Striped tunics and pants style

Colorful Styling with Tunics and Pants

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Colorful tunics and pants style

Colorful Styling with Tunics and Pants

Styling tunics and pants is a wonderful option especially when they are light and breezy for the summer heat. The three of us found these tunics at a local boutique and since they were on sale (under $10) and available in our sizes, we thought we would show different ways to style them!!
Lesley is starting off with the idea of styling tunics and pants. Make sure to check how Charlotte style it with a dress and I wore it with a skirt.

Quote of the day: “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” Alice Walker

This quote is very important when you really think about it. So much of our power is believing. And too many times, women will comment that they can’t wear something. Why? Too often it is because we’ve read a “rule” that states what we can and cannot wear. However, our bodies are SO different from each other that one size fits all doesn’t always work.
Often I feel like a salmon swimming upstream when I talk about breaking these fashion rules. Yet I feel this need to push us out of those common misperceptions of what is either age or size appropriate.

Tunics and Pants

Woman over 70 in a tunic

Pants: ~~ Tunic: Mushka by Sienna Rose ~~ Shoes: ~~ Bracelet: ~~ Purse:

Let’s discuss the idea of tunics and pants like Lesley is wearing. I know we easily wear tunics with leggings because we have always been taught that something flowy should be paired with something more fitted.
Well, I think Lesley’s example shows how normal pants work great with this tunic. Her pants are in no way tight or super fitted.

Striped tunics and pants style


Did you know that I read an article that says women over 40 should stay away from bright colors? I was shocked. I suppose if you want to blend in and be more invisible that could be the reason. Invisible however, is not something I strive for and I hope none of you do either.
I have learned that each of us has so much to offer those around us, and it’s easier to do that if we shine our light!!

Thankfully both Charlotte and Lesley don’t mind bright colors and they were both game about styling this colorful tunic. It has so many various colors in it that you could match it to almost anything in your closet.
In fact, Lesley decided to pull out the bright pink pants and even added in yellow sandals.

Considering we were going to the Phoenix Art Museum on this day, it’s only fitting that she looked like a piece of beautiful artwork.

Styling tunics and pants
Yellow sandals

Yellow Shoes

This is not the first time the yellow shoes are spotlighted. In fact, there have been blog posts where they are the subject of the blog post and the outfits are styled around them. See a couple of those post below if you don’t think that yellow shoes are versatile.

How Your Yellow Shoes Can be a Great Contrast Item
How to Style Yellow Heels with a Dress

I was impressed how Lesley didn’t wear her bright pink shoes with this outfit and instead brought in a different color with her footwear. Not unlike the idea of breaking our matchy matchy habit from last week.

Bright pink

Make an Item Work for You

I’d like to also point out how Lesley tied the ends of the tunic together on the sides. There are many, many tricks that can make an item work better for you. Too many times we try something on and feel like if it’s not perfect, that it’s no good for us.
By tying the ends of this tunic, Lesley makes the tunic less flowy and overpowering. The best part about doing this is she can untie it and have it be the other way too.

These tricks are great to have in your back pocket when you need them. They aren’t much different than the 8 ways I made a kimono less overpowering.

Maybe I haven’t talked about alterations lately, but those too can make your item work for you. In fact, I marvel at the way we expect things mass made to fit our individual bodies.
Both Lesley and Charlotte know how to sew (and because of that I have learned the basics). There are 7 easy alterations that even the beginner sewer can accomplish. Besides, with YouTube, you can find the instructions of how to “fix” almost anything.

Tunics and pants

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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