Colorful tunic for older women

Capri Style: Wearing Bright Colors for Valuable Impact

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Colorful tunic for older women

Capri Style: Wearing Bright Colors for Valuable Impact

Wearing bright colors can be a recipe for success. Especially since certain styles of clothing get a bad wrap, and capris are definitely one of those styles. Because there is a non stop barrage of articles that say capris are something that constitutes frumpiness, the three of us decided to see how to prove they can be stylish. You saw Lesley’s idea here with a wow piece and myself with a crop top.

Quote of the day: “The one important thing I have learnt over the years is the difference between taking one’s work seriously and taking oneself seriously. The first is imperative and the second disastrous.” Margot Fonteyn

This quote could be directed to me for much of my life. I was always so serious about everything, and have only recently learned to have more fun and not take myself seriously. The reason I bring this up is that I was among the people who believed that capris weren’t fashionable.
In fact, I had very few casual, summer things to wear because I also believed it wasn’t professional to wear shorts!!

That’s why we should learn some tricks to make almost ANYTHING work for us and our body. Charlotte is showing how wearing bright colors can make a pair of capri pants fun and fabulous!! She even includes a memory from her past along with what she thinks about them.

Charlotte and Capris

Shorten a dress to be a tunic

Capri pants: Ethyl c/o~~ Top: Cuddy Studio ~~ Shoes: Dream Paris-thrifted ~~ Earrings: Frannie & Elinor– a gift~~ Purse: thrifted

My mom tells me that as a teenager, she and her friends loved capri pants and called them pedal pushers. I realize that the terminology of anything changes over time and maybe some of the details.
Many women get stuck on the point about what something is called, yet in reality it’s no different. Call them whatever you want, and I still believe you can make them look good.

As a master seamstress, Charlotte admits that the only way she would consider them frumpy is if they are ill fitting. Truthfully that would be the case for any item.
Now that we are living in Arizona, my mom has collected many pairs of capri pants in different colors and prints since the weather is often over 100 degrees in the summer. Most older women have given up wearing shorts, so capris provide a great way to have more coverage yet stay cool.

Pink for older women

How Wearing Bright Colors Make a Valuable Impact

The idea of wearing bright colors is visual stimulation. In fact, at our event this day, Charlotte received compliment after compliment on her colorful outfit. There are many, many psychological studies about color and how it affects our mood (and the mood of those who see us), so it’s no surprise that the compliments were many.

And for those of you who love the idea of matching, this outfit is full of pinks and oranges, yet there are 3 different prints that make it more advanced!

Personally I also think wearing bright colors is a great way to basically camouflage something else. For instance if you worry about these capris being the wrong length or not looking wonderful, then the colorful tunic takes center stage instead.

Insider tip: This tunic was sent to me from a friend I’ve only met on Instagram named D’Arcy. There are truly nice people in this world!! D’Arcy sent me two, so I gave one to my mom.
It started off as a dress with an open shoulder detail, so my mom shortened it to be a tunic and closed the openings.
Little “fixes” like that can be an easy way to make something work for you!

Adding More to Accessories

While the accessories can be enough as they are, there are also ways to change them up.
For example this straw hat. I let my mom borrow it for the day, and the pompoms were hot glued on to give it some interest.

The same holds true with the clear purse. Clear purses are great for going to events when they want to search your bag, but for a regular day, maybe you don’t want everyone to see inside it? Tying the scarf ends around the handles creates a beautiful “inside” while showing off the scarf!

Mixing prints wearing bright colors
Wearing bright colors with capris

Floral Shoes

I love the idea of finding fun print shoes, especially for the summer. My mom discovered this pair while thrifting and has worn them many times. Since we were walking around a craft fair this day, she added in her Soul Insoles for some added support.

Insider tip: Those Soul Insoles can be reused and switched from shoes to shoes.

Staying cool by wearing bright colors

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Wearing bright colors with capri pants

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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