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Fashionista ideas for what shoes to wear with cargo pants

What Shoes to Wear With Cargo Pants-Fashionista’s Perspective

Since the silhouette of pants has become bigger and baggier on the bottom half, I’ve been seeing cargo pants everywhere. That means that there are questions about what shoes to wear with cargo pants. And I wanted to give a variety of examples from a fashionista’s perspective for both summer and winter time.

What to wear on a desert hike

Survival Smarts: What To Wear Hiking In 40 Degrees For Non-Hikers

Since we know I’m not a professional hiker, I thought it would be beneficial to talk about what to wear hiking in 40 degrees for us non-hikers. And by non-hikers I mean people who want to go hiking occasionally, especially when they travel to places like Arizona with marvelous hiking trails.

What to wear with leather pants in fall and winter

What to Wear With Leather Pants: Authentic and Age Defying

Does the idea of what to wear with leather pants seem inappropriate for women over 50? Gosh, I hope not. The idea of age-appropriate dressing has gone out the window just like how women could only be teachers and nurses, as well as many other ideas from our past.

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