Country Western Attire with a Feminine Twist

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Wearing country western attire with a fringe skirt

Country Western Attire with a Feminine Twist

Quote of the day: “She’s whiskey in a teacup” Reese Witherspoon

If you’ve been following the trends lately, then you’ve probably seen a little country western attire popping up in places. Living in Denver, Colorado you might think that the three of us have a ton of western gear. Yet we really don’t. Depending of course, what your definition of western entails.

So I decided to see if we could combine some a country style with other styles. I usually consider country more masculine. So as a nice dichotomy I asked my mom to add in some feminine touches. That’s why I had to use the quote above.

There’s other style mixing with the westen look with a modern trend and then an edgy trend too. Or you can see us side by side if that’s easier to visualize.

Wearing country western attire for an older woman

And if you haven’t been around the blog for the last couple of weeks, I’m still experimenting with a new format featuring us individually, and then together. I really appreciate everyone who helped out with the survey, and I plan to read all the responses and figure out the best way to continue in the next week or so.

Charlotte’s Wearing

Skirt: thrifted and DIYed~~Vest: Dear John-thrifted~~Top: Mom made it~~ Boots: Dingo~~Earrings: ~~Belt:~~Purse: Mom made it

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Charlotte’s History with Western

Let’s just say that my mom is not a country girl. Yet she did get these boots many years ago, which you’ll hear more about below. She told me the only rodeo she’s ever been to was here in Denver. And that was a long time ago.

Wearing country western attire with a DIY fringe skirt


Let’s start with this fabulous fringe skirt. I actually DIYed this detail for my mom about 3 years ago and even wrote an entire blog post about how to do it yourself. She’s worn it a couple of times on the blog. I even liked it so much that I DIYed one of my black skirts the same way, and styled it a couple of years ago.

If you compare the previous posts with the skirt now, there is a difference. I had left the lining fringed also. This makes the skirt less see through where the fringe is. However, the lining also ravels because of the characteristic of the material, and so my mom was annoyed with this. Therefore, she hemmed the lining and now you can see the space between the fringe more.  I may have to copy this on my skirt. I just adore how these skirts have such movement. It’s almost like it dances around the legs.

Now fringe has been part of the modern fashion trend for the last couple of years. But I consider it’s origin to be somewhat country. Am I wrong?

Wearing country western attire for ladies over seventy

Feminine Details

Charlotte chose to wear a lace like blouse as part of the feminine touches for this look. It’s a blouse that she made many, many years ago.

The other more girly item is her purse with the glitz and beads on it. Yes, she made this too! In fact, she originally made it for a girlfriend, but on her way to the post office, she had second thoughts. It was the first purse she had ever made, and it turned out so well, she couldn’t part with it. Therefore, she bought more fabric and made her girlfriend a different one.

Wearing country western attire with cowboy boots


Cowboy boots. Now this footwear is the epitome of country western attire. And this pair could even be considered vintage. My mom and I were out at the Dingo outlet in Arizona back in 1983. Yes she remembers the exact date. I am surprised though that she doesn’t remember exactly how much she paid for them. Because usually she has a memory for those things.

Anyways, she bought this pair then, and I even had a pair too. However, my feet grew out of my pair sometime in college.

This was a summer trip that my mom and I traveled out to the Grand Canyon. It’s an embarrassing story on my part. It was those teenage years when I didn’t want to spend my summer vacation with my mother. I wanted to spend it with my friends. So I sulked on the trip. And wouldn’t even get out of the car to see the Grand Canyon. Isn’t that terrible? So while I can say I’ve been to the Grand Canyon, I have never seen it.

Wearing country western attire in Golden, Colorado


Mom’s accessories don’t make a huge impact in this outfit, but I thought I’d talk about them anyways. Her earrings are little hula girls. You could almost say that’s very feminine and girly also as opposed to the masculine western items.

And even though Charlotte is an accessory junkie like I am, she didn’t wear a necklace since she is wearing a belt. I think the belt is a great accessory with this, because it ties in the color of the boots.

Wearing country western attire with a denim vest

Denim Vest

Denim may be worn all the time now, and in all different kinds of forms; however, I do think that it has a western origin to it. That’s why my mom grabbed her denim vest to wear with this outfit. The appliques on the back were added after she bought it. Rob and I found those appliques in Phoenix at the Botanic Gardens and gifted them to my mom. I love how she added them to the back yoke of this vest.

Both the skirt and this vest were both thrifted. In fact, the vest was not my mom’s size. But I saw it at the store and had her try it on. Needless to say it fit perfectly. We came to the conclusion that it’s a child’s size XL. Which is why it’s shorter and more cropped. To me, it’s the perfect example of how we should be open to different sizes when we are shopping. Especially at the second hand stores. You just never know. Besides, many of the vintage items sizing is quite differently than modern sizing.

The three of us have worn denim vests on the blog a couple of times. And while I didn’t used to wear vests all that much in the past. I have really grown to love them now. Especially knowing how many ways they can be worn. For example, in my faux fur vest video, you may learn some different ways to wear the piece. Even though in that video I’m talking about the faux fur variety, the concept applies to all vests.

Wearing country western attire with a feminine twist

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

Do you like the country western attire at all? Maybe one detail more than others?

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