Casual Outfits for Ladies with Sneakers

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Dressing for a spring training game

Casual Outfits for Ladies with Sneakers

Styling casual outfits for ladies with sneakers is a perfect theme for attending a spring training baseball game.

Quote of the day: ” It’s not what the world holds for you. It’s what you bring to it.” L.M. Montgomery

What do you bring to the world? I like to think we bring fun fashion to any event. Even events where the last thing you may think about is your style. Then again, why not think about your style? It’s the way we “talk” to others without saying a word. And if you think people aren’t looking, you’re either wrong or you’re not wearing enough fun items!

Since casual outfits are the true street style, especially with sneakers, I thought this topic was perfect because of our spring collaboration with Jambu. We have worked with Jambu for years now, and they never disappoint. The facts about this collaboration are below, but suffice it to say that for you, it means a discount. Use Jodies20 for 20% off until April 1.
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Wearing Casual Outfits for Ladies with Sneakers by Lesley

Spring training and casual outfits for ladies with sneakers

Pants: Chicos~~Cardigan: Jones NY-thrifted ~~ Top:Ruby RD ~~ Shoes: Jambu c/o~~ Cap: ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Maruca

The baseball cap may be a clue of where we went for these photos. I figured a trip to a spring training baseball game would be an excellent outing for our Jambu sneakers.
I’m in love with the fact that Lesley wore her red joggers and cuffed them for this look. She wore these joggers when we took photos in Denver both as a casual and dressy outfit. I’m not sure all joggers can be cuffed so easily, but since Lesley’s pair is only elasticized in the back, it worked.

Insider tip: Cuffing your jeans or pants to show some ankle is VERY modern right now. If you’re worried that your ankles aren’t your best feature, then let me give you the realistic facts. 1-No one is going to be up close and personal with your ankles. They are standing or sitting next to you and seeing them from an angle. 2- And because you are following my tips from my ebook (sign up for emails below and get it delivered to your inbox), then you’ll realize that everyone is really looking at another focal point. Whether that is your baseball cap or colorful earrings, the ankles are not the star of the show. So EXPOSE them.

Casual outfits for ladies with sneakers

Essentials at a Spring Training Game

Lesley is showing a couple of essentials that you would need if you attend a spring training baseball game. A topper like her linen chambray shirt is good in case it gets a tad chilly. Or even to act as sunscreen in case you forgot to apply your lotion.
A baseball cap not only shows your support for the team, but also gives some sun protection.
Sunglasses protect your eyes.
And most importantly you better have comfy shoes because there is a lot of walking. Depending on the day, you can walk a ton from the parking lot to the stadium. Then inside the stadium is another bunch of steps. In fact, this Camelback Ranch stadium is the biggest in baseball. They even have a pond inside the park and it looks like a ski ranch from the outside.

Insider tip: Most spring training games have golf carts available to shuttle you from the parking lot to the gates. Talk about convenient.

Do You Even Wear Accessories at the Ballpark?

Lesley kept it simple for our outing. This is when a print top can be the focal point you need. Most of the time, a print top takes precedence over wearing a necklace or scarf.

The other point is her purse. It’s a crossbody purse because you want your hands free to carry the snacks and beverages you are going to purchase. It’s also good because the stadium floor can be dirty, so you’ll appreciate having your purse on your body.

Insider tip: All stadiums have their own “rules” about what you can take into the stadium. Make sure to go online and look for the A-Z Guide.

Jambu’s Jardin Sneakers

The Jardins are no ordinary sneakers. What you wouldn’t realize just looking at the photos on the website, is they have a knitted like stretchy sock upper. It’s not leather and that makes them have more give (read comfy). They also tout that they have the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) Seal of Acceptance for promoting good foot health.

Lesley chose these sneakers because she wanted a pair that will work for all of the hiking she plans to do. And while we think of these kinds of sneakers as extremely category specific, for example you wear them only for hiking, I think this proves these sneakers can be great for casual outfits as well.

In fact, I will be giving other styling options on my YouTube video about these Jambu sneakers that will be published soon. Make sure to subscribe to my channel now so you don’t miss it. You know me…I always like to make sure our pieces are versatile.

Insider tip: If you are trying to style your sneakers with other outfits, think of what other kind of footwear they look like. For example these Jardins could almost be short ankle boots.

Honest Review of the Jardin Sneakers

Of course Lesley chose the navy option for these Jardin sneakers because of her love for blue. However, they also are available in black, light grey and white.

SPECIAL NEWS: Jambu is also featuring wide widths on many of their styles this spring. You can see all available wide width shoes with this link. Thank you to all who have suggested this feature because if you want something, then you need to make your requests known. FYI, the navy Jardin is not available in wide. Just the grey, white and black.

While the back of the sneaker did rub the first time she wore them she has fixed the issue by wearing socks with them. Lesley loves that there is space for her orthopedic insoles also.

Truthfully, I like these a ton better after seeing them in person. And wait until you see the soles of them in my Instagram post soon. (Of course if you go to Jambu’s website, you can see them now).

Insider tip: Lesley would tell you that they size it true to your normal size.

How to style casual outfits for ladies with sneakers

Lesley’s History with Baseball

Lesley tells the story that her mother played girls softball in high school in New Orleans. She grew up loving baseball and passed that love onto Lesley. She even remembers when the Colorado Rockies first became a major league team in Denver. That’s why she’s a die hard fan and had to wear this baseball cap even though we were seeing the White Sox and Mariners.
Now that we’ve moved to Arizona, it’s a tough decision who to root for because the Rockies and Diamondbacks are big rivals. Lesley, however, is still cheering for Colorado….Go Rockies!

Having fun with casual outfits and sneakers

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo


This casual outfits for ladies with sneakers is a sponsored post by Jambu. Which means they sent us the sneakers to review, and I was paid to write these posts along with a YouTube video. Be on the lookout for that by subscribing to my channel. I always appreciate it when small companies support my blog, and they appreciate your support. It’s truly a win/win for everyone.

The best part of working with these companies is being able to offer you a discount code. Use JODIES20 for 20% off your purchase until April 1 (no fooling). If you haven’t looked around their website lately, you will enjoy their variety of sneakers and sandals for the spring and summer. ALONG with the fact that they have memory foam in their insoles, and non-slip all terra traction rubber outsole.


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