Comparing 3 Online Clothing Boxes

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Comparing 3 online clothing boxes

Comparing 3 Online Clothing Boxes

I’m here today comparing 3 online clothing boxes for you. If you know me by now, then you know I always like to think about the pros and the cons about everything.

Quote of the day: “I say to you today, my friends, that in spite of the difficulties and frustrations of the moment, I still have a dream.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sure, my dream may not be as worldly and important as the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr. Yet I still hope that you can learn to love your body, love your wardrobe and to have fun with it. Life is too short to think you can only dress one way, and only wear certain things at certain ages.

As a side note, I’m not the kind of blogger that talks to you about each piece from the clothing boxes and how to size it for your body. There are plenty of other bloggers who do that. I wanted to discuss my experiences with the clothing boxes companies and to compare the pros and cons.
I’ve included a comparison table below that highlights the points for each of the three online clothing boxes.

Trunk Club, Fashom and Stitch Fix

The three I will be comparing are Nordstrom Trunk Club, Fashom and Stitch Fix. For your reference I have tried the Trunk Club once, a Fashom box 3 times and Stitch Fix once.
In the past, I did use a thrift clothing box, which you can read about in this post. As someone on a budget, I loved this idea. However, Janeane is not doing this currently. BTW, I still have 5 out of the 6 items from the thrift box.

Why Should You Even Consider One of these Clothing Boxes?

Personally I NEVER thought I would even want to use one of these kinds of services. Obviously I like to shop and feel like I do a good job finding pieces for myself. Along with the fact, that I rarely buy clothing full price. However, I started with my Stitch Fix box just to see what all the hype was about.
And surprisingly, it is an interesting concept because it’s like getting a gift in the mail even though you have to pay for what you want to keep.

These services would work wonderfully if you:
1-Don’t like to shop
2-Don’t have time to shop
3-Are looking for a change in your style
4-Not wanting to go to the stores right now
5-Wish you could afford a personal stylist
6-Are looking for out of season clothing especially for a vacation

In fact, I did write a post about how to make these services more successful if you want to try one. I feel like communication is truly an essential element along with being open to new things.

Insider tip: A couple of communication points to consider:
1– Your complexion so you get colors that look good on you
2– When you request something in particular, also report what you do have. For example, I have requested a kimono but made sure to say that I already had a blue one.
3– Using terms like edgy or classic isn’t as good as telling examples of what you like and don’t like. Everyone’s idea of “edgy” or “classic” is different.

Like I always say, one of the reasons your “style” is what it is, is because that’s what you like and wear all the time. If you try some other styles, you may find you like those also.

Insider tip: Our personalities aren’t one sided so I think your clothing “style” shouldn’t be either. What you wear reflects who you are. For example some days we feel a little rebellious and some days we feel more preppy.

Trunk Club clothing box

My Experience with Nordstrom Trunk Club


Earlier this year a bunch of us went shopping at Last Chance. I didn’t realize it was a final clearance Nordstrom store. When I was checking out, the cashier offered me an incentive to sign up for the Nordstrom credit card. So I decided to get it just so I could try the trunk club and not have to pay the styling fee.
Now I realize that Nordstrom can be pricey, but I asked for this box at a time when they were having a sale.


Because I requested my Trunk Box after writing the post about how you can to be successful with clothing boxes, I tried to include as much details as I could in the written descriptions. Therefore, I was a tad disappointed in some of the selections that were sent to me.

For example, I checked the boxes for the least expensive items (which is $50-100). And in my comments, I reiterated that I am budget oriented. Also when I said yes/no to some of the previewed items, I included that some were too expensive. So when my stylist sent me a white jacket that cost $178, I was annoyed. To me that’s terrible customer service.
Another disappointment was the materials for some of my pieces. I explained that I live in AZ where the summers are over 100 degrees. Yet the olive colored shorts (which I might have purchased because they were only $20) were a heavy weight material. (Although looking at them now in the photos, the fit doesn’t seem right either, unless that’s just because the material was so thick).


I did purchase 2 pieces. The white sleeveless top and short sleeve chambray shirt. Both were on sale and will work as basics for the summer. In fact, you can see the chambray button down “zhushed” up 3 different ways in this video.

Stitch Fix comparison for clothing boxes

Stitch Fix


Stitch Fix is the service that I’d heard most about through my blogging friends, which is why I tried them.


This was my first experience with the clothing boxes besides the thrift one that I talked about above. So when I look back, I will say that I’m sure I could have given more input about what I liked and needed.
Granted, I also gave them my website, so I think that’s a good way for the stylist to also see what I wear.

What I didn’t know until recently is that even though you have a “stylist,” the company uses an algorithm to pick out the clothes for you.
I did like the styling suggestions card with the clothes they send you that are included with your box. Granted, I didn’t need it because I like putting outfits together, yet I can see how this would be helpful for women that don’t.


I did not purchase anything from this experience. I might have kept the lilac jean jacket except it was $78 and I had just picked up a light pink one at the second hand store weeks before that. In fact, I really liked most everything besides the fact that each item was priced over $45.

Insider tip: One advantage to trying things on in your home is you can see how the item works throughout the day. With the above blue skirt, you can see how wrinkled it got in the short time I wore it.

Fashom in a online clothing boxes comparison


I heard about Fashom through a friend on Instagram that knew the woman who started it. Yes, I worked with them last winter as a sponsored post for all three of us. I wanted to showcase it for all three of us because I wanted to see how it would work for older women. Most marketing for these services show younger women, so I was on a mission.


I was really impressed with my first box. Even for Lesley’s and Charlotte’s box. The hugest plus in my opinion was the ability to talk in person to our stylist. Sure, you still fill out a questionnaire, but when she asks you specific questions on the phone or video chat, you get more specific information. The three of us all did a phone chat with our stylist together, but a video chat is also available. This is part of the process and not an extra cost.
One of the things I was impressed with is the fit of the pieces. Measurements are given in the interview so that certainly helps, but I also found out that the stylists try on new pieces that come in so they know if a brand runs true to size.


I purchased 4 out of the 5 pieces from my first box with Fashom. Both Charlotte and Lesley kept 2 items.
Since it was such a good experience, I requested a box right before our Caribbean cruise, knowing it would be hard to find spring pieces in December (even in AZ). I purchased all 5 of those items.
My last box was a couple of months ago and I bought 4 out of the 5 things. (The item I didn’t keep is one I had requested after seeing it on their blog, and my stylist even told me it probably wouldn’t work for me. I thought I could alter it, and I probably could have, but decided against it)

Favorite items from online clothing boxes

Other Clothing Boxes

I am not here to promote one styling service over another and this is not a sponsored post. If these kinds of services are something that would be beneficial to you, I wanted to present all the facts as I knew it.

There are other clothing boxes available that I haven’t tried.
For example there is Wantable (that my friend, Cathy, tried in this highlight on Instagram) and I saw that thredUp is having a service called a Goody box.

If you have any questions about something I didn’t cover here, I am ALWAYS happy to answer them. Feel free to email me at

Get Rewarded

Each company has a reward system for you to spread the word for their service. It’s smart marketing to give a credit to entice someone to try it out, and for the person who has used it to tell others about it.
If you want to try any of these clothing boxes out for yourself, I hope you’ll use my link especially since you can save money with them. Then if you start using and loving the service, you can spread the word too.

Nordstrom Trunk Club: Your styling fee is waived if you use your Nordstrom credit or debit card. With my link you get $50 to use. (I get $50 also)

Fashom: Your first box styling fee is automatically waived, and with my link, you get $20 to spend on any purchase. (I get $20 also)

Stitch Fix: With my link you get $25 (your styling fee is $20, so basically you get a $5 credit). (I get $25 also)

Comparing 3 online clothing boxes

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

My Goal

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I feel I’m here to help move beyond the fashion rules of yesterday and evolve. Style and clothes are made to give you joy. Not cause us stress because we are worried about what other’s think.


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