It was a Haircut Day for Rob

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Quote of the Day: “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Anonymous

Here’s another segment in our men’s fashion posts!! The first one that I twisted Rob’s arm to pose for was concentrating on his shoes, here. Today, we just concentrate on his great haircut that was done right before the photos–ha ha!! No but, this is a normal outfit that Rob would put together when we are out and about.

Rob’s Outfit: Let me start by talking about the coat. It came about due to the fact that Rob is always lamenting about how many cool coats I have, and there really aren’t many great selections for the guys! And by cool, Rob means not black & boring! Granted, he does have quite a few jackets & coats, they just are all solid colored. So when we happened to see this one online from BooHoo for only $35, we grabbed it up!

I did end up ordering a new zipper for the coat. The one that came with it only zipped up one way, whereas this one is a separating zipper that works from both the top & bottom. It does make it so much easier for sitting and moving around!

Men's Fashion,

Rob usually wears a colored t-shirt under his shirts. When we were first together, he always wore the white undershirts. But I thought that the white ones really made him look old manish. So we’ve been accumulating colored tees ever sine. Sometimes he matches the t-shirt to the outer shirt, but many times he goes for a contrasting color! You can see, how he went with a green colored one under his denim shirt this day!

Men's Fashion,

The jeans are a light blue pair that we picked up the first time we visited Seattle. He loves them as much as I do!! One reason is because they have spandex in them, and thus are super comfortable. But secondly, they add a little flair to his look! They aren’t just a normal blue denim, but more of a sky blue color!!

Men's Fashion,

And, of course, the shoes! We just picked these up right before Christmas at DSW. They are basically the same pair that Nancy has (and wore, here). Nancy is always saying how comfortable they are, so I figured these would be fabulous for Rob too! I love how they look like an oxford, but the bottom portion is more like a sneaker!

Jeans: Andrew Morato (similar here or here)~~Shirt: Gap (similar here)~~Coat: BooHoo (similar here in a bigger plaid, or here in a smaller print–both limited sizes or here where it’s more subtle )~~Shoes: Cole Haan (similar here as a sneaker or here as the Zerogrand but a different version)~~Belt: (similar here)

What do you all think? Is this something your men would wear or not?

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Here’s some other colors for jeans for the men!! Any takers?

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