Can You Wear Hot Pink in the Fall?

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Can You Wear Hot Pink in the Fall?

The question of can you wear hot pink in the fall is an easy one. I think we’ve all heard over and over how white can be worn all year long. And I truly think that’s the case for any color nowadays. Sure, we tend to gravitate towards the rust and fall colors when the weather cools down. But I think it’s fun to incorporate spring and summer colors too.

Quote of the day: “I use not only all the brains I have, but all I can borrow.” Woodrow Wilson

This is the kind of quote that reminds me of blogging in the first place. The inspiration we can get from other’s outfits and style is one way of evolving. Sometimes it’s the combination of pieces we already have. Sometimes it’s a new trend. And for today, hopefully it’s the answer to can you wear hot pink in the fall?

Granted any shade of pink would be fun for the autumn season. For example, Charlotte wore all kinds of pink in her look. I chose a more muted palette of colors. But don’t forget to check out the different color combinations for pink from other times on the blog.

Can you wear hot pink in the fall

Pants: Chicos ~~ Top: Chicos ~~Shoes: Liz Claiborne ~~Scarf: thrifted ~~Necklace: ~~Purse:

Can You Wear Hot Pink in the Fall? Lesley says Yes

Styling the question of can you wear hot pink in the fall

When I asked Lesley about how she feels about pink, her response was, “What can I say? I’m easily seduced by colors.” She doesn’t have much “baby pink” in her closet, but quite a bit of the deep, saturated jewel tones of pink.

It’s that prime example of finding the colors that look best on you and sticking to those. There are many ways to go about finding your best colors, and I even talked about the pros and cons of a couple of online versions. While most of us can figure out some on our own, it’s also great to be open to other people’s suggestions.


Like I said in Charlotte’s post, it was a little funny when we all showed up with scarves as part of our outfits. What I really like about Lesley’s addition of a scarf, is she layered it over a longer necklace. Then you have the length of the long necklace, and a great colored piece by your face.

This scarf was one that Lesley picked up at Goodwill when we went for National Thrift Day just earlier this year. The best part is she won a gift card for being there that day, so basically this scarf was free. One thing she likes is that it will look different depending on how she folds it because of the combination of colors.

I know some women stress about how to “tie” their scarf. But the thing is, usually your scarf is so pretty, that you don’t want to do much with it. Just wrap it and go.

Asymmetrical Top

Asymmetrical top in hot pink

Let’s talk about the magic of an asymmetrical top. Or asymmetrical anything. I’m not sure there are any research studies touting how the different lines in a piece like this work. Yet to me, the interesting cut says “hey, I’m fascinating.”

Granted this works even with a more subtle asymmetrical top or even a dress.

My mom has a top with this kind of hemline that I twisted her arm to get. The funny thing is I don’t have many like this. Hmmm…I think I should add that to my list for when I’m out shopping. I talked about having a list like this on one of my thrift store tips post.

Neutral Shoes

Brown pants and tan heels

Lesley was saying that she normally stays away from heels at this stage of her life. Yet this pair is surprisingly comfortable and she can be on her feet for more than a half hour in these.

Pink and Brown

Neutrals and hot pink

So I think Lesley has quelled the question of can you wear hot pink in the fall. She’s made it work wonderfully with the brown pants. In fact, brown is one of those colors that you think about more in the autumn months. Pairing it with the hot pink works fabulously.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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