Casual Outfits with Jeans in the Summer

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Mother and daughters in their Casual Outfits

Casual Outfits with Jeans in the Summer

I love this quote because I do think that being intentional with our outfits, even for a casual outfits with jeans, can be beneficial for our mindset.

Quote of the day: “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” Jim Ryun

Today we are collaborating with Sheela and Eve, another mother and daughter duo that I have met through blogging. I always think it’s so inspirational to connect with other women and see how we each interprets a theme so differently. We have done this many times in the past with Sheela and Eve. One of my favorites was our post about pairing black and white with a print.

Casual Outfits with jeans worn for women over 50

So let me start off and introduce both Eve and Sheela and their take on casual outfits with jeans. And then make sure you check out how we styled these same jeans for a red carpet affair.

Eve from The World According to Eve

Even though Eve is much younger than most of us, she still has great style. Sure, I realize that many women don’t appreciate distressed denim, yet I love how her jeans have a stripe down the sides along with the interesting patches. And then, check out her shoes. Now that’s my favorite way to add some pizzazz to any outfit.

Casual Outfits with jeans works for any ages and any sizes

Sheela from Sheela Writes

Sheela always has an edgy vibe and enjoys pushing the boundaries with her fashion style. And even though she loves her clothes and especially shoes, she doesn’t concentrate on fashion on her blog. Her tag  line is “I have things to say” and her writing is often so inspiring and thought provoking.

Styling Casual Outfits with jeans
Yellow Moto Jacket – c/o Forever21~~Bowie Tee – thrifted~~Ripped Jeans – Poshmark~~Heels – JustFAB~~Sunnies – Chanel

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit

is it possible to wear Casual Outfits with stylish pieces for midlife women

Jeans: RERock for Express-thrifted (similar here)~~Cardigan: J.Jill c/o (here)~~Top: J.Jill c/o (similar here)~~Shoes: Aerosoles (similar here)~~Earrings: thrifted (similar here)~~Purse: Freshly Funk (similar here)

Casual Outfits with jeans styled in an appropriate manner
Casual Outfits with jeans styled for women over 40
Casual Outfits with jeans works with J.Jill pieces

Why I Wore This Outfit

I was super excited to wear a couple of pieces gifted to me by J.Jill. For a little sentimental history, it’s the first store where my hubby and I shopped together. He purchased a lilac top for me that recently got purged because it was so worn out.

For some reason, I’d gotten out of the habit of shopping at J.Jill. So I was delighted to be able to try out these items. I wore the drawstring pants for the 4th of July that you can see on my Instagram feed. And to change up the cardigan for this outfit, I used a rubber band to shorten the front panels. Did you know they have plus and petites too? It’s nice to see they try to include all sizes of women in their choices.

How You Could Change This Outfit

I always love the color combination of blue and pink together. And lately, I’ve been trying to add in a third color to some of my outfits. However, if you would rather keep the colors in the blue and white scheme there are many other shoe choices. Since it’s a casual day, you might enjoy these blue, comfy sandals. Of course, if you wanted to keep with the idea of print mixing, you might be head over heels over these sandals.

Interesting Tidbit

This purse was made by one of my stepmom’s friends. Her shop is called Freshly Funk on Etsy, and each piece is unique and a piece of art unto itself. Nancy gave this to me for my birthday last year, and I love it as a punch of color to any outfit.

Charlotte’s (80+) Outfit

Jeans: Bill Blass (similar here)~~Jacket: Incognito (similar here)~~Shoes: Jambu c/o (similar here)~~Necklace: thrifted (similar here)~~Earrings: thrifted (similar here)~~Purse: Monet-thrifted (similar here)

is it possible to wear Casual Outfits with stylish pieces for women over 80
Wearing Casual Outfits with stylish pieces for women over 70
Wearing Casual Outfits with stylish pieces for women over 60

Why Charlotte Wore This Outfit

Since jeans are not really a great item for the hotter weather, my mom tried to keep everything else lightweight. She chose this loose fitting jacket because going sleeveless is something she won’t do. But under the jacket is a bright colored camisole for a little bit of color. This is one of my favorite ways to wear a cami because even I rarely wear them by themselves.

Then she added in her sandals that we got from Jambu.  My mom especially likes these because they have some height to them, they have great support for her instep and yet they are casual. If you’ve noticed, my mom doesn’t wear flats all that often. She always feels like she’d rather add some extra height to her frame.

How You Could Change This Outfit

If the idea of wearing a long sleeve gingham jacket in the summer makes you break out in a sweat, then wearing a gingham top is the next best thing. And if you’re like my mom where black and white aren’t that flattering to your complexion, there are blue and white versions. Heck, for that matter there is also green and white, bright pink and white along with red and white. The varieties are endless!

Interesting Tidbit

This gingham jacket is 25 years old. All 3 of us have worn it on the blog 3 years ago for a gingham jacket series. Since it’s really a lightweight cotton, it’s perfect for the summer even though it’s long sleeved.

Ever since we had our color analyzed, I’ve been pestering my mom about the colors she wears. I know she won’t give up most of her “bad” color clothes. Yet I think we can all make them work somehow. So my mom added this warm colored, fabric necklace that I think it a great alternative to a scarf. Because it’s fabric it’s not heavy like a metal necklace!

Mother and daughters in their Casual Outfits

Tips & Tricks

Even though our society is more casual, we can still look nice when we are casually dressed. It was part of the discussion recently in Is it Important to Dress Appropriately? And I’m certainly not one to be against jeans for everyday. Yet I think all of us in these examples have shown that jeans paired with interesting pieces or good fitting items can help us still look great.

As for the jeans themselves? Even if you don’t love some of the newer trends in jeans like distressing or super skinny, I do think it’s good to embrace some modern styling. Sure, you may love your mom jeans (and they may even come back in style), yet every person looks more relevant if they update their clothing occasionally.

Just to help you out, I’ve found some great jeans below and they are under $75. You know me…I always love a good deal, and the only time I buy designer or high end jeans is when I’m at the thrift store.

Casual Outfits with jeans styled in an appropriate manner

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If styling casual outfits with jeans is a daily occurrence, then you probably have many pairs of denim jeans. Keeping some of them contemporary usually involves shopping and trying out a new detail. One of my favorite newer details is the raw hem on jeans. Have you tried it?

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