Colorful Yarn Storage, Knitting Projects as My Favorite Things for Where Bloggers Live

Colorful Yarn Storage, Knitting Projects as My Favorite Things for Where Bloggers Live

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Yarn and Sheep Decor

Colorful Yarn Storage, Knitting Projects as My Favorite Things for Where Bloggers Live

My favorite things includes my colorful yarn storage and knitting projects. This idea is the monthly theme for our Where Bloggers Live collaboration! Of course picking one idea as my favorite things wasn’t entirely hard, however, I could have chosen my husband, food or fashion too.

Quote of the day:” When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” Maya Angelou

I have shown you that when I like something, I collect a lot of it and try to organize it by color. As seen by my closet tour post last month. Introducing a Closet Tour of this Fashionista Along With Organizational Tips.
So I’m sure it comes as no surprise that my knitting hobby includes a large amount of yarn storage and a collection of sweaters.


I remember back in the day in dental school, when someone asked me what my hobbies were. Hobbies? Who had time for hobbies with a crazy school schedule AND trying to have friends and date?
Fast forward to when I graduated dental school and had settled down. At first I took up cross stitching because it was something I had done as a kid. Then one day I found myself in Hobby Lobby looking at yarn. My mother, Charlotte, had taken up knitting for a stretch of time and I decided maybe I would too!!

That was the beginning of a love affair with yarn, knitting and as my mom said, “my obsession with needles.” What you see below is about 2/3 of my original stash. In my defense, it’s an inherited trait as you can see by my mom’s fabric collection and my original yarn storage from back in Denver in that 7 minute video.
When we moved out here to Arizona, I did give away 5 garbage bags full of wool/heavyweight yarn and also got rid of most of my knitting books. Luckily now there is an online site called Ravelry for knitting patterns.

Yarn storage in the guest bedroom

Welcome to the Yarn Storage Bedroom (aka Guest Bedroom)

I’m including a photo of the guest bedroom when we first moved into this house. You can see there was a 1960’s original sliding door that went out to the front patio. It was the first thing that was taken out and replaced with a window.

Using that wall for my colorful yarn storage was smart for two reasons.
1-Can you say wall art?
2-It hopefully muffles some of the sound from the road out front.
Extra-It’s the perfect perch for a furry kitty to look out of the window. She considers this her room. You can see how she enjoys modeling too!

Once we put up the 8 cube shelves around the perimeter of the window, there was just enough space for another 4 cube shelf in the middle. It wasn’t perfect planning, but pure luck that it all fit so wonderfully!!

Yarn Storage

I store my yarn like I store my clothes. By color when possible. I do have some variegated yarns that don’t fit the color scheme as well, so they have their own 3 cubbies.
And I use three of the cubbies for the remaining knitting pattern books/booklets. I have my favorite books standing up, and then there are others behind those.

Now What?

So while I do LOVE my yarn storage, and have been known to spend hours fingering my yarn and dreaming up combinations of different yarns for a specific pattern, I also consider knitting as one of my favorite things.
Many of you may consider knitting as a solitary activity, however, I have many “knitting” friends. We would gather once a month to knit together. And then twice a year we had a knitting retreat in the mountains. It’s truly the best way to get inspiration for projects and answers to any issues you might be having.

For me, knitting is my love language. If I’ve knitted you something, then you better be sure that I love you. Because if you know anything about the knitting process, it’s not speedy like sewing. Only small hats or skirts can be accomplished in a weekend. Most sweaters take me over 80 hours to complete.

When I started blogging, I found I wasn’t wearing my knitted pieces as much. Which is a shame since there is so much love and money in each item. (BTW, yarn isn’t cheap unless you find it at the thrift store. And many of my first yarn purchases were on eBay).
Thus I started showcasing my knitted projects on my Instagram account. Most Saturdays are #YarnDay where I give tidbits about the piece and many times include either a life lesson or knitting lesson.

Sweater Love

I’ve knit almost everything. Sweaters are definitely my favorite, but I’ve knit skirts, a dress, hats, scarves, socks, mittens and slippers. In fact, right now I’m working on some knitted pumpkins for decorations around the house.
The above black and white sweater started out as a sweater for Rob…more information about it here on Instagram. The clasps were found on a thrifted sweater that I purchased ONLY for the clasps. That’s when thinking outside the box when shopping is smart.

Burgundy vest-Found here on Instagram
Yellow vest-Along with the reason I’m wearing it with such distressed jeans.

Orange floral- Imperfect
FairIsle Cardigan-Gifted yarn kit (and buttons) from Iceland

Yarn Storage

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