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Tis’ the season when we think about casual holiday outfits. What should we wear? How to make it look festive? It was the theme today for our Ageless Style group chosen by Carrie.

How we styled our casual holiday outfits with white jeans:
Charlotte-Red sweater and animal print extras
Lesley-Red top with matching footwear
Jodie-Light blue with lots of bling

I decided to have the three of us incorporate white jeans as part of our casual holiday outfits. It’s no secret that it’s entirely appropriate to wear white pants no matter what season now. In fact, I always say they are a fabulous option to pop the darker colors we tend to wear in the winter.

The only time that white jeans are tough is when it’s slushy outside. I remember those days well from living in Colorado. But my answer to that issue was to tuck them into a tall boot. I’m one of those people that doesn’t appreciate the weather dictating the colors I want to wear, haha.

So join us as we show you two traditional options for the season and one look that maybe wasn’t on your radar before. We did focus on casual holiday outfits since we went to the tree lighting festivities for these photos. What that means is we focused on including comfortable shoes!

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What's your definition of casual holiday outfits

White Jeans in the Winter

I don’t remember when I started loving wearing white jeans past Labor Day. What I do remember is realizing that I couldn’t find the deep discounts on them anymore at the end of the summer. So that’s when I came to the conclusion that they weren’t going out of “season” so I might as well wear them all year long.

Once I started incorporating white jeans into my winter looks, I never looked back. While I have my share of black jeans too, the white jeans lighten up any look.
It’s funny to me how when the days darken and the weather is overcast, how we fall into the trap of dressing the same– dark and muted. Yet psychologically I feel this is the time we need our lighter clothing even more. We could use that boost of happy colors and a lighter outlook.

That’s why I’ve shared many outfits with white jeans in the winter along with other white items. Take a gander and see what you think.

Insider tip: There are no-stain white jeans now. I have 2 pairs from Chicos, and they really are amazing. But the best fit of white jeans for my body is from Loft.

Traditional Casual Holiday Outfits with Red

Both Charlotte and Lesley opted for the traditional looks by wearing red-tone tops with their white jeans for this day with casual holiday outfits.

Red is definitely a festive color so it feels easy to most of us. But keep reading to see how they both added in different elements.

If you prefer wearing a red top with black pants, you can see how we experimented with options to add sass to that combination. Honestly, I feel that the black pants and red sweater can come across as frumpy sometimes.

Adding snakeskin boots for casual holiday outfits

Jeans: XOXO~~ Top: It’s a dickey ~~ Sweater: United States~~ Boots: Tulsa~~ Necklace: local boutique~~ Bracelet: ~~ Earrings: Amazon~~ Purse: J. Garden-thrifted

Charlotte’s Red Sweater Look

Since my mom ended up purging most of her sweaters when we moved to Arizona, she had to go out and buy this one. The sleeve detail gives it a nice texture, and would also be perfect by adding a vest over it so you can still appreciate the sleeves.

For my mom’s casual look, she layered a collar under the sweater. But this is not just any collar. It’s a dickey that has been in Charlotte’s closet for a long time. While you don’t see them around a lot, they sure are great for the warmer climates so you can add personality without adding bulk or too much warmth.
If you are looking for any kind of dickey top, Amazon is the place to go. They have ones like my mom’s with the collar here and then fake turtleneck ones too.

My favorite part of this outfit is the snakeskin boots and zebra print purse. These snakeskin boots are light enough that they almost look white from far away. And then the necklace picks up the darker black from the purse to tie it all together.

Adding red shoes to the holiday outfit

Jeans: Chadwicks~~ Top: Chicos~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o~~ Purse: vintage

Cranberry Red for the Holidays

While Lesley calls her top a cranberry color, you can see how it’s not much different than Charlotte’s red sweater. This goes to show that any shade of red will give you that festive look very easily.

Lesley is not one to wear her white pants after Labor Day. Those fashion rules are still hard for her to break. But I’m working on it!!!

She bookended the outfit with her Walking Cradles shoes that have a heel yet are low enough they are comfortable for standing around. These shoes are still available in limited sizes on the site, just search for “Hutton.”

Lesley’s idea to make them look more festive was to add a bunch of gold accessories. Even the purse is a vintage clutch from her collection.
And the neck party is a combination of 2 different necklaces.

Insider tip: When your necklace strand seems a little wimpy, just add another to the mix. Lesley is a pro at this as you can see from this outfit and then I talked about tips and tricks for the idea.

Not So Traditional Color for the Holidays

Leave it to me to want to try something different for casual holiday outfits. I’ve always loved the combination of light blue and white because it reminds me of when the snow has just fallen and the light twinkles off of it.

Let me also point out the ornaments on the tree behind us in these photos. They are full of non-traditional holiday colors which shows that we don’t have to wear red or green at this time of year to look festive. In fact, maybe it’s more modern to wear other colors? Just a thought for you to chew on!!

Blue and white for the holidays

Jeans: Chicos~~Jacket: (Seen in top & bottom photos) Jacket Maker~ Top: Nine West-thrifted~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles~~ Necklace: Happiness Boutique~~ Earrings: Amazon~~ Purse: thrifted~~Headband: thrifted~~Eyeglasses: Zenni

What Makes an Outfit Festive?

For any of my casual holiday outfits, I always love to pull out the faux fur and glitter. I bought this fur-trimmed sweater at a secondhand store many years ago. It’s not in the best shape anymore as it has a bit of pilling on it.
I did use my mother’s sweater shaver to try to make it better (found here on Amazon), and it helped. Granted, it’s still not brand new. Then again, neither am I, so I figured I’ll give it grace and continue to wear it. Besides, I bet no one else notices those specifics.

The silver glitter shoes are also Walking Cradles (like Lesley’s) and Walking Cradles restocked them. They are the “Orleans” sneakers and are my go-to shoes for the days we are walking. Silver shoes seem to be perfect for the holidays!!

I bought the necklace years ago (in fact, you can see it against my white sweater here last holiday season), and while it may not get worn every day, it sure adds a punch of sparkle to any top.

Now let’s talk about these earrings!! Maybe you didn’t notice that Charlotte is wearing the same pair too? (They almost look like Christmas lights). I just think they are fabulous all winter long. You can find a similar pair on Amazon and they are very inexpensive. Plus, there are other faux fur earring styles, that are so much fun!!

BTW, the clutch is a faux fur purse I also found thrifting. I took it on our New Years Caribbean Cruise (see it in our dinner outfit photos) and love it for this time of year.

I didn’t talk about the blue leather jacket that I showcased in a couple of the photos. It’s from The Jacket Maker where they actually make the jacket to your measurement specifically. It’s been showcased in 5 different looks here, and what’s amazing is how it’s not more expensive than normal leather jackets.

Wearing white jeans for casual winter outfits

Ageless Style & Causal Holiday Outfits

The Ageless Style group has had some changes in its members. I hope you pop over to see their ideas for this month’s theme. Whether they showcase casual holiday outfits or dressier ones, there is always some inspiration to gleam! We don’t all post at the same time so make sure to check back if their post isn’t up yet.

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Casual holiday outfits

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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