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Cardigan Season 2023-2024 But Make It Unique

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When the weather gets colder and we need to start layering, I call that cardigan season. I consider these pieces of clothing something that we all have in our closets, but for this 2023-2024 cardigan season, let’s think about unique and different ways to wear them than the ways we have in the past.

Quote of the day: “If you worry about yesterday’s failures, then today’s successes will be few.” Anonymous

One of my favorite mottos is that we are the boss of our clothes. Even though you buy an item and categorize it a certain way, doesn’t mean you can’t change it up.
And change it up we will.

That’s why I thought it would be fun to explore some ways to make this upcoming cardigan season fun and fabulous.
Charlotte, Lesley, and I are showing 3 examples, but there are even more if you remember that a cardigan is just a piece of material sewn together in a certain way.

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Cardigans are definitely a basic for any woman so you might want to check out some of the other times we’ve styled them.

2023-2024 Cardigan Season

For the past 10 years or so, we have seen the upswing of long cardigans. Part of that was because of the slimmer silhouettes for the bottom half of our outfits (think skinny jeans and leggings).

Little by little, the push has been towards a looser and bigger silhouette for the lower half (think wide-leg jeans and cargo pants). Because of that, a shorter and tighter fit for cardigans is more popular.

I think it’s important to know the trends, but I don’t believe in being a slave to them. Sure, we can still wear our long cardigans, as we did in the past. Like hopefully you were still wearing your shorter cardigans throughout these last 10 years because you didn’t throw them out.

Cardigan season should mean that you can wear all your fun clothes! So I had the three of us pull out older cardigans and wear them in ways you might not have thought about.

Charlotte-Layer 2 Cardigans

Layer 2 cardigans for variety
Pants: Alfani-Macys~~ Short sleeve Cardigan: Lauren~~ Green Cardigan: St. John’s Knits~~ Top: Dollar Tree~~ Shoes: Enzo Angloini-thrifted~~ Purse: Xhilaration-thrifted

One thought that helps us get more out of the clothes we own is to layer them. And why not layer 2 cardigans over each other?
That’s what Charlotte did here with her short-sleeved cardigan layered over a long-sleeved cardigan.

The green cardigan has been styled a couple of times on the blog (most recently with a turtleneck) because it’s a St. John’s knit that was expensive and should be worn at any chance possible.

The yellow cardigan has been in my mom’s closet for years as seen here styled with capris.

For the rest of the look, my mom wore a pair of mint green pants, yellow shoes, and a white tank top.

Jodie-Wear Your Cardigan as a Top

Colorful outfit for cardigan season 2023
Pants: Banana Republic Factory ~~ Vest: no label~~ Cardigan: Boden~~ Shoes: Cariuma (save $30 through my link)~~ Earrings: Frannie & Elinor ~~ Purse: Calvin Klein-thrifted~~Hat: Brooklyn Hats

I adore this cardigan but it’s one of those thin, short ones. Sure, I’ve worn it as it was intended in the past. But wearing it as a top is something that gives it more versatility.
It’s not the first time I’ve done this, you can see on Thursday in this daily outfit post, that I wore it under a one-shoulder top.

Insider tip: Don’t worry if there are embellishments on the cardigan. Most things you’ll be layering over it in the winter are thick and you won’t notice. For example, this yellow cardigan has raised flowers on it. Just try it before you rule it out.

I wore my red plaid pants and layered a sweater vest over the cardigan. Noticed the “brooch” at the “v” of the vest. It’s actually a clip-on earring.

Related post: Ways to wear clip on earrings

The Cariuma sneakers have been well-loved when there is loads of walking because of their cork insole. With my referral link, you can get $30 off (and I get a $30 credit, so thank you).

Lesley-An Upside-Down Cardigan Season

Woman over 70 during cardigan season
Jeans: Style & Co-Macys~~ Cardigan: Chicos ~~ Top: Chicos~~ Shoes: DSW~~ Necklace: estate sale~~ Purse: Maruca

Learning this trick has been one of my favorite clothing hacks lately. Turning a long cardigan into a cropped one gives you the versatility of 2 pieces from 1 item.

Insider scoop: Want to see the video of how it’s done? I posted it here on Facebook. Really, it’s quite easy. Just put your cardigan on your bed behind you — upside down and put it on. You’ll make a shawl collar out of the original hem, and it will be short in length.

You’ve seen Lesley style this same cardigan worn as it was intended with cropped wide-leg pants 4 years ago.

I know I hear women say they need to cover their belly because it sticks out, but in all reality, wearing a shorter top like this gives a great proportion to the look.
While it’s not better to have long legs, this does make it seem like Lesley’s legs are longer.

Truth question: Why is it bad to have a belly? Curves are not a bad thing and life is much better when we embrace the body we have.

Bravo to Lesley for incorporating the white, athletic sneaker trend into her looks. It was functional for a day of walking and looks super contemporary.

Other Cardigan Season Options

All three of these options are a great way to get more out of the cardigans in your closet.

But don’t forget there are more ideas.

  • Wear your cardigan backward: Styled here years ago. Trick-button the sweater first and then pull it over your head like a crew neck sweater. The advantage? No gaping buttons across the girls.
  • Style your cardigan under a dress: Shown here. If you worry about the buttons showing through the dress layer, one trick is to layer a thin cami over the cardigan yet under the dress (like I did here with a button-down).
  • Your long cardigans could be a dress as I experimented here. Even if your cardigan doesn’t have buttons, you can hold it together with a belt, and use magnets or pins to keep it secure.
  • Those cardigans with buttons can always be buttoned differently as I did here or this woman did.

Did I miss a cool way to wear your sweater this cardigan season? Share your ideas, I’d love to hear them.

Unique cardigan season

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Cardigan season and ways to wear them in unique ways

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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