The #LoveChico’s Girlfriend Event!

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Fashion & Style for Women over 50.

The #LoveChicos Girlfriend Event

So I have to let you in on a secret!! If you watch our video below, I accidentally flashed everyone my belly button—eeek!! But I didn’t notice until we got home from the event, so it was too late to redo it!! So just close your eyes when it gets to that part and then I won’t be as embarrassed, okay?

The other apology that I need to say upfront, is I’m extremely sorry if I misspell anyone’s name in the dialogue below! I don’t think about asking how to spell names until I’m writing them.

So first, I have to give a huge shout out to Chicos along with Courtney, Janie & Sherrie. You were so welcoming for us to invade your store and create such a disruption!!

Who doesn’t love shopping with their girlfriends? I think the best thing about shopping with others is the different perspective that another person can give you. And if that girlfriend is a fashion blogger—that’s like double trouble!! I’m going to include a ton in this post, so pick & choose if you don’t want to spend forever on my blog today!!

There’s the video at the bottom of this post so you can hear all 3 of us and a quick synopsis of what we are wearing! Of course, you can always subscribe to my You Tube channel and watch the video later if you want!

Then there’s a slideshow right above the video to give you an idea of the night in action! Thanks to my wonderful husband, Rob, who spent the entire time hanging out with us and taking the photos. We are still working out all of the glitches with taking photos inside and the lighting issues, so bear with us. One day, I’ll be better at it!

Girlfriends are the Best!

And to start off let me introduce you to some of my wonderfully supportive friends, who came out to have fun shopping with us!

This is Cathy who is one of my book club beauties!! She’s been such a fantastic friend to my blog over these last couple of years! I bet you, she tried on about half of the store this evening and took home a ton of it!! But isn’t that the fun of shopping with girlfriends?  One of the items she bought was this jacket (the linked one–not the one in the photo below) which is incredibly lightweight and so stunning! In fact, Nancy ordered one too because she was trying it on earlier in the evening!

Fashion & Style for Women over 50.

I didn’t get a fabulous photo of Sally by herself, but here she is below, with my mom in the foreground! Sally is really a friend of the family, and we are so thankful that she persevered to make it to the event. She’d been extremely busy all day and then drove to the wrong mall before coming over to Park Meadows! Our reward to her was giving her tons of attention along with wearing  her out on this shopping expedition!! Aren’t we the nicest?

I think we had all of our friends trying on this cardigan that my mom wore!! It’s one of those pieces that can be so versatile! The cardigan is called the 3 way cardigan, but we found 4 ways to wear it! If you’re interested, my mom shows the 4 different styles in the video below!! And if you’re not a fan of the print version, Chicos also carries it in some solid colors, here.

Fashion & Style for Women over 50.

Then, my knitting friend, Kay showed up!! I know that this location for the event wasn’t the most convenient for Kay, but she was such a dear to drive all the way over to support us! If you watch through the slideshow, you’ll see Kay wearing a navy cape in one of the photos that she ended up buying! It’ll be perfect for all summer long!

Fashion & Style for Women over 50.

And then the icing on the cake for the evening was meeting Lesley. Lesley is a reader of my blog who lives in Denver, and came to the event just to meet us!! I can’t tell you how great that made us feel! And did you notice the fabulous layers of pearls that Lesley is wearing? She had even seen my post about pearls on Sixty + Me that I had just published and felt emboldened to wear hers!! You’ll see in the slideshow a photo of us helping Lesley with her turquoise cardigan!! It was such a fabulous color on her!!

Fashion & Style for Women over 50.

Our Outfits:

Jodie’s (50’s) Outfit: I went shopping with the thought that I wanted an OTS shirt since I finally had a strapless bra in my possession! The nice thing about this shirt from Chicos, is that you can wear it lower on your chest to bare the shoulders more, but you can also wear it like this!

It has the funnest ruffles on the sleeves too, which you can see a little better in the slideshow, when my arms are in different positions!

The pants are the Brigitte pants that we talked about in the video! Here are the print ones in gold, but our store also had the same print pants in white. I couldn’t find the white version on Chico’s website, however!

Fashion & Style for Women over 50.

Nancy’s (60’s) Outfit: Both Nancy & I are wearing the Brigitte pants in the cropped version. The solid colored ones can be found, here. We laughed at how in the photos of the “real” models, that the hem came to the middle of the calf; whereas on us, they were almost normal length. The nice thing is that if you’re short like us, you could order the petite version, here. Luckily our store will be starting to carry petites in a month or so!

And here’s Nancy’s jacket that she’s wearing! Since it’s considered a crop length, it ended up being perfect on her. We discuss in the video how the sleeves can be adjusted. And even when we make them longer, the nice thing is they are still about wrist length!

Fashion & Style for Women over 50.

Charlotte’s (70’s) Outfit: Now, since my mom is a little taller than Nancy & I, and she’s not a fan of the cropped version, she got the Brigitte pants in the ankle length, here. For my mom, this allowed them to come all the way to her foot.  For those of you women who love to travel, the elastic waistband on these pants is the best thing ever!

Since I already linked to mom’s cardigan in the girlfriend’s photos above, I’ll show you both mom’s & Nancy’s tank they are wearing, here. One of my mom’s tricks is to sometimes  wear her tank top backwards if she wants it to be higher in the front. These tanks are easy to do that with because their label is sewn in the seam instead of having an outline showing.

Fashion & Style for Women over 50.

Our Jewelry:

If you’re anything like me, then I bet, you drool over the fabulous jewelry that is always showcased at Chicos! In fact, if you happen to be one of those women that prefers solid colored shirts, then I think that Chicos jewelry should be your go to!! I almost bought this necklace  because it was so colorful–but I had my heart set on the print pants and I thought it might be too much with it?

Fashion & Style for Women over 50

Nancy was drawn to this architectural design necklace. In fact, she basically built her outfit around the piece. Like she explains in the video, she ended up with the longer earrings, here, even though she doesn’t usually wear such dangle ones. If you’re the same way, there are stud earrings, here, that also go nicely with this necklace.

Fashion & Style for Women over 50.

I could find mom’s necklace on the Chico’s website. But this one, here, is very similar to mom’s except it doesn’t have as much bling! When mom picked out the necklace, we only thought about styling the cardigan so the sides hung down straight. That’s why we chose such a long necklace. If you think you’d want a shorter necklace to go with this print, I found this one, here (did I warn you that I’ve been loving pearls lately?)

Fashion & Style for Women over 50.

My necklace has both yellow and a mustard color in it, here! There’s also a shorter, 2-strand version, here, that I vacillated on getting, but the consensus was the longer one was better with this blouse!

Fashion & Style for Women over 50.

Here’s our bracelets above!! I’m describing them from left to right since you probably don’t know our hands!

On Jodie: Since I was already print mixing—I kept my arm candy somewhat subdued! Chicos has this set of bracelets, here, and if you consider that you’re getting 5 different bracelets—it’s quite the deal!

For Nancy: I let Nancy borrow my girlfriend bracelet that Chicos so generously sent me for being part of #TheFierce50. They are selling them in the stores now, so if you want one of your own, check them out here! I could only find the green one on the website, but our store had all of the versions. They have other colors like pearl, turquoise & brown! (Sally loved the red one because it had an giraffe charm on it along with a tassel).

Charlotte: My mom kept her bracelet neutral to blend in with her cardigan. But she did have fun with a little fringe and tassel detail. Here it is! I love that it looks like you took the time to layer a couple of bracelets, yet it’s really only one piece!



I can’t tell you how elated that we were to be chosen to be part of this #LoveChicos Event!! I’m sure you couldn’t tell by all of the smiles on our faces, right?

Many of you asked how this opportunity came about. Chicos is one of the companies that is behind us in #TheFierce50 Movement! They are know for having great styles and pieces for women of many ages, sizes and budgets! Just like the tagline of my blog says!! We want to thank Chicos for providing the 3 of us with our outfits for this event and for sponsoring this event & post.

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