Fun with how to wear a tunic

Colorful Summer Style: How to Wear a Tunic Over a Dress

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Fun with how to wear a tunic

Colorful Summer Style: How to Wear a Tunic Over a Dress

How to wear a tunic is just as easy for the summer as the winter. In fact, all three of us bought this same exact tunic and wanted to show various ways to style it. Make sure to see Lesley’s look with pants, and my idea with a skirt.

Quote of the day: “Who knows only a generation remains always a child.” George Norlin

One reason I love this quote (which was inscribed on my college library building at University of Colorado) is I believe we can get inspiration from women older and younger than us. In fact, as we get older, we have more secrets and tricks to share, so I love being able to showcase both my mom and Lesley on my blog.
And the idea of how to wear a tunic is a great subject for women of all ages.

That’s why I loved the idea of each of us wearing the same garment, yet we can make it look so different. Of course this tunic is unique in that it has these ties on the side so you can wrap it. Charlotte wrapped the ties to the back whereas Lesley cut off the ties.
Like I always say, it’s good to make an item work for you and your body.

Charlotte on How to Wear a Tunic Over a Dress

How to wear a tunic over a dress

Dress: My mom made it ~~ Tunic: Mushka by Sienna Rose ~~ Shoes: Impo ~~ Necklace: ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Monet

Layering a tunic over your dress is a great way to dress up the tunic. Many times we wonder if the item is meant to be a tunic or a dress. If it seems a tad short, then think of it as a top, and layer it over a dress or skirt.
I’ve used this trick with a sheer tunic in the past. It’s not much different than styling your dress as a skirt (by wearing a top over it).

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If your tunic is somewhat sheer, this also makes it easy to stay modest without having to add in a camisole.

Insider tip: Layering your tunic over a dress is also smart if your dress seems a tad tightish or even too dressy. See my example here with an oversized sweater over my lace dress.

How to wear a tunic with color

Color Options

Since this tunic is so colorful, there are 3 ways to style it color wise. One is how Lesley styled it and matched one of the colors with her pants. The second way would be to pair it with a neutral instead. That’s what Charlotte did here with her beige striped dress (that she made!). Now the third way would be to wear it with a color that isn’t in the print. This might be hard with this specific tunic since there are so many colors already in it, but maybe chartreuse (because my friend Bettye has been loving chartreuse lately) or purple would work?

For those of you who shy away from wearing colors, remember that there is a lot of psychology with colors. If we always wear neutrals, then we might be giving off a more somber vibe. It’s always good to think about our outfits as our calling card.
In my opinion, wearing a bright tunic like this shows a fun personality!

How to Wear a Tunic with Colorful Accessories

With a colorful tunic, you can accessorize so many ways. Charlotte is showing her tunic with all kinds of colorful accessories. But this would be just as lovely with silver or gold accessories also.

Summer tunic style
Elongate a tunic

Shoes for Summer

Summer is the perfect time for colorful shoes. Even if you don’t wear much color, a colorful pair of shoes can be the way to add color to any outfit!!

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How to wear a tunic for dress up

The Rear View

One thing I say over and over is that just as many people see you from the rear view as from the front. Sure, we don’t notice the rear but I like making sure it’s as stylish as the front view.
With a tunic, it can be a lot of material, so the detail of the ties can break up the monotony. In fact, this can be something you add to an existing tunic (they don’t have to be the same material). It can add detail to the rear view of your outfit PLUS create a little shaping!!

How to wear a tunic

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

My Goal

Thank you for visiting my space on the internet. I like to showcase how it’s never too late to look great for women of any age, size or working with any budget.
I feel I’m here to help move beyond the fashion rules of yesterday and evolve. Style and clothes are made to give you joy. Not cause us stress because we are worried about what other’s think.

My hope is that you get ideas and inspirations from Charlotte, Lesley and myself. It’s not about copying what we wear, but about using what you already have and updating items along the way.
Most of all it’s getting us to think differently and dare I say, have fun?


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