Combining Fashion and Nature in an Outfit and the Ageless Style Linkup

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Brown and yellow for fashion and nature

Combining Fashion and Nature in an Outfit and the Ageless Style Linkup

Combining fashion and nature for a look could mean so many different things. This was Debbie’s theme for our Ageless Style Group. When she told us about it she described it as, “an interpretation of absolutely anything in nature whether it be a season, a color scheme, a specific thing like leaves, flowers, trees, sunrise/sunset.”

Quote of the day: “When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” John Muir

I love how this quote really made me stop and think. Because even our outfits are made of pieces that are somehow related to memories or events. It’s all connected just like that idea of 6 degrees of separation.

Just like Lesley’s post was inspired by the palm trees of Arizona, it also reminds her of when she first met us, and look how that changed her life (hopefully in a good way, LOL). Then mom is sporting the ever popular leopard shoes. And I hope you check out some other fun color combinations for fall.

This is a sponsored post regarding these Walking Cradles shoes. Thank you for supporting great companies. And I love giving feedback on the items that might interest you.

Fashion and nature in a fall look

Pants: Chicos c/o ~~Top: East 5th-thrifted ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o ~~Necklace: Peach c/o~~Earrings: ~~ Hat: Rob’s ~~Purse:

Jodie’s Inspiration of Fashion and Nature

Styling fashion and nature together

I am very much a color person. Meaning, when the new seasons come around, I tend to think in terms of color. However, I have been trying very hard to push myself out of these old habits.

Since the theme for this Ageless Style post was about fashion and nature, I decided to take a page from the trees with my yellow and brown. Not the trees here in Arizona, but the ones we used to see in Colorado.


This fun purse was a find by my mother (the queen of great deals). It was at Bed, Bath & Beyond for something like $2 because it was on the sale rack. Sure, it’s still available online. Not quite as discounted, but it is available also in other colors. It has the kind of sequins where you can make them go one way or the other. What I should have done is make the other side of the purse look all white and have the word say “Fall” in gold!

My necklace is from the brand Peach. The company is featuring 3 handcrafted Larissa Loden accessories. Larissa Loden’s pieces are handcrafted in Minneapolis by a team of artisans, mothers, students and creative individuals who believe, when people come together, they can make the world shine a little brighter. They donate 5% of their profits to Cookie Cart, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit teaching teens life, leadership and small business skills through giving them experience and training in an urban bakery.

And the hat?? Yes it’s my husbands. He’s even worn in on the blog before. Even though his head is a little bit bigger than mine I wanted to make it work for me. So I stuffed a piece of fabric in the back rim to make it fit me better.

Silk Blouse

Colors to showcase fashion and nature

Granted this isn’t a real silk blouse. It’s polyester, but it looks silk. Even though most of us would only wear these blouses for dress up, I’m trying not to save my clothing. Life is too short, and I might as well enjoy the things I have in my closet.

Do you have any of these silky like tops in your closet?? If so, bring them out. Wear them. Enjoy them. You can make them seem more casual by pairing them with jeans. Why not?

Metallic Mules

These Walking Cradles mules are fur lined. Need I say more? Well, for those of you who aren’t always cold, then this may not be a draw. In fact, when I was first talking with Lisa, from Walking Cradles, we were imagining that my mom would wear these (and I would wear what she’s wearing tomorrow).

However, my mom doesn’t love the idea of mules because she feels like she always walks out of them. Yet, I didn’t walk out of these at all. Maybe the fur lining keeps your feet in place better?

Have you seen the Gucci inspired shoes like this? I have to admit, I think I like these Walking Cradles version much better. Because the fur lining isn’t sticking out and so obvious. In fact, it’s black, so unless your foot is in the shoes, you might not realize they are fur lined.

Since I’m always cold, I probably wouldn’t have worn these in Denver as much. But I can see how they are going to fit in perfectly in Arizona. Even though my heel is sticking out, the rest of my foot is toasty warm. And because I’m an affiliate with Walking Cradles now, you can get 15% off your purchase from the site with the code JODIE15.

Print Pants

Yellow print pants

These are my kind of pants. First off because they are print, and I think I’ve made my case for print pants recently. Second because they are yellow and that’s my favorite color lately.

I was gifted these pants from our Chico’s event a couple of years ago. It’s actually a little funny how all three of us wore Chico’s items for this theme. It goes to show how that company does a pretty good job of speaking our language.

However, you can see how these pants shrank quite a bit when I washed them. Do they seem too tight?? I’ve talked about that issue lately too. And if anything, I think I’m putting the focus on the top half of my body with the hat.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

Ageless Style Group

Now make sure to visit the other women in the Ageless Style group. Each of us has such different styles and ideas of how we would be inspired by nature. You might be surprised how we each interpreted the theme in different ways.

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