Clogs for Women

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Clogs for women over 50

Clogs for Women

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Let me start out this post and explain that I had a suggestion from a reader to showcase clogs on the blog. Well, considering that my mom and I really don’t have any of these items in our closets, I almost thought I would have to let this suggestion pass. Until I was in LA last June and met Angelique. We somehow got talking about clogs and I asked if she’d be willing to contribute to my blog for this subject!

It’s been so incredible to have met up with other women from around the country. I invite you to join our Forever Fierce –the Midlife Revolution Facebook group for such inspiration and camaraderie.

So let me introduce you to Angelique L’Amour. You may recognize the last name from her father, Louis L’Amour. She’s a fabulous writer, coach, speaker and all around fabulous woman! She tells her story below, and I’ve added in my two cents at times in a brown, italicized font.

Angelique’s bio

Angelique L'Amour

Angelique L’Amour grew up in the household of a prolific writer where storytelling was a way of life.

In the mid 1980’s she edited and compiled a collection of quotes by her father, Louis L’Amour, which was published by Bantam Doubleday Dell in 1988, A Trail of Memories spent 16 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list and was also a Publisher’s Weekly bestseller.

Having written for personal enjoyment since she was a child Angelique has returned to her roots to write novels for the Young Adult and Middle Grade markets.

As a cancer survivor, Angelique dedicates time to advocacy and awareness efforts and recently published Chemo, Cupcakes and Carpools: How to Go through Chemo with Your Family, Your Marriage and Your Sanity Intact, and the companion organizer and the companion gratitude journal.

Her blog, which began in 2009, focuses mostly on writing with some forays into her life experience and cancer advocacy. It can be found at

Recognizing her unique ability to help others bring their incredible stories to life, Angelique created and taught a Creative Writing program for students from 8-80 and now serves this passion by nurturing writers as an Author Coach.

Angelique’s History of her Clogs

I would have to say my gateway into the world of clogs came in the form of a pair of Dutch clogs my dad brought home from WWII. I remember the feeling of my feet in those hard wooden shoes and the sorrow of my feet no longer fitting. They were tiny, completely plain and made entirely of wood. The next pair that entered my life were red perforated shiny leather clogs with no back which were a gift for my birthday or Christmas when I was about 7. I remember those too with their hard wooden insoles. I wore them everywhere and was bereft that I couldn’t wear them to school.

Clogs for women in their 50's

Burgundy leather clogs

Over the years I have periodically bought clogs. A pair from Sven in Los Angeles where they measured my feet so they could be perfectly sized came in my 20’s, and then a pair of open back clogs, but each time they would stretch just enough to give me issues.

Clogs being colorful

This purple pair really adds some fun color to the mix. 

Dansko Clogs

Until the closed back Dansko. It started about ten years ago when I needed something to wear as a slipper in my house that I could wear socks with. I am a mom so I needed to be able slip into them quickly. So I bought a pair of Dansko Professionals and I fell in love. My feet felt great they slipped on easily and I could wear socks—I sleep in socks and I needed something that was quick. When I began having foot problems, the gift of chemo and breast cancer, I found that Danskos were my saving grace. Plantar fasciitis made my feet need support.

Most people think of bulky clogs –the classic clog look and they wouldn’t be wrong but Dansko and other brands are taking that comfort and support and making them cute!

Clogs for warmer weather

A different brand of black clog sandals, although Angelique’s are Dansko

When I wanted a pair of sandals to wear that looked cute and were incredibly comfortable with a little height, Dansko was there. When I found my winter boots had broken down after so many years that my feet were killing me I walked straight into Brown’s Shoe Fit in Durango, Colorado, and bought a pair of Professionals and a pair of clog boots that had the upper entirely made of shearling. Thanks, Dansko.

Clogs worn to pilates

Clog booties worn to Pilates. Angelique’s are Dansko

Angelique’s Details

Jodie asked me to write about clogs. About making them fashionable so I have to warn you. I wear a 41. I am 5’10” and I am not dainty. Maybe some cute women can wear clogs with their jeans rolled up and look cute. (cue Sarah Jessica Parker) Not me. I wear my professionals like a tennis shoe. Functional and comfortable but I have not succeeded in making them look cool.

Other pairs I have are more stylish. I have three pairs of the same sandal which l love —they have a 70’s vibe with nail heads along the base and I wear them with both maxis and jeans and flairs. I have those in nude, black and dark brown. Along with the fact, that I also have several boots. The Maria is a similar vibe to the more expensive and oh so cute Number 6 clog boots. I would love a pair of their shearling ones by the way, but the ones I tried on ran small.

Clogs for date night

Date night

That is one of the things I love about Dansko is they run true to size. If it is going to fit me style wise then I am a 41. You do have to make sure they feel good when you put them on. They are made by hand and there is a bit of variation. I have a high instep and need them to feel good across there.

Clogs for women over 50

 A Target Version, or another one. Angelique’s pair are Dansko

I also have an older lace up granny style that I didn’t wear much at the beginning but now I am wearing all the time with pants and with maxis.

Real Life

When I moved our older daughter into college it poured. I was flying home the next day and my shoes were soaked. All I wanted was a comfy pair of shoes to wear home— and yep, another pair of dansko clogs made their way into my hands. The only thing about flying is that you do have to take them off for security. They are stapled to their base.

Clogs worn for shopping

A day of shopping with the daughter….

The best thing my feet never hurt in them. Never.

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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