Changing Up a Spring Wedding Outfit

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Changing Up a Spring Wedding Outfit

Another common look that we should already have in our closet by now is the spring wedding outfit. Granted, this may not sprout up this spring, but it’s inevitable for the years to come.

On top of that, I’m joining with Kay from Dressed for my Day for this idea. I met Kay when we first visited Arizona, and now that we moved here, she has moved to Ohio. I told her we ought to have switched closets! Please pop over and say hi, because you’re going to love her. She is just as dear in person as she is on her blog. In fact, we collaborated last year about what to wear to a funeral.

Quote of the day: “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” Maya Angelou

While Lesley showed 3 different situations in which to wear her black cropped jumpsuit, I’m going to see how one dress could go to 3 different spring weddings. In fact, this yellow dress I purchased over 8 years ago for a spring wedding. See? I have the photo below to prove it.
And Charlotte is showcasing her outfit for a dressy event and it’s changed up 3 ways.

I know when we get invited to a wedding, our thought tends to be what am I going to wear? Yet we probably already have wonderful dresses (or even pants like I blogged about once) that would work for the occasion.

So with this same yellow dress, I added 3 different toppers that would make it appropriate for the different kinds of weddings. I left the shoes and accessories all the same, to prove that neutral items are versatile.
1-Modern Wedding
2-Fancy Wedding
3-Casual Wedding

Modern Spring Wedding Outfit

Already in your closet, a spring wedding outfit

Dress: Joseph Ribkoff~~ Jacket: Maurices~~ Shoes: ~~ Necklace: Peach c/o~~ Earrings: Mariposa~~ Purse: My mom made it from a placemat

I titled this modern spring wedding outfit because I wanted to make it a little edgy. I would say that if one of my friends got married, it would be most likely a second wedding where I would feel more comfortable in this outfit.
The other thought would be this could be how you wear a dress you bought for a wedding and make it work for a fun evening out.

Edgy spring wedding outfit

What Makes This Modern?

I would contend that adding a faux leather jacket to any dress gives it a modern vibe. On top of that, I wanted to get creative with color combinations.

I always feel that yellow is an underdog when it comes to color. How many of you would say it doesn’t look good on you and never wear it? I hear that all the time from my friends. However, don’t forget that there is a shade of EVERY color that is good with your complexion.

On another note, even if you don’t have or want a yellow dress, I’m hoping I can give you inspiration to find different toppers to wear with a dress you already have. Go ahead and spend some time in your closet and see what combinations you can put together. I bet you might be surprised.

Insider tip: Pink and yellow is one of those surprisingly fun color combinations. My bright pink and yellow outfit from a past post is one of my husband’s favorites.

The Neutral Bling

When I first bought this dress years ago, I was at a loss of what to wear with it. I ended up wearing a brown necklace and leopard shoes, so I wanted to recreate that as much as I could this time.

I purchased these earrings from a small company called Mariposa Skies. I discovered them on Instagram and after finding out the story behind the company, I wanted to support her. Besides, these earrings are yellow yarn, and since I’m a knitter and yellow is my favorite color, I needed to have them.

This purse is a DIY project from my mother. It started off as a placemat and now is a crossbody purse. I googled it and there are quite a few ways to turn your placemats into all types of purses if you’re interested.

Saying spring with a yellow dress
Snakeskin sandals

Animal Print Shoes

Since animal print is considered neutral, these shoes should be a versatile item in your closet. I found leopard, snakeskin and dotted ones for your viewing pleasure above in the widget.

Insider tip: I always find ankle straps to be so helpful to make walking easier. I know many women worry that it cuts off the leg line. However, with a more neutral strap, this isn’t a problem. As a side note, I do think we should stop worrying about looking taller or any kind of “er”. See my post about Perfectly Imperfect.

Wearing a spring wedding outfit

Dressy Spring Wedding Outfit

Now if you wanted to take this same yellow dress (or any color that you have in your closet already), I feel like you can dress it up with a jacket or blazer. I chose this lime green silk one that was handed down to me from a friend.

Again, I chose an interesting color combination with this look. Granted a cream or ivory colored jacket would be much more common as a color combination. However, I always feel that I’m here to push you a little. You already know the usual color combinations. I would hope you are looking for something to expand your repertoire.

Yellow dress and green jacket

Casual Spring Wedding Outfit

There are times when you need a more casual wedding outfit. And my answer to this with the same dress is a long cardigan. I chose this striped one that came in my Fashom Online Styling box. One reason I love this cardigan is how lightweight it is. My stylist took that into account knowing we live in Arizona.
If you want to try this kind of service, use my link to get $10 off. Since your stylist fee on your first box is always free, you can use the $10 on any item. And I wrote a post with tips on how to make the process more successful with any of these online services.

Colors for a spring wedding outfit

Don’t forget to pop over and check out Kay’s ideas for her spring wedding outfit. She has a a wonderful post every Saturday too about inner beauty that you will just love.

Spring wedding outfit for older women

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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