Colorful Daily Outfits For October 10.16.21

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Wearing purple for October daily outfits. Chain link necklace. Velvet top

Colorful Daily Outfits For October 10.16.21

It’s another week of daily outfits and even though it’s autumn, I’m still wearing color!! Looking back at the week, I do see more pants than dresses, so I’ll try to change that for next week. Of course on Thursday’s daily outfit I wore both, haha!!


Sheer top over a pink dress

Today we were off to church in the morning, so I wanted to be a tad dressier.

This is one of those dresses that when I put it on, seems a tad tight. That’s why I wore the sheer top over it.

Insider tip: I just wrote a post about tips to style your dress when it seems a tad small.

In order to cover the hem of the top, I used a scarf as a belt.

The top has attached ties at the neck, so I twisted them and used a brooch to keep them in place.

The shoes have been featured showing how to wear them with 5 different vibes of looks.

And Spookie has her head in the photo too.


Colorful day for running errands

It’s the Target plaid joggers again. I’m wearing them today for hanging out around the house and knowing we will be heading out to the grocery store tonight.

The headscarf is keeping my hair tamed down. If you’re like me, most headbands hurt my head since they sit behind my ears along with my glasses. It’s one reason I like the Lilla Rose headbands (like I just blogged about) and these Gibby’s scarves (Use code JODIE20 for 20% off). The nice thing is these scarves stay in place without bobby pins!!

I’ll wear just the t-shirt around the house but will grab this cropped trench coat when we leave the house.

And animal print sneakers?? I think they are a must-have for everyone. These are old ones from Belong Lifestyle. They used to have sequins on the back heel, but they rubbed against my skin. So I just tore them off.

Insider tip: Many of the annoyances from our clothing can be fixed. If you struggle with something, feel free to reach out to me, and I’ll try to help you get creative with how to fix it!!

Tuesday Daily Outfits

Colorful daily outfits

Since it was going to be a chillier day, I broke out the new faux fur jacket that I purchased from a local boutique called Naomi & Ruth. The boutique owner is a lovely human and gives 10% of all proceeds to charity.

Do you know how I always say that we tend to buy the same things over and over? Well, I’m just as guilty. My mom thought this wasn’t much different than my lilac faux fur jacket.

These silky joggers are also from Naomi & Ruth and I added in olive green to give it a fall vibe.

These caged shoes are ones I wore back when I was working 10 years ago.

And my colorful “necklace” is a Gibby’s scarf that I braided.

Insider tip: You can see my video on how to braid a scarf two different ways. This is the second way.


Snakeskin boots

This outfit was inspired in order to wear this skirt. I’ve had it for a couple of years yet rarely wear it. Even though in real life it’s textured and fun, it just never feels special.

Therefore I added in a velvet top (which I used my handy dandy elastic to create the same upward swing seen on the skirt.) The top is from Naomi and Ruth’s online boutique from last season.

My favorite part of the outfit is the snakeskin boots. My original pair finally fell apart, so I picked these up at the end of the last winter season.

I feel like this light version of snakeskin is easy to wear with so much since it’s a mixture of black and white.

On my Facebook page, I asked to see if people liked the necklace or a scarf better with the outfit. The overwhelming majority said the necklace. If you want to see the scarf, here is the FB post.

AND these “yarn” earrings which I purchased from my friends on Instagram you can see up close in the first photo of this post.


Dress over pants

I was inspired by my friend, Judy when she tagged me on a Facebook post saying that outfit was right up my alley. The funny thing was I already had this dress hanging out thinking I would wear it with pants.

In fact, on my Facebook page, I wondered if you liked it better with these green pants or pink ones.

It’s a dress that I’ve worn the normal way here, but it always seems to pull across my chest. Sure, I could purge it, but I’m working hard on being more sustainable. Especially since I already paid money for it.

Wearing a dress as a duster is such a perfect way to make it versatile. Usually, I see this done with shirt dresses, but it works fine with this wrap dress too.

The green pants are from Target purchased years ago.

These sneakers are Jambu ones called Erin that are still available this season. Using my code JTOUCHF21 gives you 20% off. This color is taupe but they come in 6 different colors.

BTW, my tee is a sleep tee, but you’d never know, right? I couldn’t find one that was the right color in my regular t-shirts, so I looked in my workout wear and sleepwear.

Insider tip: Thinking beyond how we categorize our clothing can lead to more options. Not only checking sleepwear and workout wear, but you could also “borrow” from the other people in your household. Heck, even a swimsuit tankini would work layered like this.

Daily Outfit For Friday

Mustard yellow for fall with black and white and Naot

Today we were going to the Home and Garden show so I needed comfortable shoes.

I’m trying out another comfortable brand called Naot and these are a pair of their sneakers. I will say they worked great for the all-day walking around on concrete flooring. But they aren’t cheap.

The other pair I have of this brand is a pair of sandals, that I wore here (they are the blush sandals), and had won in a giveaway.

The rest of the outfit was for comfort and fun. I love the mustard yellow for fall, and this is a very lightweight blouse that is wrapped.

The gingham pants were an impulse buy at Target many years ago, and I have loved them to death.

Of course, I had to add in a colorful necklace and earrings. I even ended up with a crossbody bag which I tried to hide under my necklace. You would have seen a glimpse of it in the photo I shared in the morning email.

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