Change Up with your Accessories

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Change up an accessory for 3 generations

Change Up with your Accessories 

Quote of the day: “When you surround yourself with smart people, they challenge you to think harder and in entirely different ways.” Marissa Mayer

Trying to change up the way an accessory item is used, can take some real brain work. There are times that I see some other bloggers talking about using an accessory in an unique way, and I think, “why didn’t I think of that?” You know, it’s that V-8 moment? That’s why I thought this quote was so appropriate for this theme.

Today we are taking one accessory, and making it work for a totally different use. I’d love to hear if you’ve ever have done this with your accessories.

older women change up an accessory

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: I came upon this belt after my cousin gave me a couple of her dresses she was purging.

You can see the dress when I wore it for an Instagram post. Click on the small arrow on the right side of the photo so you can then see a better closeup of the dress. When I originally wore this dress, I replaced the belt that it came with, with a brown one. But as I was replacing this matching belt on the hanger, it reminded me of a skinny scarf, so I came up with the idea to wear it as a scarf.

change up an accessory for women over 50

The skinny scarf may not be your favorite version of scarves, but they can be just as versatile. The three of us experimented with this style last winter. And if you don’t feel the need to buy this type of scarf, then you might check some of your clothing items, for matching belts to use as  a scarf.

I was going to keep the look relatively simple with jeans & a top.

Of course that’s like asking my husband not to eat bread, LOL! But I ended up adding the vest as another layer. I am one of those women that love vests of all kinds. I’ve been wearing a utility vest quite a bit this month. But I also love the longer vests  as I feel they can add some interest to an outfit. You’ve seen this vest on the blog when we went shopping as a brain activity!

change up a belt to a scarf

My jeans and shirt were both thrifted for $1 each recently! I remember when I first started seeing distressed jeans, and I couldn’t ever imagine buying a pair. Well, obviously that has changed. Besides I figured for $1, it was a deal no matter what! And I don’t mind this distressing as much as some of the other ones I’ve seen. But you can disagree….I know I used to.

If you ever want to try the style, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on them, then the thrift store could be your friend. Or checking out what I’ve found with this pair or this pair. And I’ll go out on a limb to predict, that soon we will be seeing patches put over these holes as a recurring trend.

ladies 50+ with a belt change up to a scarf

Jeans: Silver-thrifted (similar here)~~Vest: Mel & Lisa (similar here)~~Top: Banana Republic-thrifted (similar here)~~Shoes: Mercanti Fiorentini (similar here)~~Scarf-really a belt: (similar here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: In order to change up an accessory that Nancy has in her closet, she grabbed a small scarf to wear as a bracelet.

These small scarves can be perfect for other areas too! Not only around your wrist but also as decoration on your purse, like I wore recently. The only hard part is trying to tie it easily around your wrist. If you have a trick for that, please share.

change up an accessory for women over 60

Since the scarf was red and black in color, Nancy stayed with that same color scheme for her outfit. Although when we talked about shoes, we came up with a neutral pair good for walking. Metallic flats could be a perfect pair of footwear in your closet. This pair looks comfy, along with this pair.

She loves wearing her capri pants while it’s still warm outside, even though it seems like there is always some controversy among women about these pants!

What I don’t truly understand, is that they aren’t that much different than longer skirts this same length.

change up a scarf to a bracelet

The embroidery trend is still going strong. We all realize that every style comes around a couple of times in our lives. And the 1970’s are certainly making their comeback lately.  This embroidery can be found on jeans, tops, purses, shoes, and even booties. If you still have some from the first time it came around, I’d love to hear about it.

ladies 60+ change up an accessory

Pants: Simon Chang (similar here)~~Cardigan: J. Jill (similar here)~~Top: Chicos (similar here)~~Shoes: Ecco (similar here)~~Bracelet-really a scarf: (similar here)

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: My mother is quite the creative soul, and we have seen her change up her accessories many times.

I had her replicate the idea of using a necklace as a strap for a clutch purse. It’s not easy to see against the background of her tunic, but the strap of the purse is actually a very long necklace.

change up an accessory for women over 70

The first time she did it with a silver bead necklace and silver clutch. That purse was hard sided so my mom just put the necklace in it without anything to hold it in place. For this example, the clutch purse is fabric, and so she ended up safety pinning the necklace in place.

change up a necklace to a strap for a clutch

My mom purchased this tunic on one of her cruises a couple of years ago.

I actually think she can find any treasure in any gift shop on earth! But this one was even on sale, and she’s worn in quite a bit. It’s such a standout item, and really is the star of the show. She wore it for our travel series 2 years ago.

I do think that a fun tunic can be a year round treasure. This one could easily be worn in the colder months with a turtleneck under it. I always think the asymmetrical tunics are so interesting. This one has more of the winter colors in it, while this one is perfect for the kitty lovers out there.

ladies 70+ change up an accessory

Pants: 62 East (similar here)~~Tunic: Pia Rossini (similar here)~~Shoes: Proxy (similar here)~~Necklace as purse strap: (similar here)~~Purse: (similar here)

Ladies of 3 generations change up an accessory
how to change up an accessory to make it another

These were our ideas to change up an accessory you were meant to wear one way, into a totally different style. Is it anything you would do?

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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