Confidence in the Heat: Wearing Colors to Hide Sweat

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If it’s one thing I can confidently talk about since moving to Arizona, it’s hot weather. And with hot weather comes sweating. Now sweating is not necessarily bad. It’s one way our bodies filter toxins. But most of us would rather not have it show up with what we are wearing, so I came up with colors to hide sweat.

Quote of the day: “You cannot define a person on just one thing. You can’t just forget all these wonderful and good things that a person has done because one thing didn’t come off the way you thought it should come off.” Aretha Franklin

It’s funny the things we get embarrassed by. And even though it’s great to know about the colors to hide sweat, the fact of the matter is that sweat happens. Or if you grew up a long time ago, maybe you called it perspiration. Heck, many women from the past, referred to it as glowing.
And I like that. GLOWING. Glowing is a good thing and makes us look alive. Then again, too much glowing can give off a bedraggled look, am I right?

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Fabrics and Colors to Hide Sweat

While today the 4 of us are showcasing colors to hide sweat, there are also fabrics that are better with this concept.

One of the most popular fabrics that help hide sweat is nylon. It’s exactly why you see this fabric for most athletic wear. A big reason for this is because of how quickly this material dries, not to mention it’s stretchy and lightweight.

The thing to remember when you are considering color to hide sweat is that when the fabric gets wet, it gets darker. That’s why 2 darker colors are being shown here. As well as the fact that print materials hide everything including food and environmental stains.
When you think about white clothing, it’s part of the group because there aren’t any dyes or colors to turn darker.

Valerie with Colors to Hide Sweat: Black

Pants: D Jeans NY-Marshalls ~~ Top: Cabi~~ Shoes: EG Shoes- Ross~~ Scarf: as headband~~ Necklace: purchased in El Fuerte, Mexico ~~ Purse: no label-thrifted

Valerie gave me her thoughts on wearing black as part of which colors to hide sweat: “Whatever the season, I have always loved wearing black and white. Even though black clothes tend to absorb the sun’s heat, I think it is a great choice for disguising perspiration during the summer, especially if the fabric is ‘breathable’ like the sleeveless rayon Cabi top that I chose to wear.

I decided to keep the accessories simple and instead of wearing a kimono or long scarf to cover my arms, tied a turquoise and brown silk scarf around my hair and added a purple jasper necklace that I purchased during a recent trip to Mexico. To add a pop of color, I wore my orange embellished wedge sandals and to complete the summer vibe, carried a striking bamboo handled woven purse.”

What Valerie failed to mention is how this top can transform into a couple of different styles. Don’t worry, we got her to show us and you can see it in a video.

BTW, don’t you just love how the scarf ties hang down the back of her outfit to give the look some interest from that angle?

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Lesley Wearing Navy

Skorts: SC & CO-thrifted ~~ Kimono: no label~~ Top: Chicos ~~ Shoes: JACO ~~ Earrings: Audra Style c/o~~ Purse: Coldwater Creek-thrifted ~~Hat: no label

Lesley chimed in about the idea of wearing colors to hide sweat and focused on a navy top. “With hot Arizona summers, I have no problem with wearing a tank with what I call my summer uniform: a skort and sneakers.

Of course, if I get damp under the arms, a light and fluttery kimono will not only cover the offending underarm area, but it will protect from the heat and sun, and act as a cooling agent catching slight breezes.”

I’d like to point out and applaud Lesley’s fabulous mix of prints with her navy and white skort and kimono. They coordinate so well that from the back, you might even think it’s one piece.

She took inspiration from this pair of Audra Style earrings that are navy and white with pink fringe. So she added pink to the outfit with her purse and hat.

Charlotte: Print Colors to Hide Sweat

Pants: Mordessmiss-thrifted~~ Top: Chicos~~ Shoes: Jambu ~~ Purse: no label-thrifted

Charlotte chose to wear a print top as part of our assignment. It’s funny because many women feel that prints are too loud and bring on too much attention, yet they have so many advantages.

For example, not only do they hide sweat, but they also hide stains very nicely. Why? Because when you are wearing a print item, it’s the print material that takes the focus. This also means if you have any lumps and bumps, it will camouflage those too.

My mom wore a bright print top with a wavy design and even clipped it up on the side with a scarf clip.

Insider tip: These types of scarf clips come in all kinds of varieties and can be used on any material including a skirt or dress where you want to pull it up and make it shorter.

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Jodie: White as Color to Hide Sweat

Shorts: M. U.S.A- thrifted~~ Top: Fab’rik- thrifted~~ Shoes: Secra c/o ~~ Necklace: Katia’s Designs~~ Purse: Ideas Valyen-won in a giveaway

White tops are something I tend to have a ton of especially for the summer months. They just lighten up any look and the best part is they are one of the colors to hide sweat. Even though this top has sleeves, it is great for the warmer months because the sleeves are open and loose.

I pulled my hair back into a ponytail (these are my extensions) and threaded a scarf through it. It didn’t turn out as good as the video I tried to copy, but hey at least I tried!

Since the white top doesn’t have a ton of interest, I did add a multi-strand necklace from Katia’s Design and a yellow straw purse.

Insider tip: It’s no surprise that I love Katia’s necklaces because they have a US patent for the necklace system that allows you to wear one necklace in many different ways. There are videos on her site to show you what I mean under the tab “The Brand: How to Wear”. Basically, there are lobster clasps so you can make one strand longer/shorter and change it up.

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Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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