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Color Combinations with Orange for Wonderful Winter Style

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There are unlimited color combinations with orange as with any color. I think of orange as one of those underappreciated colors yet it can be just as beautiful as the color red.

Quote of the day: “If you’re so laser-focused on reaching one specific goal, you may actually miss forks in the road that lead to other opportunities.” Cate Blanchett

The idea this week was to explore ideas of styling what we might consider winter colors. Lesley (and a guest blogger, Donna) gave us ideas of both metallic gold and mustard gold.
Emerald green was my color of choice and I showcased it with two different options.

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Why would orange be considered a winter color? One site proclaimed that the 3 biggest colors for fall (and I consider that the same for winter) are yellow, orange, and pink.

Truthfully, I have been reasoning that since the fall and winter days are shorter, darker, and cooler, we should concentrate on wearing bright colors more to boost our mood. It may seem counterintuitive, yet especially if we pair the bright colors with darker colors, it can work wonderfully.

If you want to skip down to the showcased outfit of orange with olive green, then click here. And if you are more interested in other color combinations with orange, I have those listed at the end of the post.

The Color Orange

First, let’s talk about orange. It’s one of the warm colors yet I do think there is a shade for everyone. If you look better in the cooler or muted colors then you may struggle to have orange in your closet.
Yet don’t forget that you can still incorporate color that isn’t flattering to your complexion in other parts of your outfit.

Insider tip: I’ve done this exact thing the time I wore a black shirt. Or you can have orange in the bottom half of your outfit like Lesley has done in the past.

Most of the time when we think of orange or the brighter colors, we tend to think of the brighter days during the spring and summertime. Yet Charlotte is here to show you how you can combine orange with olive green to make it translate to our winter days.

Pants: Dana Buchman~~ Jacket: thrifted ~~ Turtleneck: Croft & Barrow~~ Shoes: Keds~~ Earrings: Local boutique~~ Purse: Circus by Sam Edelman-thrifted ~~Socks: Sheec No Show

2 Varieties of Color Combinations with Orange and Olive Green

Orange and olive green is another example of a color combination that mirrors Mother Nature. This was the exact same idea with the color combinations with gold. And who doesn’t love the color pairings that Mother Nature puts together for us season after season?

Charlotte started with a column of olive green and added in her orange in two different ways. Both of the orange pieces (the jacket and the scarf) are a darker orange that seems perfect for the fall and winter months.

As usual, my mom includes a boatload of fun tricks and wonderful accessories to give each outfit its glory.

With the orange jacket that was thrifted for a whopping deal of $5, she is wearing a long, gold necklace. All of the other details for the orange scarf outfit are the same, and I’ll delve into those below.

Olive green column of color and orange scarf

Wearing a Column of Color

Wearing a column of color means that your pants and top are the same color. This is a wonderful base for easy outfits, as then your jacket or cardigan can be the focal point.
This column of color also works with a dress so you don’t have to match your pants and top.

What if the pants and top don’t match exactly? That is the case here with Charlotte’s outfit and is quite common unless you bought the two pieces together at the same store. Don’t worry too much about the colors not matching perfectly as long as they look nice together.
This is actually the advantage of wearing a jacket, vest, or cardigan over the column of color because you don’t notice the column of color as much.

Charlotte even wore green sneakers to keep the column of color going into her shoes. Since most of us don’t have green shoes, any neutral would work just as well, like black, brown, or grey.

Woman over 80 and color combinations with orange

Orange Scarf Style

Charlotte is also a huge scarf fan and found this wool plaid scarf in her collection. The most popular response to what kind of struggles do you have with your wardrobe is how to style a scarf. If you’ve been here a while, then you know that rarely a week goes by without one of us showcasing one way or another to style the magical fabric item.

Insider tip: Don’t get too caught up in how you tie your scarf. Most times, it’s the fabric or pattern that should be the star of the show, and your concern is to showcase it in a way that doesn’t overpower you.

This orange scarf is a long rectangle, so Charlotte put the ends through a scarf ring that looks like a buckle (found here on Amazon) to keep it in place. While you could tie a knot with the ends, that can be even bulkier with these heavier scarves.

Insider tip: You CAN recycle a belt buckle for this kind of scarf clip. You just need to make sure each end of the scarf goes on alternate sides of the prong.

On top of the hump of scarf material, my mom added a large brooch. Even though the brooch is orange per se, because of the white middle, it does contrast against the orange scarf.
BTW, the scarf ended up being too long down the front of Charlotte’s body, so I pulled it up to a nicer proportion and knotted the extra in the back. This might seem strange to have a bulk of scarf behind your neck, but I think it adds some extra interest to the rearview.

Orange Accessories

If you can’t find any orange pieces of clothing that work for your complexion, don’t forget that accessories can add an entirely different color to a look.

The entire day my mom wore this outfit, she was constantly complimented on these earrings. Why? Because they are fun and a great way to bring the focus to her face. Do you think you’re too old for statement earrings? Well, think again, as Charlotte is in her 80’s and rocking these tassel earrings.

Insider tip: Focus on the lightweight materials when choosing statement earrings so they don’t drag your earlobe down.

This orange and brown purse adds another layer of color combinations with orange. You can see that the orange of the purse and the orange of the scarf are not exactly the same. Yet they still look wonderful in the outfit. Two shades of the same color can play nicely together, just like red and pink.

Orange accents

Green sneakers with green pants

Sneakers for Older Women

By this time in our lives, we are constantly looking for comfort in our footwear. That’s why I love the idea of the interesting sneakers that are available now.

Sneakers can be worn with a variety of outfits including dresses and skirts which we have shown in the past –even in the winter:

Charlotte is wearing her no-show Sheec socks. If it’s colder where you live, you might need an extra layer on your feet, and would appreciate having your ankles covered. For this example, then I might suggest a color of sock that matches the pants.

Olive green for winter style

Other Color Combinations With Orange

Whether you pair it with other warm colors or cool colors, you can’t go wrong by experimenting with other color combinations with orange.

I’ll list some of the examples we have shown, but don’t be limited by what we have done. Make sure to hold up your orange clothing item with everything in your closet to see how it will work.

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Color combinations with orange for winter

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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