Comfy Travel Outfit Ideas for a Mini Road Trip

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When a dress is one of the comfy travel outfit ideas

Comfy Travel Outfit Ideas for a Mini Road Trip

A road trip definitely needs some comfy travel outfit ideas so you look and feel great. Our theme for this week came about since we have finally been able to explore Arizona again. As we would be in the car over 2 hours, we figured we would give you some comfy travel outfit ideas from 3 different perspectives.

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Onto my version for comfy travel outfit ideas. Charlotte, Nancy and I showcased this same topic many years ago too if you’d like to see that post.

First I’ll start with my tips and give my reasons later in the post.
1-Wear a dress
2-Anything print is my preference
3-Slip on shoes
4-Easy accessories
5-Bring a topper

Don’t forget to see what Charlotte and Lesley wore on this excursion. They are also including fun stories from their past.

Comfy Travel Outfit Ideas

Showcasing comfy travel outfit ideas

Dress: Old Navy ~Cardigan: I knit it ~~Shoes: Italian Shoemakers~~ Earrings: Mariposa Skies (I won these) ~~ Purse: Urban ~~Hat: Brooklyn Hat Co c/o

There’s a lot to think about when you know you’ll be in the car for awhile. It’s all about being comfortable for sure. And while you’re in the privacy of your own car for much of the trip, you will be stopping along the way for those breaks along with getting out of the car at the final destination.
To me, comfy travel outfit ideas do not have to be separate from looking stylish.

Why Bring a Topper?

I live by the motto of “better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.” So of course I bring some kind of topper for when we go inside most places.

Insider tip: I’ve finally learned to keep a jacket in each of our cars so I don’t have to grab one before we leave. A denim jacket is a good option that will go with most everything.

The advantage of a road trip is you have some control over the temperature in your car. Although it can vary depending on which way the sun in coming in, and where you are sitting. Therefore, my topper sometimes even gets used inside the car.
This sweater is handknit by me and will be showcased on Instagram on one of my #YarnDay Saturdays.

Summer sweater

What Accessories are Best?

You may not even think accessories are needed on a road trip, but there can be advantages to wearing a couple.

If it’s a longer road trip, there’s always the possibility that the hair changes style from start to finish. That’s when a hat can be a life saver especially at your final destination.
Earrings just like any accessory can act as a focal point. So even if your makeup has slid down your face, your lipstick was eaten off, you can make people’s focus go to your fun earrings.

Insider tip: I always choose lightweight earrings for long days. There are many leather earrings that feel like you’re not wearing anything.

Since you’re entire car could be considered your tote bag, it’s nice to have a smaller purse for running in at the pit stops. Bonus points for having it be a cross body bag that you don’t have to set down anywhere.

Why a Dress?

Okay, so while dresses are underappreciated for traveling, let me explain why I think they are easy part of my comfy travel outfit ideas.
Granted not all dresses are equal. You want a dress that is knit, has stretch and the shape makes all the difference. This dress is one of the fit and flare versions from Old Navy. Old Navy has many versions that would work wonderfully from short to long and in between.

Insider tip: The shape of dresses that would work the best are fit and flare (if the fitted part is comfy), swing dresses and shift dresses. Remember, the material is key too! Think nightgown.

1-Bathroom trip
At this stage of the game, you KNOW you’re going to have to stop to go to the bathroom. And sometimes you have to go quick. What’s easier than pulling up your dress instead of pulling down pants? The other advantage is you won’t have your pants pooling on the floor of any questionable gas station floors.
2-Air Flow
You want to be able to move around easily in the car. And the right shaped dress gives you more air flow than pants.

Now I also talked about anything print. Why? One because if and when you do sweat, it’s not as obvious. This was a theme on the blog in the past. The other important factor is spillage. Most road trips include snacks, and if you’re anything like me, some of that snacking can end up on you!

In the car outfit

Think about the Shoes

If you’re a passenger on the trip, I tend to pick shoes that are easy on, easy off. Sure I want something comfortable for walking around if our destination is for exploring. But during the trip, I will remove my shoes. So the last thing I want is laces I have to tie and untie.
My choice of shoes for this outing were some sandals that could be considered flip flops. I have a red version almost like these and I like them because they have some arch support and more coverage across the foot so they don’t flop as much.

Insider tip: I decided to research about driving and shoes. It’s not illegal to drive in flip flops. However, you are supposed to be wearing appropriate footwear when driving, so if your shoes cause an accident, you can be fined.

Sandals for comfy travel outfit ideas

My History with Road Trips

My mom has always LOVED to travel. Since she had the summers off from teaching, this was the perfect time for our vacations.
When I was a kid, we traveled two ways. One was when Charlotte would borrow her mother’s RV and we would explore. It was ideal for us because I would hang out in the bed over the cab and read while she was driving.
The other way was traveling in our own car and stopping at Motel 6’s along the way. There was always “cheese in a can” and crackers for snacks.

Comfy floral dress
Comfy travel outfit ideas

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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