Comparing No Show Socks and the Variety for Sheec

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Wearing no show socks with ballet flats

Comparing No Show Socks and the Variety for Sheec

Can you believe that I’m wearing no show socks in the top photo? If you look extremely close you might be able to see them. But then again maybe not because they blend into the inside of the shoe.

Quote of the day: “My best successes came on the heels of failures.” Barbara Corcoran

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, my theory about no show socks was that most were all the same. They would stay in place as long as your shoes were tight. But after buying 2 pairs from Sheec with my own hard earned money, I have changed my tune. DO YOU NEED THESE? I answer that question at the bottom of the post.

In fact, I was SO impressed that I reached out to the company to see if I could work with them. What that means to you is I can offer you a discount (on your first purchase only). Use code JODIE for 15% off. I also receive a small commission if you go through my link. Thank you for supporting both this small business and my blog.

Now if you know me at all, I always look at the positives and what could be improved when I am comparing items. So join me below as I compare my Sheec no show socks with my Skechers brand. Rob is even talking about the men’s versions too.
As a side note, I usually don’t wear socks with most of my shoes. Sure, I have tried no show socks, but it doesn’t bother me to wear shoes without socks. However, I have to laugh that the day I wore a no show sock on one foot and no sock on the other, I did like having a sock on better. Not that I will always wear a sock, but it’s nice to know that I have the option.

Sheec Sockshion

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With my first purchase, I wanted to try these sock cushions for sandals. I have heard many women complain that they’ve lost the cushion on the bottom of their feet, and I wondered if this would help.
Long story short. They help. They stay in place and are a great shock absorber if you need it.

You know I always like to point out the pros and cons for anything. With some of my sandals (not these pictured), you can see the pad from the side view if you look closely. Would this stop you from wearing them? I doubt anyone else would notice, so I’ll still be using them often.
The other disadvantage is that not all shoes straps are the same. So some don’t cover the straps if you wear them as shown on the big toe and little toe. Therefore, I have also worn them on the big toe and second to last toe. And it works just as good.

Sheec Ultra Low Thin Liner

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The other pair I purchased is the ultra low liner. Now when I say liner, what I mean is they are thin like hosiery. You can see in the below photos how they don’t even cover the bottom of my foot all the way.
Yet they stay on and are hidden with my ballet flats and pumps. Heck, these even stayed on when I put on my slippers, which aren’t tight on my foot at all.

Sling Back Socks

Wearing no show socks with sling back shoes

Now here’s a version I’ve never seen elsewhere. A slingback version. The sock part covers your toes and there is a clear strap for around your heel. It reminds me of the clear bra straps I’ve had in the past.
The clear strap stayed in place wonderfully. It was a little tight at first but it loosened up during the day. That being said, you might want to size up if you’re on the cusp.

No Show Socks Comparison

The other brand I’ve tried are the Skechers brand no show socks. While they worked fine for me with my sneakers, they certainly didn’t stay on when I’d change into my slippers. Not that you need socks with your slippers, but it’s how I came to the conclusion that as long as your shoes were tight, the socks would stay up.

The photo below is the Sheec No Show Sock version….not the liner socks. You might be able to see that a little bit of the sock shows if you look closely. However, with any kind of sneaker like this, it’s very minimal.

What is the Difference Between the Liners and Socks

The socks are the material you are used to for socks. The liners are thinner materiel although they do have the cotton on the bottom sole to absorb the sweat.
The ultra low and low cut liners have the silicone at the top portion of the sock as I show in a couple of photos below. The mid and high cut liners do not need this silicone.

No show socks with sneakers

Special Discounts & Details

Sheec also has some special discounts for military, first responders, medical, teachers and students right now. Click through my link and look for the tab that says Special Deals to be verified.
Even if you aren’t one of those listed above, it’s good to check out any specials they are having. For a limited time, you can get a free mesh bag with orders over $50.


The liners are VERY thin, and the company recommends a mesh bag. Since I only do wash once a week, I also washed my liners by hand, and they dried very fast.

How the Ultra Low Version Stays Put

Why these no show socks stay put

I’m a doubter about details until you show it to me, so I’m showing you how there is silicone on the top portion of these ultra low liners.
The other way they stay in place so well is because of their patented sole hugger technology. Seriously, once you try it, you’ll be as excited as I am.
The other difference is these are sized for your feet. I ordered my normal size, but if you’re between sizes, they suggest sizing up. For the Sheec Sockshion, make sure to measure the width, like they show on the website.

Make sure to use my code JODIE to get your 15% off!

Men’s No Show Socks

My husband has always worn no show socks. He’s been through many brands and before Sheec, he really like the Puma and Calvin Klein ones. He wears them because his feet sweat so much and many of his shoes rub on his heel.

So here he is trying out both the liners and the socks from Sheec. BTW, there is no difference between the mens and womens socks, you just order your correct size. All versions come in black and cream.

Styling no show socks for comfort

Below are the low cut liners.

And the photo below are the low cut socks.

Mens no show socks with sneakers

Rob’s Opinion?

He liked the socks better just because of the material. However, he was impressed by the liners because he wore one on one foot and the Calvin Klein brand socks on the other this day. And the Sheec liners didn’t need to be adjusted like the other pair did.
Rob also reported that his foot with the Sheec liner felt better at the end of the day. He’s not exactly sure why, but the material was softer. The other nice thing is when he slips his shoes off, the Sheec sock doesn’t come off.

Which Pair is Right for You

So do I think you really need these? Maybe depending on what shoes you would wear.
If you already have a pair of no show socks that work with your sneakers, then you’re already golden.

However, if you have to keep adjusting the pair you have, then you’ll be ecstatic with the Sheec brand. They don’t slip and slide during the day. If you don’t believe me, read Rob’s review above.
The other reason you’d want a pair is because of the low cut versions and cushion version. Both of these are something you just can’t get with other brands.

No show socks that really work

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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