Comparing Comfortable Everyday Shoes with 4 Different Companies

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Comfortable Everyday Shoes

Comparing Comfortable Everyday Shoes with 4 Different Companies

Comfortable everyday shoes are easier to find now that we have online shopping available. Yet I’ve heard many women say that ordering shoes online is too iffy. However, since it’s such a needed item for us, I thought I would compare some of the footwear that are touted as comfy and stylish that we have personally tried out.
Personally I have read many articles out there promoting comfortable everyday shoes, yet I wonder if the person writing the article has really tried them all.

Quote of the day: “Happiness is not something you postpone for the future, it is something you design for the present.” Jim Rohn

Most women are looking for comfortable everyday shoes. Yet finding comfort and style used to be much harder than it is now. This is NOT a sponsored post, yet I will explain the details of how I know about these companies.
I also will compare the shoes I have worn to each other. Not to say that one brand is better than another, but only to give you information.

Let me first give some pointers for any online shoe purchases
1-Check the return policy but don’t let that deter you.
2-Reach out to customer service to inquire about the fit of a particular style that you like. Many times you can find out how your particular foot will work for a particular style.
3-Read the reviews
4-If possible try on the shoes in a brick and mortar store first. This helps to know how the company’s shoes will fit you.

Walking Cradles

Sandals for the spring

I will start with the company Walking Cradles because this is the footwear that I have the most of in my closet. Yes, I am an ambassador for this company and what that means is that we are occasionally gifted their shoes. (Yet I have purchased many pairs too, especially when they go on sale). For you? You can get a 15% discount off your first purchase with the code, JODIE15. AND I do receive a small commission if you go through my link.


1-SIZING. They not only have sizes from 4-13, they also have slim to wide wide.
2-Their shoes fit my feet wonderfully. They are the ONLY shoes I have taken on my last 2 vacations (seen here to NYC and here on our Caribbean cruise)
3-There is a loyalty program
4-Many styles have straps that are adjustable to fit your foot.
5-They are a small company, and I feel it’s important to support those.


1-As a shoe snob, I don’t love all of their styles. Then again, I think that’s the case with any brand of shoes.
2-Prices run about the same as Jambu.
3-The insoles tend to come out when I wear them barefoot. Granted, once I started wearing my No Show Socks with them, it didn’t happen.

Insider tip: The Sheec no show socks have been the BEST I’ve ever tried. I have a discount of 15% off with the code JODIE. You can see my post showcasing all of the different varieties and the comparison to other brands. RIGHT NOW ending Memorial day (May 25, 2020), use the code SHEECSOCKS for 25% off. Make sure to go through my link please so I get credit.


Yellow sandals outfit

This company, Bzees, is new to me, and they reached out to gift me a pair of shoes. Since this company is owned by Naturalizer, I figured they would be something that would interest my audience. There is no monetary benefit for showcasing this brand except to give you more options for comfortable everyday shoes.
This is the only pair I have tried of this brand, so I can’t give you feedback about other styles

1-They are very lightweight
2-The big advantage touted by the company is they are machine washable. I haven’t put my in the washer yet. However, I did use water to get some dirt off them, and it came off easily.
3-Free returns for US customers.

1-I am not in love with their selection of styles mostly due to the soles. In fact, I had the hardest time finding a pair I thought I would like. I would have gotten the multi colored version of this sandal, except I didn’t love the tan sole. Yet, I have gotten compliments on these.
2-Because they cover most of my foot, they aren’t cool in the heat.
3-Since this company is owned by Naturalizer, I wouldn’t consider this a small company.


Walking outfit for a ballgame

We have worked with Jambu for many years now to showcase their spring and fall styles. Our collaboration is to create the blog posts with the shoes they gift us and I receive a fee for that. You benefit with a discount code for a limited time, but I do not get any commission from the venture.

1-They have more selection of boots in the winter than the other companies
2– The company is somewhat bigger and found in more brick and mortar stores.
3-They now have a couple of styles for men.
4-There is a rewards program available.
5-Some shoes are now available in wide and up to size 12.

1-Some of the sandals, I found heavy especially compared to the Bzees.
2– In the past, the sandal soles were a turn off to me. I see there are a better selection this season.
3-Prices run about the same as Walking Cradles.

Yes We Vibe

Print sneakers

After I saw Lesley’s shoes from this company called Yes, We Vibe, I decided to reach out to them. She said she has about 5 pair of them, that’s how much she loves them. They did gift me this pair, and I signed up to be an affiliate. What that means is you can get a discount on these comfortable everyday shoes, and I get a small commission. The discount codes are JODIE10 (10%OFF) and JODIEBOGO (buy one get one free on all FOOTWEAR)
FYI, Rob has ordered two pairs of these also.

1-The company also has some home decor and other items for sale
2– These sneakers are very lightweight.
3-They also have a reward program
4-International shipping and the only one of these 4 companies that provide that right now
5-You could have your own print used on products with a minimum of 20 pieces.

1-The shipping takes a LONG time as they are made in China. Mine took about 2 months and Rob’s are not here yet. I do not know if this is just because of the Coronavirus event or not.
2-There are a TON of options for the prints. While you might consider this an advantage, you should expect to spend at least a half an hour to look through them all.

If you know of a small company with comfortable everyday shoes, please share, and I would love to reach out to them. The best part of me working with most companies is I can offer you a discount. Along with that it’s always good to support the small guys.

Comfortable Everyday Shoes

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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