Our Casual Class Reunion Outfits

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Wearing our class reunion outfits with color

Our Casual Class Reunion Outfits

Mom and I are back to showcase another idea for class reunion outfits. Since Nancy is still on her sabbatical, I’ve been finding friends to fill in for one fashion post, and then mom and I style the other idea. Lesley joined us in our dress up version for a high school reunion outfit.

Quote of the day: “Live out of your imagination, not your history.” Stephen Covey

Since most reunions have some sort of casual time too, that’s what we put together for today.

Wearing our class reunion outfits for a casual outing

I know most of us think about jeans for a casual event. Yet for a class reunion, you are seeing people that you probably haven’t seen in years. I’m sure that’s why both my mom and I opted for other items. And did anyone else notice that both my mom and I wore yellow shoes? Ever since we styled them for the blog 2 years ago, they seem the perfect fun shoe for almost any outfit.

Jodie’s (50+) Class Reunion Outfits

Wearing our class reunion outfits styling a t-shirt

Pants: Merona (similar here)~~Top: Banana Republic (similar here)~~Shoes: Breckelles (similar here)~~Necklace: Chicos c/o (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Purse: Tignanello-thrifted (similar here)

Wearing our class reunion outfits with yellow accessories
Wearing our class reunion outfits with yellow shoes
Wearing our class reunion outfits for women over 50

Why I Wore This Outfit

I thought about wearing denim jeans. But would it surprise you to know that I only have 3 pair in my closet, and they are pretty heavy for the summer? Besides, ever since becoming a fashion blogger, I want to stand out somewhat with my fashion choices. And truly I think each and every one of you should stand out too. Because like I talked about in why we wear clothes, what you wear tells a story about you. And isn’t this the best time to tell these people that you are fabulous?

So therefore I chose a pair of green pants and a fun peplum top for this outfit. And the yellow shoes and jewelry? I’ve been trying to incorporate a third color into many of my outfits lately. I’m sure it’ll be a blog theme soon.

How You Could Change This Outfit

I know many women don’t like to go sleeveless even when it’s hot outside. So what would you wear as a topper with this shirt? That’s when your kimono could be the perfect layer. It’s lightweight enough for the heat, and loose enough that it’ll work over the peplum portion.

The other option would be the bolero cardigans since they are much shorter and would sit above the peplum part.

Interesting Tidbit

I bought this shirt from Banana Republic last summer because I’m a sucker for white tops. However, the first time I washed it, the bottom hem unraveled.

Luckily, they very nicely returned it and I ordered another one because of course I’d fallen in love with the shape of it. Needless to say, I wanted to make sure that unraveling didn’t happen again, so I sewed some satin trim along the edge before I wore it. I originally wore the shirt last summer when we were showcasing Coruu’s jewelry with a different pair of pants.

Charlotte’s (80+) Class Reunion Outfits

Wearing our class reunion outfits for women over 80

Skirt: My mom made it (similar here)~~Top: St. John’s Bay (similar here)~~Shoes: Nine West (similar here)~~Pin: Mom made it with leftover material from the skirt (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Purse: (similar here)

Wearing our class reunion outfits styling a t-shirt
Wearing our class reunion outfits with a plaid skirt
Wearing our class reunion outfits for a 60th reunion

Why Charlotte Wore This Outfit

The material for this skirt? Well it was originally a sleeveless summer dress that my mom had made in the early 1990’s. Since we all know she never gives anything away, she ended up relegating it to the basement when it went out of style. Then she came across it recently, and thought it was such a pretty material to let go to waste. So she made it into this skirt. I wish I had a photo of the dress to show you, but we couldn’t find one.

Notice the matching flower on her shirt too. It’s another example of how my mom hates to waste any material when she’s sewing. Just like she’s shown in the post where she made us all items in order to use up another material.

How You Could Change This Outfit

If you feel more comfortable in pants, then there are many styles that would work for this occasion. The darker florals are always appropriate. Or you could certainly wear some light, print capris for the event.

I always love the idea of print pants with a solid colored shirt, just like we showed with our polo shirts recently. To me, it adds some interest to the outfit. And for this occasion, we certainly want to show we are interesting, right? LOL!

Interesting Tidbit

My mom envisioned a pink or yellow top with this skirt, but when she tried this light green shirt, she thought it worked so well. I think it’s a great example of how we should be more open to different combinations in our closet. One of my favorite ways to do this is to take the skirt or pants in my hands and then put it next to the shirts hanging in my closet. It’s the best way to have that “aha” moment.

Tips & Tricks

Since this is supposed to be a fun event, I think it would be a crack up if you and your best high school friends all purchased the same shirt and wore them. Especially if you all had t-shirts made with some endearing logo on them. Or is that silly?

Of course you could always just order the same shirts online like a sarcastic one. Or if your high school happened to have a bulldog as a mascot, then you’d love this one. Either way, it would certainly create a easy conversation starter if you’re an introvert like me and need some help in that matter.

Just remember, I even came up with a video to make your t-shirts fit better because I always think that the fit is one of the most important aspects of an item. This is definitely not the time you want to look frumpy, right?

Wearing our class reunion outfits for a casual outing in the summer

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