Charlotte’s (70’s) Summer Travel Capsule

I appreciate each and every share. Thank you!

What Charlotte (the 70’s model) took!!

Two weeks ago we commenced on a three week series to show a travel capsule of some suggested items to wear and pack for a vacation. The 50’s age group capsule was here, and the 60’s age group capsule was here.

Now I get to present what we packed for Charlotte’s 2.5 week vacation.  Background info: Mom embarked on a Panama Canal Cruise.  We planned some great outfits, but of course, mom changed it up somewhat when she packed. I’ll explain a little of both the scenarios.

Travel Capsule--Shoes

Shoes: Again we started with shoes because they they are the foundation of the outfit when traveling.  Mom had 3 pairs: a pair of Keds for walking (which ended up splitting so she had to buy a new pair in port—the new ones are these white ones pictured), a dressier shoe (I picked purple flats, but she took the black) and a casual sandal.

Travel Capsule--bottoms

Bottoms: Mom did not want to take a skirt, since she feels the need to always wear hosiery with a skirt and the tropics of course are too hot for that.  We tried to plan that each piece would be worn at least 3 times–but I think she snuck in more pants at the end (she claims she doesn’t remember…ha ha)

Travel Capsule--Tops

Tops & Jackets: Since mom would be in the tropics, she didn’t really need a jacket, but we had her take a cardigan for the plane trip (same one, both ways). Picking out tops was the easy part, as the selection from mom’s closet is endless. I think she ended up taking more shirts at the end ( I always do)!

Travel Capsule--jewelry

Accessories:  For this trip, Charlotte had 1 scarf (large-not pictured here, but you’ve seen it in the posts), 1 bathing suit, and assorted jewelry.  She too loves to purchase items for souvenirs (you realize, the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree).  She also took a small purse for the dinners, and her regular purse for everyday.

Thanks again for supporting my new endeavor! This week I’ll style a print top for our travel trip!  To see the tunic styled for travel wear start here, and here’s the start of the scarf worn for the trips.