Is lilac one of the colors that go with olive green

Colors That Go With Olive Green: Unlimited Options Including Lilac

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There are unlimited colors that go with olive green and I’m here to show you the proof. This week was all about incorporating lilac as part of the fall and winter trend. We saw Lesley wear lilac with a dark neutral and Charlotte wore it with a print sweater.

Quote of the day: “The things you take pride in are the same things you are likely to be biased about. How might the thing you take pride in be misleading you? The tighter you cling to your current identity, the harder it becomes to grow beyond it.” James Clear

Not only is it important to grow in our thoughts but also in our style. Gone are the days that fashion is governed by the rules that our mother’s taught us. The good thing is this allows us to be freer with our choices.

There is no easier way to make our closet bigger without spending money than by trying new color combinations with what we already have in our closet. My outfit of the day will focus on lilac with olive green.
But before I go into the outfit details, let me answer the question of what other colors go with olive green.

Unlimited Colors That Go With Olive Green

Let me show some examples of various colors that go with olive green from the blog in the past. I always think it’s important to remember that color is very subjective. What I call olive green could be considered sage green to others. Every color has many different shades and values. There are also warm variances and cool variances of the same color.

What that means is we shouldn’t get caught up in the name of the color. The important aspect is how the color looks with the rest of our outfit.

Reds and Olive Green

Considering there are many versions of red, I thought I’d include 4 different examples.

1st photo: Burgundy and olive green. This outfit was part of the idea of wearing animal prints in our clothing. My blouse under my handknit sweater is a leopard print.

2nd photo: Blush and olive green. In this post, a reader even sent me her interpretation of the color combination alongside Charlotte, Nancy, and myself.

3rd photo: Red and olive green. This post was showcasing our favorite fall colors so I included not only red with the olive green but also yellow. Nancy and Charlotte showcased other ideas.

Not pictured: Bright pink and olive green. As part of showing bright colors with the camo print, Nancy wore a bright pink skirt.

Neutrals and Olive Green

Of course, the list of neutrals is larger than just these photos. In fact, I normally include denim as a neutral since we wear it with everything. Since that’s the case, you’ll see denim with olive green below in my showcased outfit photos with my two jackets layered over each other.

1st photo: White–This is one of my favorite outfits Charlotte has worn with ankle boots and shorter pants.

2nd photo: Black and white— Black and white is a favorite neutral combination and goes with any color as shown here with olive green

3rd photo: Brown–Nancy’s brown jacket pairs well with the olive green sweater.

Other Colors

Other colors that go with olive green would be unlimited if you are asking my opinion. I’m only showing these three here but I hope you realize that orange would be perfect too.

1st photo: Yellow: Charlotte wore a yellow top with her olive green pants and tied it all together with a neutral bomber jacket.

2nd photo: Lime green: The premise of this post was to pair lime green with lilac and I tied it all together with the olive green.

3rd photo: Turquoise: While Nancy’s jacket is a print, it comes across as olive green and works beautifully with the turquoise top underneath it.

How I Chose Colors That Go With Olive Green

Since our theme was about wearing lilac into the fall season, I grabbed this olive green pencil skirt. Olive green is a perfect neutral for the colder months, and it contrasts beautifully against the lilac leopard top.

The outfit seemed rather dark with just these two colors, so I added pops of bright pink to liven it up.

You can see in the second photo how I layered my denim jackets to counter the early morning chill. More about that is below.

Lilac leopard top

Lilac Leopard

Leopard print can be found on anything and everything, and it’s even more fun when it comes in unexpected colors. While this is “just” a t-shirt in all intents and purposes, I do believe that the leopard print gives it a more interesting vibe.

Insider tip: A knit tee is very comfy, yet can end up being frumpy. I’ve discussed ways to update your look when wearing these knit tops.

While it’s hard to see in these photos, the trim of this tee is a tulle material which is interesting. I would expect when finding something like this on a top, you would think it would make it special and better than “just” a t-shirt. However, you just can’t expect others to notice these tiny details. In all reality, it looks like a basic tee.

Wearing Bright Pink with the Lilac and Olive Green

Adding in a third color is an advanced way to style outfits. And pairing bright pink with the lilac and olive green adds more personality.

The suggestion with a third specific color is to add three elements of it throughout the look. The reasoning behind this idea is then the extra color looks intentional. Now I will also say that sometimes it’s better to break the rules because it can be just as fun to incorporate only one piece of a third color in an outfit.

However, I decided my look needed more than just a little extra color with the bright pink so I added many pieces of the color. It all started with the belt (which also has purple and bands of olive green) and then grabbed my pink purse along with bright pink jewelry.
My jewelry includes a bright pink ring, earrings, and 2 different bracelets.

BTW, I have learned the easy way to tie a bow, so it stays horizontal and looks like a real bow. You can find it in a short video on YouTube. It took me practicing over 10 times in order to remember how to do it, so just save it so you can refer back to it when you need it.

Double denim jackets

Can You Layer Jackets?

When I shared this look on my daily outfit posts, I had a comment about layering the two jackets. After living in Denver, Colorado, I know a thing or two about needing to layer items to stay warm. And there’s no reason you can’t wear one jacket over another jacket.

Both of these jackets are a tad oversized which makes it easier. The lighter-colored one that is underneath is cropped and has 3/4 length sleeves. The medium wash denim is longer and has full sleeves. I wasn’t trying to hide the fact that I was wearing two jackets, so I popped the collar of the inside one to be seen.

Other examples of layering outerwear:
Layering Coats with our Short Coats
Layer your Long Coat over Another Coat

Now, I wasn’t planning on wearing two jackets for this day; however, it was chillier than expected. So instead of freezing my tookus off, I wore the cropped one as I had planned and then grabbed the longer one that I keep in my car to wear over top.

Insider tip: I always keep a denim jacket in each car to have just in case. I find them inexpensively at the thrift store and even search the men’s and children’s sections.

If you don’t like secondhand clothing, then there are many denim jackets priced reasonably.

Camo shoes and olive green skirt

Camo Shoes

I found these camo print shoes at a consignment store. They are the brand Steven, but I don’t know anything else about them. They are similar to what I would imagine Rothy’s would feel like because they are a material instead of leather.

Now that the three of us have tried Vivaia shoes that are made from plastic bottles, I can see why these types of shoes are popular. While these don’t have as much arch support as our Vivaia ones, these were comfortable for the short bit of walking we did.

Product Alert

Of course, I did wear my ultra-low cut Sheec socks with the flats. As you can see, they definitely don’t show, yet they stay put all day long.

I wrote a post about the specifics of these no-show socks citing some of the pros and cons. The company recently updated its offerings, and they are even better than ever.

I do believe in the power of print shoes whether that’s leopard, floral, or even camo. They add such a pop to the footwear, no matter what style.

Print mixing with olive green

Knit Skirt

These knit type of pencil skirts are my favorite kind. Because they are knit material, they stretch and make it easy to sit and move around.

Because this type of skirt has an elastic waistband, I’ve gotten creative with it and even worn it as a top. Don’t believe me? You can see it here when my outfit consisted of two skirts.

Older women in lilac

Lilac for All Ages

Color has no age limit and our only limit on color choices should be the ones that make us glow and feel fabulous. Don’t get stuck in the thinking that as we get older, we should only wear somber colors.
Here are the options we showcased.

  • If you prefer dark neutrals and only 2 colors, Lesley’s outfit is for you
  • Incorporating a print with many colors is an option that Charlotte showed.
  • And then for those of you who are intrigued with print mixing, I have 3 different prints in this outfit.
Lilac and olive green

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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