and arms in the summer, you can expose your tootsies to help feel summery.
The platform flip-flops have been around a while, and Cathie thinks she’s had these for almost 10 years.

Insider tip: It’s very helpful to alternate our footwear daily. In fact, I’ve read many articles that say that wearing flip-flops daily can result in overworked tendons and an overstressed arch (article by an orthopedic surgeon)

The style of your sandals can add a lot of charm and personality to your look, so don’t always opt for the plain ones!

Women over 40 in modest summer wear

More Modest Summer Wear Ideas

There are other ways to create modest summer outfits and not be covered from head to toe.
1-I love Halftees to provide coverage without the bulk as shown in these 5 examples.
2-Your maxi skirt can have slits in it as shown here.
3-Wide leg pants can provide coverage without being tight and too warm.

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Modest summer wear

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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