Comfy summer shoes 2022

Comfy Summer Shoes 2022: New Sandals Construction with Walking Cradles

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Sometimes the idea of comfy summer shoes can be an oxymoron. We all want cute sandals but many of them are TOO flat and give no support.
That’s why when Walking Cradles came out with this new sandal construction, I wanted to try them out and tell you our thoughts.

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Comfy Summer Shoes 2022
What Makes Walking Cradles Different?
Summer Sandals 2022
Lesley’s Sandals: “Noelle”
Charlotte’s Sandals: “Cruz”
Jodie’s Sandals: “Nella”
Final Thoughts

This is a gifted blog post. Walking Cradles gifted each of us a pair of sandals. Walking Cradles is a small company and I wanted the three of us to showcase their new comfy summer shoes of 2022.
I am an ambassador of the brand, Walking Cradles because I believe in their mission that shoes can be stylish and comfortable. That means for first-time purchases, I can offer a 15% discount with the code Jodie15, and I do receive a small commission if you purchase through my link.

By this time in our lives, we know many of the popular comfortable shoe companies. Yet, there are many shoe companies that aren’t as big and therefore don’t have the funds to spend millions on marketing.
That’s why blogger marketing is special. Special in that we can learn about the smaller companies that you wouldn’t know about otherwise.

BTW, I can’t link directly to each shoe with my Walking Cradles link. That’s why I showcase the name of the shoe in quotations so you can search for them. Or just browse through their new arrivals because you may see something you like even better.

Walking Cradles summer selection

Why Walking Cradles?

I’ve been working with Walking Cradles for 4 years now and can attest to their comfort. But let me talk about the reasons that make this company different.
1-Sizing. This company includes sizes 4-13 in 5 different widths. If you have an unusual size foot, then you know how hard it is to find your size in any shoe let alone stylish ones.
2-Comfort. The brand has “Tiny Pillows” in their insoles to give cushion to your feet.
3-Arch Support. All of their shoes have arch support YET they also have a line that has “enhanced” arch support for those women that need extra. These can be found under the tab Metro+ collection or you will see the term “enhanced arch support” in the description.

Insider tip: Have you had your feet measured lately?? If not, you should go to a local retailer to have them professionally sized using the Brannock device.

Walking Cradles does not have any of its own stores, but has many retailers around the country that carry their shoes. Use this locator to find one near you if you prefer to try them on in person. Once you know your true size for the brand, then you can shop all of their options that are online.

Insider knowledge: I’d also like to give a shoutout to how the Walking Cradles shoes are packaged when they are sent to you. They are packed with tissue in and around them to prevent them from being jostled around in the box during transport.

Comfy Summer Shoes for 2022

Sure, you can look at their site and find cute and comfy summer shoes for your 2022, but I have the inside scoop too.
There is a new sandal construction for the new arrivals on the site. And when I say new arrivals, they have been rolling out for the last month or so. What that means is some of the less common sizes are limited in stock. Therefore, if you like something, it behooves you to get it while you can.

What is new about this sandal construction?
1-First, it’s a low heel height of only 1 inch. This means it’s basically a flat sandal, yet not so flat that it’s uncomfortable.
2-Suede microfiber is used on the insole which is moisture-wicking. This was brought about when people complained that their feet sweat in their sandals.
3-Dual-density foam is used for their insole. Maybe you’ve heard of memory foam? The problem with memory foam is it has a memory. Therefore it stays indented after a short time and breaks down faster.
The dual-density foam in Walking Cradles shoes bounces back after compression and lasts longer.

You’ll also notice in our photos that the soles are flexible. They bend and move to make them easy to walk in.

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Shorts: Chicos~~ Tunic: Chenault-Steinmart ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Noelle” c/o

Lesley’s Sandals: “Noelle”

Lesley fell in love with this Noelle sandal when they first rolled out. In fact, I arm-wrestled her to see which one of us would get this style and she won (haha, not really. I let her have her pick, but they are totally my style too).

Colors: This is the blush lizard and they also come in a black lizard.
Sizing: Lesley had to size up a half size due to the toe shaft.
Construction: There is elastic on the back of the strap so once you have the buckle set at your preference, you don’t need to buckle/unbuckle it to get it on/off.
Arch Support: Moderate.

Review: Lesley adores the style and color. The strap holds her foot in place so she doesn’t slide side to side when walking. She’s a huge fan of the tiny pillows that create a wonderful cushion to make these her favorite comfy summer shoes of 2022.

Pants: Mom made them~~ Top: no label ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Cruz” c/o

Charlotte’s Sandals: “Cruz

I picked these out for my mother because I knew she would like the mix of browns. She also has a bump on the top of her left foot and this pair doesn’t rub against it.

Colors: This is the brown multi and there is a black multi.
Sizing: Charlotte got her normal size of 7.5M, however, she did have to stretch the upper leather portion because of her overlapping toes on her right foot. I almost think she would have been better off with a half size bigger also.
Construction: There are 2 gore pieces on the sides of these to create a stretch in both of the leather pieces.
Arch Support: Moderate.

Insider tip: There are toe separators available. I know my mom has tried one but said it hurts. SO you would want to start with small separators and start using them for a short period of time because there are a TON of options on Amazon. BTW, if you wear them regularly, they should work because your toes are held in place by muscles and ligaments. If they can contract to have the toes overlap, then they can be stretched out again so they don’t.
ALSO, incorporate foot stretches into your daily routine. Our feet work hard for us and they need these.

Review: Charlotte loves these and is so glad she took the time to stretch the leather. Now they feel great and she can wear them all day.

Dress: Mom made it~~ Vest: The Limited~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Nella” c/o~~Purse: Steinmart

Jodie’s Sandals: “Nella”

I just love metallic sandals and I thought these would work with so many of my outfits.

Colors: These are gold and there is luggage brown too.
Sizing: I ordered my normal size 7 M, and they fit. But looking at the photos, you might be better sizing up a half size.
Construction: This is your flip-flop style sandal. The thong between your toes is very comfortable.
Arch Support: Moderate.

Review: These are super easy to wear. On my first day of wearing them, I could feel the piece of leather that extends over the toe thong but after that, I didn’t notice it. I’ve had thong-style shoes before where the thong is annoying, but these are very comfortable.
Because the leather on top covers much of the foot, your toes don’t have to curl and grab as much as some flip flops.

Final Thoughts

I think the height of all of our sandals is perfect. It creates perfect, comfy summer shoes for your 2022 season.

Personally, I think sizing up a half size would be beneficial at least for our three styles.
If you require more arch support (for instance, if you are a fan of the Metro+ collection) then you are going to want to check out the “H” sandals. Search for Heather, Henley, Heston, Hudson, Huntley, or Hustle because the 3 options we are showcasing have only moderate arch support.

You’ve seen me wear the Heather sandals before. And I only wore Walking Cradles shoes on our Caribbean cruise as seen in these excursion outfits.

The other two shoes that I have my eye on are the Phoebe and the Cam. In fact, I have the Cam style in a higher heel and can attest to their wonderfulness.

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Comfy summer shoes 2022 for older women

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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