Comparing Undies to Avoid Panty Lines Showing

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How to avoid panty lines

Comparing Undies to Avoid Panty Lines Showing

Quote of the day: “My theory on housework is, if the item doesn’t multiply, smell, catch fire, or block the refrigerator door, let it be. No one else cares. Why should you?” Erma Bombeck

I figured this post should start out with a little humor. I mean, who doesn’t still get embarrassed talking about bras and undies. Not that we should, but we don’t go parading around in only these pieces….usually.

The idea originated when one of my blog readers, Janice, asked about which panties I wore when wearing white jeans after seeing our post for Ethyl clothing. I replied that I usually wear these thongs. Her response was that she doubted at the age of 71, she didn’t think she’d be wearing thongs. So Janice ordered some Soma undies to see if they do the trick.

I figured that this might be of interest to many women. I know that the idea of panty lines showing is something I always considered a faux pas. And yet I’m not so big on spending a ton of money on my undies either. So I decided to test out a couple of pairs of panties that weren’t thongs but were made to avoid panty lines. Does the price really make a difference?

As an aside, I bought different colors of these just to be able to tell them apart easier. And when I evaluated them under my white jeans, I did not leave the house. Blue panties under white jeans was never my style. Full disclosure: I put all of my undies in the washer and then dryer. I’m sure they would last longer if I took better care of them; however, that’s not going to happen in my world.

Soma undies to avoid panty lines showing

1. Soma

Vanishing Edge (nude pair) and Allover Lace (pink pair). Personally I’ve never tried Soma’s undies because they are a little more expensive, than what I usually buy.

The nude pair is the ones that Janice first ordered. And so did I. If you look closely you can see the flat elastic along the seam which is there to hold them in place, yet not dig in like panties have been known to do in the past.

The pink pair is another pair I wanted to try because of the lace at the edging. They don’t have this exact pair still available, but I bought these because I have some hanky pankys that I love. And these were a close dupe.


Both pair fit well and didn’t ride up to annoy me. Of course, they are new right now, so that can easily change after many washes.

I was a tidge worried that I would be irritated by the bands of elastic found on the nude pair, but I didn’t feel a thing.

Didn’t Like:

Really, the only “bad” thing is the price if that’s an issue to you. However, most of the time I checked Soma’s site, there was a buy 3 get 2 free promotion. What I have learned with my hanky pankys is that the lace does rip over time. Especially with my lack of care in the washer and dryer. I consider that a good push to update them occasionally.

Target undies to avoid panty lines showing

2. Target

Seamless bonded Bikini (blue pair) and Wide Lace Cheeky (yellow pair). Both of these are sold out now, so I’ve linked to similar ones. 

For my comparison panties, I explored Target’s options. This is the price range that I’m more comfortable with for undies.

The blue pair seemed perfect for avoiding panty lines since there were very few seams. And yes they come in nudes also.

The yellow pair was an experiment as a mix between the full coverage and lesser coverage options. It also had other colors available.


The blue pair worked wonderfully since they were thin and didn’t have that elastic edging. I have washed these at least half a dozen times, and they are still holding up well.

Didn’t Like:

The lace on the yellow pair was thicker than I’m used to with my hanky pankys. Which I thought didn’t help to camouflage them under my jeans.

Happy socks undies to avoid panty lines showing

3. Happy Socks

Leopard Cheeky  I included this pair of undies as another comparison. These were gifted to me when we were sent some socks to showcase on Instagram. I’m not sure why a sock company carried undies, but I have to tell you, they have some cute ones. Since they didn’t have thongs, I chose these instead, and thought they would be a great example for this post.


I’ve had these panties longer than the other four pair, and wear them quite a bit. They are so comfy, you don’t realize you are wearing them.

Didn’t Like:

You can see the edge is starting to roll somewhat. Like I said, these have been washed many more times, so I expect this is what will happen to the blue Target pair over time also. Yet this Happy Sock brand is not cheap.

Comparing undies to avoid panty lines showing

Tips & Tricks

So what did I learn from this experiment? Can you wear “regular” panties and hide the panty line. Yes and no. Yes, the newer styles are better at not creating that elastic dent into your bum.  No, I don’t consider these as invisible as when you are wearing a thong.

I’ll still wear these undies of course. But if I’m sporting my white jeans or pants, my go to is still my nude thong.

Don’t get tricked into the idea that you can hide panty lines by wearing looser pants. Sure, that works. Yet there is a fine line between good fit and sloppy. Truthfully, that’s the reason that pants are one of the hardest to fit clothing pieces. There are SO many fit points that need to be right in order for them to look good.

Which is one of the reasons we love spandex so much. It makes pants and jeans stretch and fit easier. But along with that comes a tighter fit, and the possibility of your panty lines showing.

Of course not everyone cares about panty lines. Just like bra straps, I guess. We have them, we wear them. Does it make a difference if there’s evidence they are on our body?? I guess that’s the $64,000 question.

AND of course, I didn’t try every brand out there. Which is where you come in. What’s your take on the subject??

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