Comments & Replies

I appreciate each and every share. Thank you!

Comments & replies

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Comments & Replies

To any reader who has commented on any of my posts…I owe you an apology.

I reply to 99% of the comments, but you may not know this because I erroneously thought my replies would automatically go to your email. Since I receive an email informing me that you’ve commented, I thought you would receive an email as well notifying you that I had responded   Needless to say, the only way (in the past) to read my reply would be to return to the post on which you commented.

It’s only taken me a year to figure this out (ugh!!)

Thus I’ve now tried to change this by using a system called Disqus. This will enable you to see my replies to your comments via an email. If you decide you don’t want this feature, on the email you receive you can unsubscribe at the bottom. I actually started out using this system in the first couple months of my blogging career, but for some reason deactivated it (who knows why—I’m getting old and can’t remember–ha ha).

I hope this is a good thing for you readers. If you have issues with it, I’d love to hear about it (you can always email me at jodie@jtouchofstyle.com).

For those of you who’ve never commented and want to….let me help. To me, it wasn’t quite intuitive to find (and it seems like every blog, has the button in different spots). For my blog, you scroll down to under the shopping pictures. Under the “share this” wordage should be a red comment line. Click on it and the page will refresh with a place to post your comment. If you haven’t ever posted using the Disqus method, then it will ask you to sign in with a username & password or via a social media site. It may seem like a pain in the neck, but it’s has this feature to try to weed out spammers! After the first time, the computer should remember you and it’ll be slightly easier.

I hope this helps and again I’m quite sorry that it seemed like I wasn’t responding to your fabulous comments! I love reading your thoughts & ideas and hope you continue telling me all of them!

Happy Monday!!  This week’s fashion blog theme will be capes & ponchos!