Confused Girl Athletic Wear

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Confused Girl Capris

Confused Girl Athletic Wear

Quote of the day: “Fortune sides with him who dares.” Virgil

I am nothing if not honest in everything I do, so I have to tell you, that when Confused Girl in the City contacted me about collaborating, my initial reaction was no. Especially when I read the description that was emailed to me that the story of the founder epitomized the millennial dream. I figured this company was for younger women only.

But as soon as that thought went through my brain, I realized that I was judging them before even trying their product. And that’s exactly what I never want to do. Sure, we judge a book by it’s cover because it’s human nature. But then I hope we give it a chance and really look beyond the cover!!

So with saying that, I decided that athletic wear should work for any aged woman. Of course, you can read in Nancy’s description how Nancy didn’t agree!! And if you want your own piece of any of Confused Girl’s offerings, make sure to use the code jodie for 15% off your purchase.

Let me just give you a quick intro to Confused Girl in the City’s pieces. They are made in the USA, and each design is inspired by a different crystal and has a significant meaning. I may not know much about crystals and their meanings, but I have always loved the design of them. See if you can recognize the 2 different crystals before I tell you their names??

Jodie’s (50+ model) Outfit: We went over to the neighborhood park so I could play around on the equipment to show you how well these capri leggings move!

Confused Girl capris at the park

My t-shirt says “This girl loves her Robert,” but I was disappointed when the shirt came in the mail, because you can’t see the “Robert” well against the pink of the shirt. I had ordered this shirt online last year when I purchased my husbands shirt that says “Wake your Dreams.” I wonder if I could dye the Robert part??

50+ women wearing confused girl capri leggings

So if you haven’t guessed the crystal that these capris are based on, it’s Malachite. The malachite is a stone of good fortune and abundance. It’s also said to bring productive and lucrative work into play. And don’t we all need that?

Women over 50 with Confused Girl Capris

Capri Leggings: Confused Girl c/0 (here)~~Top: (similar here)~~Shoes: Skechers (similar here)

Nancy (60+ model) Outfit: I interrupted Nancy at her Pilates class at the Performax Studio in Littleton to get her photos wearing her leggings!

Here you can see Nyla Newman, the instructor, helping out Nancy with one of the exercises!!

Sixty Plus Women wearing Confused Girl Capri Leggings

I love that Nancy wore a grey shirt with the leggings and then my mom wore a blue top below!!

60+ Woman wearing confused girl leggins

One of the issues that Nancy didn’t love was the fact that these leggings were low cut. She felt like they kept slipping down while she was wearing them. You can see in the photos on Confused Girl’s website that the leggings are meant to hit under your belly button. If this is a problem for you too, then you might consider the full length leggings with the fold over waist.

Confused Girl Leggings in action

Capri Leggings: Confused Girl c/0 (here)~~Top: Fila (similar here)

Charlotte (70+ model) Outfit: Both my mom and Nancy are wearing the same pair of capri leggings for these photos.

You’ll get a different perspective in each of their photos, since Nancy is horizontal and my mom is vertical!!

70+ Woman wearing Confused Girl Leggings

My mom works out to the Leslie Sansone DVD, “Just Walk, 5 Mega Miles”. Of course she usually does this inside her house, but I thought we’d entertain the neighbors this day, ha ha!!

Confused Girl with 70+ woman

As for these leggings, the crystal they are made to look like is Blue Geode. Geodes are believed to help see the ‘whole perspective’. They also alleviate stress and strengthen spirituality.

Confused Girl athletics

Capri Leggings: Confused Girl c/0 (here)~~Top: Marika (similar here)~~Shoes: Nike (similar here)

I’ll also give you my honest thoughts about my capri leggings. Personally, I didn’t notice that they were low cut. I suppose this could be due to the fact that many of my jeans are cut like this, and to me it’s normal. My mom thought they ran a little small, so if you’re interested, you might want to size up!

I hope you’ll check out Confused Girl in the City even if it’s not something you’d be particularly interested in purchasing! I figure every new business deserves a chance and even if it’s not for you, it could be a great gift!! Especially since you can get 15% off with the code, jodie! Besides they even have interesting pillows and even some jewelry!

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